Apologies for the lack of updates

My goal is to always keep this blog updated daily, but with my new job eating up a lot of my time I haven’t been able to contribute much to this site’s blog.  (I work 2 jobs altogether) Hopefully over the next few days I can get more active again.


Travian UK Summer Spree Party: What are those Brits up to now?

I’ve gotta give the United Kingdom Travian Forums credit: Not only are they well designed and full of polite posters, but they also know how to have a good time. They’ve had several fun events during the past year, and I think that’s one of the main reasons why people are so much nicer to each other on those forums than they are on the .com ones. And a week from today they’ll be having the world’s first -and quite possibly last – Travian Prom. Yes, that’s right, I said “Travian” and “Prom” in the same sentence.

Earlier today the UK admin (similar to Tschena on .com and Fight on .US) posted this cryptic message in their announcement section:

It is coming, Twenty One Hours to go!

Notice that he didn’t give the slightest clue as to what he was talking about. Speculation began immediately in the thread:

– what where…. twenty ones hours… since when… do i need to prepare my nuclear bunker… should i evacuate?

– Until they change clubswingers into macemen again?

– wth is going on?

– I hope they dont shut down travian. But maybe thats why Laika didnt say much about it, so as to no cause panic….

(Read the whole thread here, it’s pretty hilarious: http://forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?t=44756).)

Finally Laitka made the official announcement:

The sun is shining… exams are over… holidays are coming up… so here at Travian UK we felt a celebration was in order!

We’d therefore like to announce a week of forum events and competitions all themed:

“Travian Class of 2009: Summer Prom!”



The “Prom” itself will be held on Saturday July 4th, with a decked-out forum and a sing-a-long on IRC and possibly Skype too. It’s just a chance to put aside server enmities and chill out and catch up with your friends that we hope you will all take! 

(Again, here’s a link to the whole thread if you want to see all the reaction: http://forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?t=44816)

The idea of having a Travian Prom is a bizarre one, but bizarre parties are often the best parties. This promises to be quite the event. Too bad  it’s on July 4th because most Americans will be busy having their own parties that day (Happy 233rd birthday America!), but if you want to come say hi and see what the UK players get up to, and have a chance to talk to them outside of the neverending war of Travian, pop by for a few minutes on the 4th. 

They’re also having competitions in the UK forums all this week leading up to the event, including a Travian art contest:

In line with our “Prom” theme, we would like to see your artistic interpretations of what you think a Travian Grand Ball or Tea Party might look like in your village in-game! Any medium is acceptable – computer artwork, oil painting, sketch, pastels, watercolour, even sculpture – though I doubt anyone is going to do us one of those! Roman, Teuton, Gaul or a mix of all three is fine.

Images must be sent via PM to DragonFyre who will post them up for everyone to admire (or giggle at as appropriate). Images must be received by DF by the end of Wednesday 1st July.

The winner will be chosen by a public poll, which will be posted on Thursday morning and run for 24 hours. Winners will be announced on Friday evening.

Good luck everyone!

Why you should never play Travian without a good night’s sleep

I mentioned the other day that I was starting a new job. Today was my second day on the job. Before I left for work this morning, I thought I’d get some raiding and building in on S9.com (which is the main server I’m playing right now, though I am also active on some other ones like S7.com)

Server 9 is going pretty well right now, and I’ve got a lot to keep me busy on it. Plus I just started sitting for a new player recently. So not surprisingly, I pusghed my playing until the last minute and had to rush to pack my lunch and get changed into my office clothes. As I was commuting, I felt pretty good about getting those extra raids I got in and the extra troops I built.

And then when I got to work, I realized that my shoes didn’t match. On my right foot was one the brand-new shoes I bought specifically for this job, and on my other foot was an old, beat-up shoe I used to wear when I used to walk from the bus stop down a muddy path to get to my old job (it was a shortcut and I didn’t care about the job very much anyway).

Now I’m hoping none of my coworkers noticed, and as my feet are underneath a desk most of the day I’m probably fine. But this taught me an important lesson: Travian can really mess with how you function if you don’t play it on a strict schedule. I should have gotten more sleep the night before and gotten up earlier.

Also, I really need to organize my closet. 😀

If you think I’m pathetic for letting a computer game screw me up this badly, well, you might be right. But if you think that’s bad, you haven’t read this yet. It’s called “Is Travian Bad For You?”, and while results are mixed, I’m clearly not the only one who’s gone a little overboard playing this game.

If you’re too busy raiding other players and building troops to read it, here are some quick highlights:

Hey, travian is really bad for you!!! I agree completely. Marriage on the rocks, failed to meet deadlines at work (not lost job, yet. Server ended just in time, thank god). Major sleep deprivation, waking up at 3 am to send chiefs!

Missed friends’ wedding receptions cause of the race for settling new 15C village. Got into a foul mood because of creative farm abuse and yelled at family, co-workers and friends.

Things like that.

But its one hell of a game, thats for sure.


I faked (being) sick for travian. I stayed up all night answering questions in the us servers, only to find out that the forums didn’t need new mods…
I spend 16 hours of a day on travian/travians/facebook/myspace
I think travian is the coolest thing ever created..the only thing I say that happened to me was lost of
sleep. But who needs more than 2 hours of sleep or sleep anyhow right??

Random Travian Stuff

No big fighting on Server 3 to talk about today, so here’s some news and random stuff:

– I’m currently working on this site’s “tips” section. I’m starting with tips for beginners. The first part is still a work-in-progress but you can view it here. I’m using a bullet-point format instead of a paragraph format that most beginners guide use, because I think it keeps it better organized that way. If you have tips you want to suggest please e-mail me or leave a comment!

– Some players are predicting a boring endgame for S5.com:

Neo is a player that united the alliances RaG, ReV, ArM and AsC. Uniting four large alliances like that is an achievement in itself, but due to a mix of brilliant military skill (Neo’s side) and terrible badly co-ordinated defense (From the small pockets of resistance that were found) He and his meta have managed to completely OwN the rest of the server, and are heading for one of the most runaway server victories ever.

If Neo was as kind as he is brilliant, he would split the meta in two, and make for a really exciting endgame.

We’ll have to wait and see. You can never really be sure what plans people have made. This Neo guy sounds like and interesting fellow, in any case.

The locations of the Natar villages on S5.com are listed here.  (note that the post is courtesy of Neo himself)

– When a new server starts, there’s usually some overly eager new players who go out and try to make the biggest alliance, thinking that it will be enough to make them mighty. Experienced players know that you need good players with big armies to back your numbers up.

On S9.com, which keep in mind is only a few weeks old (only 1 player has reached 4 villages),  the Meta PTT is taking this to a whole new ridiculous level. Just look at this number of alliances under their banner: http://travian-utils.com/en/?s=com9&kw=ptt.

I’ll be keeping a watch on them to see how long this empire lasts.

– One of the most interesting quirks of the game with the release of the artifacts is the “Artifact of the Fool”, which causes a random effect every day. One of the players on S1.com who managed to nab one of them had this to say:

I have one of the fool’s artifacts and I enjoy it. each morning when you wake up you have something different. If you’re having faster troop making – then put all possible resources you have into barracks and stables, if your having faster troops then either send reals or raid the hell out of your farms, if you’re having a decreased cranny by 0.01x then simply cry.

If I could have any artifact and I just cared about winning, I’d probably take the reduced crop consumption one. But for sheer fun and excitement, I would definitely grab the Artifact of the Fool. It’s good that the game’s designers added something wacky and fun like that to the game. Makes things more interesting and less predictable.

– Hopefully this weekend I should have time to write a new strategy guide and finish some other things I’ve been working on for this site. So stay tuned and check back often! This site now has 4000 hits and counting!

Server 3: There’s a War on WAR

Yes folks, Server 3 doesn’t take a day off (and neither do I, apparantly).

After three days of intense fighting (see here, here, and here), we’re into round four between ART and WAR without so much as a day off to clean up the spilled blood.

I’m starting a new job tomorrow so I’m going to be doing a quick version of the recap tonight. Most of the fighting today, aside from the FLAME WARS on the forums, took place in two epic battles at diffent World Wonder villages held by ART. For the first time, defense seemed to beat offense, as the attacks were beaten back without the gigantic losses we’ve seen in the other attacks over the past few days. This could be the turing point (click the link to see all the battle reports, I’m only posting a select ones)

This attack was probably a mistake:

DU att 1

Actually, forget “probably”, it definitely was. This is why targeting a Great Warehouse is a lot better than targeting the wonder itself. Having a Great Warehouse hit by this hammer would have set ART back a lot furthur.

And man, just look at all those Imperians! The total attack power of this Hammer: 9’942’835. And awesome army with a less-than-awesome result.

The other attacks did damage but didn’t finish the job:

 DU att 2

D-unit’s thoughts on the attacks are here. He also thinks his side is in good shape to win it, even if he’s not:

ART will win.
Probably won’t be me though.
WaR has used their hammers, or I assume based on attacks on SOB and I.
ART still has hammers…enough to take the 5 top WaR prospects out (again). Although this is just my assumption, since WaR has currently used many more hammers then ART.

Let’s get to those attacks on SOB. They did not go well at all for WAR.

SOB att 1

The armies they used just weren’t big enough for the job. This was their biggest one:

SOB att 2

Then there was this strike, which raised some eyebrows with its choice of target:

 SOB att 3

 Attacking the Marketplace at the World Wonder village may seem like a collosal waste, but keep in mind this hammer probably wasn’t big enough to damage anything else besides that and the Rally Point (or maybe a resource field?)

They really could have used those 89,000 Imperians over at this wonder.

Want a rundown of who’s in good shape and who’s out of the race? Take it away A-Freshstart.

No matter who wins the server, the celebration of it ending should be classic, if they actually manage to pull this off.

Grozoth: ok guys. This server is almost over. My coordinators promised me it would’ve been over by the end of next week, but apparently that might be too much to hope for. So let’s discuss actual serious shit in this thread, no stupid “we r going to win” “omg the other side is blah blah blah” or ridiculous chest-beating.

How are we going to celebrate the server end?

My proposition is to have live skype webcam telecast by the winning meta leader + 2 or 3 handpicked secondaries.

This should involve plenty of drinking, obnoxious celebrating, and generally hilarious behavior.

I know me thetan and maybe one other leader from ART, whichever brave volunteer goes for this, are willing to drink 3 bottles of Scotch, beers, and generally any alcohol we can get our hands on and get completely hammered to celebrate and commit all sorts of stupid actions on webcam for you all to laugh at if we end up winning this shizbang.

I’ll say it again: This Endgame rules.

UPDATE: Made some corrections. Apparantly doing updates late at night isn’t a good idea. 😐

News and Notes

– Server 5 on the .com servers will be starting the endgame phase on June 26th. The official announcement is here. This time I was able to register for the server so I should be able to cover its conclusion in-depth. So stay tuned to this site for all the action! If it’s even half as entertaining as S3.com we’re in for a hell of a show!

– At Travian.co.uk, they’ve announced that the next server to restart (Server 6) will be a “classic” server (version 2.5). Pre-registration opens on July 3rd and the game gets underway July 6th. Read the official announcement here.

This will be only the 2nd classic game on an English-speaking server. Previously S3.com was the only one in the world. So now people who want to play “old school” Travian have more than one place they can go.

The Forum Admin of Travian UK hopes that players from around the world will come to play on the new server:

Tullia: I’m very excited about there being a classic server on the domain, I think it will attract some new players from all over the world, and enhance our reputation as a great travian country, as well as giving players here a chance to try a server type they may, like me, never have played.

If you don’t know the differences between Travian 2.5 and Travian 3.1, I described them here.

– A new speed server is also set to start on Travian.co.uk. In fact, it starts today! This is their first Speed server to be fully version 3.5, and I’m looking forward to inducting the winners into the Hall of Champions!

– Travian.us is also about to start a new Speed Server. Registration opens June 26th and the game gets underway on the 29th.

– The US servers also just announced the winner of their writing contest for the new victory screen. Take a look at them here. I might do a longer post on them if I have the time.

– Did you know that the UK  servers reward players who get other people to sign up for the game with free gold? Well I didn’t. For details you can view this guide (it’s around the halfway point).

– In two weeks this site has gotten over 3,500 hits. I’m no expert but that sounds pretty good to me. So thanks again to all my readers!

And Now For Something Completely Different…

There’s no better way to celebrate this blog’s 2-week aniversary than with this:



While I’m off the topic of Travian for second, did you hear that The Oscars are going to have 10 nominees for Best Picture instead of 5 from now on? This is really going to ruin my annual Oscar Pool!