S9.com: TRUST and CF Both Win the Stare Down, But Was That More Important Than Winning The Game?

On Thursday I posted my recap of the S9.com finish that I wrote for Travian Magazine, but I also wanted to do some more in-depth analysis of the ending, so that’s what this post will focus on (and after this I’ll try to finish posting the interview – I’ve ran into a glitch with getting it done the way I wanted to, but I’ve come up with a solution that should work).

In an earlier post about the S9.com endgame, I talked about how when Babuk’s World Wonder took the lead, both TRUST and CF were locked into a stare down. Both sides were expecting the other to make the first move and launch the attack on Babuk’s World Wonder, which had a clear lead in the standings. As days went on, the stare down continued, and both sides refused to act.

For TRUST, they thought that they had their side’s World Wonder in the lead, and that CF was just trying to get them to waste their own armies in attacking it. They thought that eventually CF would have no choice but to attack it themselves. The longer CF went without attacking it, the more they thought that CF was trying to goad them into action. Their leaders had also “given their word” that they would not attack Babuk and thus they wanted to hold themselves to this promise (more about this in a later post…)

For CF, who had been the ones to initiate the stare down by hitting TRUST’s other leading World Wonders, they thought that TRUST was just trying to push them into action against a world wonder that TRUST had no intention of letting win themselves. And they didn’t want to waste their precious armies on a target they though they didn’t have to hit, because they were behind at this point and they knew it, so they had to make every army left count (the general consensus among S9 players was that while CF still had several larger armies left at this point, they likely didn’t have enough to damage all of TRUST’s other top 3 World Wonders twice, which they would need to, as everyone knew that TRUST had enough to take down Big G, the only CF World Wonder in striking distance at this point).

Both TRUST and CF thought the other was trying to trick them. But instead, Rangers tricked them both (or betrayed them both, depending on how you look at it).

Apparently some CF leaders (but I emphasize only some) had attempted to make a deal with Rangers for Rangers to switch the World Wonder to CF when it reached level 100 (I’ll talk more on this in a later post – but ugh, I feel dirty just thinking about something like that). Of course, as we can all see, this didn’t happen – Rangers only wanted the level 100 World Wonder for themselves.

Apparently some other leaders from CF did finally realize that TRUST wasn’t going to hit Babuk, and that no rogue TRUST players were going to do it for them (which was a possibility I’m sure all 3 sides in this had strongly considered), so they did launch some of their big armies against Babuk, but unfortunately for CF, and ironically even more unfortunate for TRUST, they did not arrive in time. Thus Babuk got to level 100 without ever facing a major attack besides the Natars (at least to my knowledge).

This staredown between CF and TRUST was something that both sides viewed as being important to win, but both of them knowingly took a big risk in waiting, and in the end they played with fire and got burned. If either side had been the one to slow down Babuk, they would both look a lot less foolish right now, and we likely wouldn’t have had this bizarre finish (This was probably Rangers one and only shot at doing what they did). It should also be noted that both sides had some internal dissent over whether or not they were doing the right thing, but in the end they stuck with this course of action despite the objections of some of their players, who now can get a small amount of solace from saying “I told you so”.

During my coverage of S9, I always said that the politics of Server 9 were complex and that they would play an important part of the game’s outcome, but I would never have guessed that the outcome would be something as strange as this. This endgame had by far the strangest and most complex politics of any of the Servers I’ve covered on this site so far. And I’ll try to break down those politics a bit more before I close the book on this server, and I’ll also be posting reaction to the outcome of the game from various players. Stay tuned for more soon!

I think a lesson that all players can take from this outcome is that in Travian, doing nothing is sometimes the most dangerous course of action an alliance can take.


4 Responses

  1. Saying “I told you so” is of no solace when what you really wanted to say was:

    “Look here! See? I put a ton of effort into this server. I helped build a large army. I helped crush enemy armies. I stayed up late. I woke up early. I spent enough money to never actually want to acknowledge how much money I spent. I played to the best of my ability.

    And I won.

    Fair and square.

    I had fun, I got my money’s worth out of this game and I’ll be back.”

    Yet, it’s the farm-alliance of the server that gets to say they won. (They still don’t get to say that they built big armies and crushed other armies cause it just wouldn’t be true).

    Unfortunately, because TRUST’s leaders were so enthralled with being “the good guys” who wouldn’t attack Babuk’s WW for fear of not being seen as “the good guys” (nevermind the fact that they were also actually trying to goad CF into attacking Babuk’s WW – and how exactly is that “more honourable/good”?), they foolishly put their trust and faith in the hands of an alliance they farmed and caught lying to them on NUMEROUS occasions during the majority of the server believing that they (TRUST) would have a better chance of not being betrayed by RANGERS and winning as “the good guys” with RANGERS then they (TRUST) would have at winning against CF on their own without RANGERS as “the responsible guys” in a fair fight (again, nevermind the fact that TRUST was dominating in every aspect of end-game by controlling the majority of WW’s, WW plans, and WW artefacts).

    Go back and read that sentence again. It might seem long-winded and run-on, but it’s very pertinent.

    Those of us who wanted to attack Babuk and remove the VERY LIKELY chance that we’d lose from betrayal and instead square off vs. CF in an “honourable fight to the finish” between the two alliances who actually earned the right to be in the WW race, get to say:

    “I told you so. How many WW hammers did both sides spend a year of time, effort and money to build and feed that NEVER got used? That’s disgusting. How many WW hammers did RANGERS build and never use? Oh… I guess it’s impossible to use something you never built. What a waste of time, money and faith in my leaders to make the responsible choices (as all leaders need to make). How utterly disrespectful.

    This is not fun, I resent spending the money on this game and I won’t be back.”

  2. To say that neither CF or TRUST “did nothing” is a bit incorrect.

    Yes CF did nothing. But CF’s leaders had an excuse for not acting. They were clearly losing the race. It was in their best interests to hope for Rangers to side with CF at the last minute. It was very likely that it was their only real chance at securing any sort of a CF victory.

    TRUST’s leaders acted in the worst possible way. They acted vainglorious and forgot what was really important…

    Winning the game.

    After all. This is a game. Games like this are played to be won.

    If you want to spend money to make friends with random people from around the world that you’ll never see again, or if you want to play a game that costs a lot of money and doesn’t have a clearly established “goal” of winning, go play World Of Warcraft.

    If you want to act vainglorious and brag about how good you are in a game that has a goal of being won, YOU HAVE TO WIN.

    Sadly, the old saying “it ain’t bragging if you can back it up” does not apply to TRUST.

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