The Artifacts in Action

Someone from Server 1 sent me this battle report. It’s an attack on a world wonder launched by a player who had an artifact that reduced crop consumption and one that increased the speed that he built troops at. Check it out and see what you can do if you put the artifacts to good use:

The player who built and launched this huge army, Thekinglives from AoW*Gold, finished the server as the #9 attacker overall, which isn’t surprising when he has an army this impressive. The World Wonder that he hit finished 12th overall.

I’ll try to find more battlereports from Server 1 and add them to this site over the next few days if I have the time. (It’s going to be a busy week for me so I’m not sure if I’ll get to it, but I’ll try!)

Advertisements S9: A Big Alliance Merger and Artifact Analysis

Quick update from Server 9 – and then I’ll head back to Server 6.

I posted earlier about how was shaping up to be a battle between North and South, and now that’s pretty much official as the northern alliances have merged under one name (all the alliance previously known as Lethal are now called Thunder). They’ve now declared war on the Meta-alliance that dominates the south, ONE.

With those two alliances merged together, here’s what the top-50 alliances on S9 look like today. ONE is red , Thunder is blue, and other alliances in the top 50, like JD, RT, RA, X.Y.Z, W.R.X., KISS, TRA, and G.O.I. are green (NOTE: I want to be clear, The green alliances are not all on the same team)

Here are the current Artifact Standings on Server 9 by alliances, after the Thunder/Lethal merge:

Thunder: 5 unique (Rivals Confusion, Titan Boots, Artifact of the Fool, Architects’ Secret, and Eagle Eyes), 11 large, 19 small

ONE: 2 unique (Trainers Talent and Diet Control), 13 large, 19 small

X.Y.Z: 2 Large (Titan Boots and Eagle Eyes), 4 small

JD: 1 Large (Arcitects’ Secret), 3 small

RT: 1 Small (Rivals Confusion)

W.P.X: 1 small (Eagle Eyes)

TRA: 1 Small (Artifact of the Fool)

Four artifacts are still unclaimed: a great Eagle Eyes, a small Architects’ Secret, and two small Rivals Confusion.

I’m looking forward to a long war between ONE and Thunder, but the other alliances that are out there can definitely make an impact on the game as well.

Travian Artifact Natars Defense: The Final Word

I’ve posted the supposed defense totals at the artifact villages in Travian before, but now I’ve got new information that shows that everything we though we knew about the Natars defense was wrong!

When the artifacts were released on, I was in contact with players who managed to get some of them. They informed me that the defense they had to overcome at the Natar villages were slightly higher than what my site reported. I was surprised at this, because I believed the numbers I had posted previously, which came from a reliable player on the forums, to be accurate.

At this point I contacted’s admin, Tschena, and asked if the Natar defenses were different depending on what server they were on. It turns out that they are! Here’s the e-mail between myself and Tschena:

Randomgeek: I’ve been trying to get an accurate report on what the Natar defenses at Artifacts villages are, but I keep getting different numbers from diffferent sources. Does the amount of defense at the artifact villages vary depending on what day the artifacts are released?

Tschena: Thank you for your email.

No, they depend on the strength of the players of the server. So nobody will be able to answer your question in general as every server will have different natars defense.

So there you have it! The exact levels of Natar defenses at the artifact villages will vary on server to server. This explains why the numbers from were higher than on the .UK servers, because overall the players are stronger on .com servers.

So, take the numbers posted on my site as a rough estimate, but the exact amount of defense you’ll run into will depend on how good the players on your server are! (You can view the numbers I posted here.)

If I get more information I will add it to this post.

Artifacts Coming Soon to and!

The artifacts will be realeased on Server on July 31st! Only two days from now! Check this site for more coverage once they’re out!

Here’s the official announcement:

For more information about the artifacts, what they do, and how they work, visit the Travian FAQ here:


(Update: Read this post)

Travian 3.5 adds artifacts to the game, which give amazing benefits to any player who is powerful and cunning enough to hang onto one. Artifacts first appear on the map about 150 days into a server, and they are heavily guarded my the NPC tribe, the Natars. Here is the amount of Natar defense at the Artifact Villages for each type of artifact, taken from various servers. Note that the exact amount of defense on your server will be different.

Small Artifacts (affect 1 city only): Artifact Village Small

 Large Artifacts (affect all villages on your account):

Artifact Village Large

Unique Artifacts (affect all your villages and only one of each type exists):

Artifact Village Unique

Now you know what you’re up against if you plan on going after an artifact!

To read about what the artifacts do and how they work, visist the official Travian FAQ

(Note: I posted this earlier, but I thought I should post it again because it is a very popular search topic and this information isn’t widely available anywhere else that I know of. I will also add this post to the site’s Features section to make is easy for everyone to find)

Update: Read this post.

Random Travian Stuff

No big fighting on Server 3 to talk about today, so here’s some news and random stuff:

– I’m currently working on this site’s “tips” section. I’m starting with tips for beginners. The first part is still a work-in-progress but you can view it here. I’m using a bullet-point format instead of a paragraph format that most beginners guide use, because I think it keeps it better organized that way. If you have tips you want to suggest please e-mail me or leave a comment!

– Some players are predicting a boring endgame for

Neo is a player that united the alliances RaG, ReV, ArM and AsC. Uniting four large alliances like that is an achievement in itself, but due to a mix of brilliant military skill (Neo’s side) and terrible badly co-ordinated defense (From the small pockets of resistance that were found) He and his meta have managed to completely OwN the rest of the server, and are heading for one of the most runaway server victories ever.

If Neo was as kind as he is brilliant, he would split the meta in two, and make for a really exciting endgame.

We’ll have to wait and see. You can never really be sure what plans people have made. This Neo guy sounds like and interesting fellow, in any case.

The locations of the Natar villages on are listed here.  (note that the post is courtesy of Neo himself)

– When a new server starts, there’s usually some overly eager new players who go out and try to make the biggest alliance, thinking that it will be enough to make them mighty. Experienced players know that you need good players with big armies to back your numbers up.

On, which keep in mind is only a few weeks old (only 1 player has reached 4 villages),  the Meta PTT is taking this to a whole new ridiculous level. Just look at this number of alliances under their banner:

I’ll be keeping a watch on them to see how long this empire lasts.

– One of the most interesting quirks of the game with the release of the artifacts is the “Artifact of the Fool”, which causes a random effect every day. One of the players on who managed to nab one of them had this to say:

I have one of the fool’s artifacts and I enjoy it. each morning when you wake up you have something different. If you’re having faster troop making – then put all possible resources you have into barracks and stables, if your having faster troops then either send reals or raid the hell out of your farms, if you’re having a decreased cranny by 0.01x then simply cry.

If I could have any artifact and I just cared about winning, I’d probably take the reduced crop consumption one. But for sheer fun and excitement, I would definitely grab the Artifact of the Fool. It’s good that the game’s designers added something wacky and fun like that to the game. Makes things more interesting and less predictable.

– Hopefully this weekend I should have time to write a new strategy guide and finish some other things I’ve been working on for this site. So stay tuned and check back often! This site now has 4000 hits and counting!

News and Notes

Some news about the site’s progress so far and some quick notes on breaking Travian news:

– Things are going pretty well so far at this site, which turns a week old today. I’ve written 11 posts and I’ve gotten a decent amount of hits. Thanks to everyone who has visited the site so far and special thanks to those of you who check it every day.

– This site is now the top google search result for “Travian Champions,” and the second highest search result for “Travian Hall of Fame.” 🙂

– I also got my first reader comment! Thanks to Scott for being the first person to post one! I thought I’d respond to it publicly, so here it is:

  • Looks like a very interesting site and I will keep checking back as well as add you to my blogroll, but I am 100% certain you would get 3x more traffic if you posted some tips to help people with the game once in a while too 🙂

– Thanks Scott! I’m happy to say that I will be adding a Strategy section to this site tomorrow. I already have one strategy article submitted from a very good player, and I’ll try to work on a few of my own and get other players to write as well.

– Scott has a Travian Blog of his own, called Travian Guide, which is located here: There’s lots of good advice for Travian players of all skill levels on it. It’s my favourite Travian Blog (besides my own of course!)

– I want to encourage other readers to leave their comments as well. You can leave a comment after any post on the main page.

– I had a great time doing the Crewchat reports and they’ve also been popular with readers of the blog. I want to post one final comment from them:

<Interview> Question from liam: I love you guys, you’re doing great ^^

[12:11] <Interview> Answered by Litch: Thanks, we love the players too 🙂

I’d like to thank all the Travian crewmembers as well. You guys do a great job and it’s much appreciated.

– When I first stared this site, I said that I would do a post elaborating WHY I decided to do so in depth. I kind of got sidetracked by the crewchats, but I’m still planning to get to writing it, so look for it sometime during this weekend in the not-so distant future.

– Now let’s get into some Travian news:

– will be offline for a brief time this Friday, according to this message from the admin. This is especially newsworthy because the Server is currently going through the endgame, so the alliances may have to change some of their battle plans because of it.

– There’s been a lot action with the Artifacts on Server 1, but it’s been kind of overshadowed because there was also a major alliance team-up at the same time. You read about it in this thread.

Apparantly the amount of defense for a Unique Artifact is the same as the defense for a non-unique account-wide artifact. I posted the defense totals at the Natar villages in an earlier post.

– They’ve just announced that Server 1 for Australia gets underway on Monday June 22nd. Preregistration starts on the 19th. This will be the first Australian server to get the full 3.5 version with the new map tiles. Here’s the official announcement. And remember, the winner of this server will one day be in Hall of Champions! Good luck to everyone who signs up for it!