Website Status Update

Hi everyone, here’s an update on this website.

It’s been a busy past few days in both my work and personal life, so I haven’t been able to update the sites blog or post as much news as I would have liked to in that time. I’ve also been very busy playing on and, and I don’t want to be a tool and say to my other alliance members “Sorry I can’t help you out, I have to update my website”.

 It’s probably going to stay this way until the end of August. I’ll try to make a post later tonight and once each day, but it depends on whether I have the time or not. My next update, whenever it is, will be about the endgame.


Watch Out For Password Thieves!

Every online game has some form of lowlife scammer in it, but you need to be especially wary in Travian because anyone who has your account password can take your Gold, or sabatoge your account in any number of ways!

Recently, people have been trying to impersonate Multihunters or Support members and have asked for players to give them their account password so they can “look at their account”. Everyone should be aware that a real multihunter will never ask for your password. They can already see everything on your account if they want to.

On Server 2 of, a special message was sent to all players warning them about this. There have been reports of this happening on Server 4 and Server 9 as well.

Here’s the message from the admin that is posted on I want to help spread the word on this to all players:

I’d like to remind everyone that Travian Team will never ever ask your password.Anyone who claims to be in Travian Team, asking for your account’s password for whatever reason is an imposter who is trying to sabotage your account.

Do not give your password away!


If any player contacts you claiming to be multihunter, check their account. A Multihuter’s account will always be banned. Report all imposters to a real multihunter immediately. The 13th Wonder

This is a follow-up to my first post about the endgame.

First I’d like to post an updated map, with thanks to Reflex from LEGO for making it! This looks so good that I think I’ll try to make a map like this for every endgame I cover. And since a lot of what I’m writing today has to do with the location of one of the World Wonder villages, let’s take a look at it right now:

WW location Map 2.0

(Aside: I should take this time to mention that the person who made the map, known as Reflex on the Server 8 forums, is CartesianCo, one of the World Wonder holders. So all you cartographers out there, you know which World Wonder to cheer for!)  

One of the interesting stories about this server and its Endgame is the World Wonder in the far Northeast that was taken by Dyktator from PTT. It was the 13th and final World Wonder village to be conquered after the Natars appeared.

The dominant NE alliance, Silent But Deadly, could have taken this World Wonder if they chose to, but they decided against it. The reasons for this are a little complex, but a leader in one of the NE alliances told me that SBD felt it was best to pool all of their resources into supporting one World Wonder, because the Northeastern alliances have been fighting amongst each other for the majority of the server. This way they’re all united as one.

It’s not often that you see an meta-alliance that is capable of conquering multiple World Wonders settle for only one. Typically if a meta-alliance only gets one World Wonder, they’re far back from the other alliances in terms of size and strength. That doesn’t seem to be the case here, as SBD includes the top two alliances in the game and many other powerful wings. Expect them to have no trouble grabbing a set of construction plans, and they should have an amazing defense if they get a good effort from their players. But with only one world Wonder, it gives them no room for error, and any successful attacks on it will be a huge setback.

The player who conquered the World Wonder, Dyktator, is from PTT_NE, an alliance that gives PTT a powerful presence in the NE quadrant of the map. (You can see some of their cities on the map I posted in my previous update). It’s a good thing for PTT that they set up that alliance, because otherwise they might not have been able to pull this off. But will PTT_NE, which is ranked as the #33 alliance overall, be able to keep a World Wonder supplied and defended when they’re so far away from the rest of their meta-alliance?

One thing’s for sure, they’re off to a decent start when it comes to building the World Wonder village up, because despite being the last World Wonder village to be conquered, it currently has the highest population out of any of them.

WW population Aug 22

Thanks again to Reflex for making this great table. Be sure to visit the thread he made on the Server 8 forums to see updates to the World Wonder standings and the World Wonder village populations.

And even more awesome, he’s made an account at where he’s keeping all of the maps, screenshots, and standings from the endgame. Anyone can access the account in read-only mode to take a look at all the photos so far. Here’s the link to the account:

The password for the account is ilovereflex.

Part of the reason that Dyktator is able to build his population so quickly is because he’s a Roman and can therefore construct a building and a resource field at the same time.

Arnold from LEGO and Obor from Apeiron are also Romans, and all the other World Wonder players are Teutons (sorry Gauls, no World Wonder for you!)

Now that I’ve looked at the highest population World Wonder, in my next endgame post I’ll tell you all about the lowest population World Wonder, held by Obor from Apeiron ( I was going to include it in this post but I’m pressed for time right now and I’m already at 700 words. And it deserves its own story because it’s quite an incredible series of events).

Travian on Twitter: Weekly Top Five

Travian Champions presents the top 5 Travian related messages posted on Twitter during the past week:


AriannaBiasini:There were several tweets about this Rick Astley player from S8 on the US-servers. A lot of people tried to get him delete by flooding his in game account with spam, but he’s still going.

DavidPrecht: Travian can be stressful and time consuming, that’s nothing new but it’s something you see a lot of people lamenting on Twitter. The real question about this post is what on Earth does this have to do with Sarah Palin? 😐

Mizz_attiude: Travian: ruining relationships since 2004. I hope your hubby gets catapulted soon. Next time be sure to post his in game name and the server he plays on.

Thebookgarden: The Bookgarden is a blog about traveling around the UK. It’s neat to find these interesting people who also play Travian.

Mizz_attitude: I know I shouldn’t laugh but :D.

Seriously though, if your wife is asking you take some time off Travian for her birthday, you should probably say yes. Losing a few cities is worth it compared to ruining your sex life. I know this game can be addicting, but come on!

And now for something completely different…

This is completely unrelated to Travian, but I thought I’d share it anyway:

A website called Topless Robot has made a list of the top 10 worst Superhero-related videogames ever made. Here’s a video of one of the entries on the list, Spiderman: Web of Fire.  The gameplay itself doesn’t look all that bad, but you will not believe how bad the music in this game is until you watch the whole thing. Enjoy!

Answers to Reader Questions

Here are two questions from readers I though I’d reply to:

hi, just wondering…are you interested in going beyond endgame and start posts on mid-game (then is when Neo starts to dominate….)

also, i have account from comx. wondering if you will be doing any posts from there?

I’ve thought about doing coverage of events happening during the midgame of the various servers, and I will try to do some in the future.  In the past, I’ve had the intention to write in-depth posts about events on S1, S4, S7, S9, and Speed, but I was unable to get around to it – mainly because there was too much happening during the or endgames for me to stop covering it.  So whether or not I do them in the future will depend on whether I have the time. And in the immediate future, it will depend on how eventful the endgame is ( and were very eventful, and it was easy to write a 1000 word post every few days. I don’t expect it to be like this every endgame though.)

It’s just a matter of how much time I have available. I obviously don’t have time to follow every server from start to finish and write about them. (Keep in mind that I also play on and, so the amount of time I spend on Travian is pretty much maxed out) By concentrating on the game(s) that are nearest to ending, it lets me focus my coverage, and that way I can get the in-depth story on what’s going on during the climax of the game. Not to mention it’s easier on me if I’m only following one storyline at once. I don’t want to stretch myself to thin, because then my endgame coverage will suffer. 

One way readers could help me out is by posting analysis of their own in the forums, and contacting me when they do so. If you’re interested in helping cover a server on a regular basis, or you’d like to help out this site in any other way, contact me at I’m open to working with others to help make the news on this site more comprehensive. One person I’ve been talking to in particular is Ark/Mike from the forums, who plays on S9. Thanks to him, I should be able to do a news update on in the near future (possibly even later today, but I have a few things I want to do before then).

Another thing to keep in mind is that I haven’t even started covering the US/UK/Aus servers yet, because I’ve been waiting until Travian 3.5 kicks in to start covering them. I’ve held off on them because I want some time to develop the site, front-load it with content and features, get used to what I’m doing, etc.  I probably won’t cover them as much as I do the .com servers, but I will be adding them to the Hall of Champions.

I will definitely be covering ComX (also known as the speed server), especially when the endgame comes around. I’m really looking forward to doing coverage about the Speed server, I just hope I can keep up with everything that happens!


I want to know if there is any audit of MH activities? Can they do as they wish?

The answer to that is right here:

Blackpaladin: If you have a complaint about the Multihunter e-mail about it.

The Start of the Endgame

The World Wonder Villages have appeared on, and the final wars are about to be waged. Four different Meta alliances have grabbed World Wonders and one (or possibly more) of them will eventually end up in the Travian Hall of Champions. This is the first ever endgame, the server first started on October 17th, 2008. will be the second to last of the  .com server to finish using Travian 3.0 (the last one will be S6).

The Alliances:

PTT: The Pan-Travian Tyrants. They conquered 5 World Wonder villages and they seemed to have the best organization when doing so. Many people are calling them the favourite to win, but it’s a long way until we’ll find out whether or not they’re right. They have 10 about 15 wings in addition to their World Wonder holder alliance. They’re also Confeds with Apeiron, another Meta that’s holding World Wonders. PTT dominates the SE Quadrant of the Server 8 map.

LEGO: LEGO holds four World Wonders and control much of the Southwestern quadrant. They boast 16 wings of their own, and are also confederates with a Meta called MOOSE, which claims to have another 20 wings. Keeping their World Wonder supplied and defended shouldn’t be too hard for them if they’re well managed. They also have a key ally in the Northeast, the alliance known as Ares (ranked 7th overall)

Apeiron: Apeiron holds 3 World Wonders. As I mentioned earlier, they’re allied with PTT and it’s likely they’ll work together, and it’s possible they’ll be willing to share a victory. Apeiron and LEGO seem to share a mutual dislike for one another so expect to see some intense battles between the two as the game comes to a close. Apeiron is mainly based in the Northwest and has 11 wings. The word Apeiron is Greek for unlimited or infinite.

SBD: Silent but Deadly holds only one World Wonder and are therefore considered a longshot to win. They’re based in the Northeast and seem to have 12 wings, though I suspect there’s more that they’re not showing. It should be noted that the #1 and #2 alliances on the server are a part of this Meta.

Some other important details are that one of PTT’s World Wonders is in the far NorthEast, far away from the rest of their World Wonders and from the bulk of their players. It will be interesting to see how how they supply and support that World Wonder, and how other alliances treat it.

Also, the top alliances in the Silent But Deadly team currently have Non-Aggression Pacts with Apeiron and PTT. I wonder how they feel about PTT grabbing that Wonder so far in the Northeast though?

The Discussion: Out of all the servers I’ve covered, the forums on is the best for when it comes to having in-depth information posted about the endgame and the alliances that are in it (not that and were bad by any means). That’s one of the reasons I’m particularly excited about this endgame, it looks like the forums will be packed full with lots of news, information, and analysis, which I will highlight the best of on this site. In particular, I’d like to highlight these three threads:

World Wonder Discussion Thread:

Definitely worth reading for the first two posts alone, which include a captioned map of the World Wonder locations. Check it out:

WW location Map!

The numbers correspond to the numbers given to the World Wonders on the WW standings screen. I’ll be reusing this map often during my S8 endgame coverage I’m sure. It will be interesting to see if the Wonders that are farther from the center have an have an advantage.

How Balanced is this Server:

This was posted by an anti-LEGO player, so the tone of the post may be a little biased, but there’s a great history of the server in the opening paragraph, before some analysis of the sizes of the warring alliances.

Most players on this server are aware that the LEGO-Apeion war has turned things around on this server. Apeiron and LEGO started fighting, and then a “-” player participated in the attacks against LEGO, which led LEGO to confederate with ARES (ARES and their NE allies constitute around half of the NE quad*). As a reaction, Apeiron entered into confederation with PTT (i.e. PTT represents the SE quad). Eventually, LEGO allied with smaller alliances such as BGD and WarriorA/X. Apeiron ended up having NAPs with Hype/-/sin.

Read the 5th post in the thread for the rebuttal.  (I should state that is the name of an alliance, in case anyone is confused. I hate it when alliances use names like that).

WW Race – An Outsider’s Journal:

A thread that takes a look at the first few days of the endgame and the seizing of the Natar villages. Quote:

Day 1: The Natars are released and within hrs PTT scores the points by grabbing most of the available WW villages. It helps of course that 4 of the WW villages were spawned at the SE quad!

Day 2: LEGO captures 4 villages, but in a single stroke of genius ops they 0 pop one WW village in the middle of apeiron territory! The village changes 5 times hands between apeiron and LEGO before it ends in apeiron hands totally destroyed. Apeiron captures 2 of the WW villages and the NE quad captures 1. The count now is:

Apeiron 3
SBD( NE quad) 1

Day 3 and 4: Bitter fighting between Apeiron-PTT and LEGO : 1 PTT WW holder tops up the defence stats, followed by three LEGO WW holders. In the mean time the area around (-334|23) WW village becomes very volatile. New villages are spawned and destroyed within hrs and the map changes constantly. The same goes for thee area around (148|304) WW village. It appears these two areas will be the most interesting in the coming days. Will LEGO and PTT protect their WW villages from the contenders or they will buckle and fail?!

Summary of the first 4 days: PTT is in the strongest position as they showed excellent coordination and rapidly took the majority of WW villages. LEGO played smartly by destroying the WW village of apeiron catching them off guard, and capturing 4 WW villages. Apeiron had the poorest performance as they captured 2 WW villages, practically lost 1 village which was zero popped, ending finally with 3 WW villages one of which in a bad shape. SBD representing most NE quad but ARES secured 1 village and remained outside the bitter fighting.

Predictions: PTT is in pole position, followed by LEGO. Apeiron might resurface but their performance in the first days raises serious questions as to how well managed is the meta. SBD is the clear outsider but they may pack the largest hammer on the server, hence one should never underestimate them. On the event that PTT-Apeiron-SBD are part of the same meta then altogether they control 9 WW villages and the game is over for LEGO. Else It will be an open race between PTTand LEGO with apeiron and SBD controlling the outcome depending on how and where they will use their hammers

I’ll end this post by putting up a map of my own. This is a map that shows where each of the massive meta-alliances are based, to give you some idea of where their powerbases are. Note that is map is not comprehensive, it does not include ALL of the wings of each alliance, I just wanted to make it to give a general idea of how they are arranged.

Red = PTT and Apeiron. PTT in in the SE, Apeiron in the NW

Green= LEGO (includes Ares in the Northeast)

Blue = Silent but Deadly

Alliances Map Aug 20th

UPDATE: I incorrectly stated that PTT had 10 wings. They definitely have more than that, so I’ve made a correction in their alliance description.