News and Notes

– Server 5 on the .com servers will be starting the endgame phase on June 26th. The official announcement is here. This time I was able to register for the server so I should be able to cover its conclusion in-depth. So stay tuned to this site for all the action! If it’s even half as entertaining as we’re in for a hell of a show!

– At, they’ve announced that the next server to restart (Server 6) will be a “classic” server (version 2.5). Pre-registration opens on July 3rd and the game gets underway July 6th. Read the official announcement here.

This will be only the 2nd classic game on an English-speaking server. Previously was the only one in the world. So now people who want to play “old school” Travian have more than one place they can go.

The Forum Admin of Travian UK hopes that players from around the world will come to play on the new server:

Tullia: I’m very excited about there being a classic server on the domain, I think it will attract some new players from all over the world, and enhance our reputation as a great travian country, as well as giving players here a chance to try a server type they may, like me, never have played.

If you don’t know the differences between Travian 2.5 and Travian 3.1, I described them here.

– A new speed server is also set to start on In fact, it starts today! This is their first Speed server to be fully version 3.5, and I’m looking forward to inducting the winners into the Hall of Champions!

– is also about to start a new Speed Server. Registration opens June 26th and the game gets underway on the 29th.

– The US servers also just announced the winner of their writing contest for the new victory screen. Take a look at them here. I might do a longer post on them if I have the time.

– Did you know that the UK  servers reward players who get other people to sign up for the game with free gold? Well I didn’t. For details you can view this guide (it’s around the halfway point).

– In two weeks this site has gotten over 3,500 hits. I’m no expert but that sounds pretty good to me. So thanks again to all my readers!