Website Status Update

Sorry I’ve been slow with getting the site updated again. I’ve been really busy these last two weeks, especially with my new job and my night courses I’m taking over the summer. And I’m also running low on sleep, which makes it hard to work on posts. I should be able to hopefully finish up the S9 stuff soon, I’ve almost got part 2 of the interview done and I plan on having that up later tonight. Still to come soon is the Hall of Champions entry for the server, my talks with some other S9 leaders on their thoughts about the game and it’s ending, and a look at the armies that were used (and the ones that weren’t). I don’t want to hold off on starting coverage very much longer, so I’ll try to get this all done as quickly as I can. Once I’m done covering I’m optimistic I can better integrate updating this site into my daily routine and get back to updating on a regular daily basis.