Deadline Day for Travian Magazine

Sorry the site has been slow on updates lately. It’s certainly not for lack of content – I’ve got tons of stuff to write about and put up on the site! It’s more a matter of me not having much free time right now. I’ve started a new job recently (yay, more money!) and the commute takes a long time to get there, and my summer course load is heavier than I thought it would be.

And then there’s my parents and their yardwork. Get a smaller place already Mom and Dad, all your kids are old now!

With only enough time to get one thing done, I decided to finish the Server 9 update for the next issue of Travian Magazine. I’ll put it up here as a preview. I tried to be fair in it:

Server 9 came to an end on May 22nd. The winning World Wonder switched alliances with one hour left in the game, giving a controversial and for many players unsatisfying end to the game. Server 9 was the first server on to give players the full Travian 3.5 experience, previous servers were upgraded to version 3.5 part-way through.

The winning World Wonder was held by a player named Babuk, who was a member of the Meta-alliance TRUST, and prior to that a member of the Meta-alliance Rangers, who had a bitter past with the Meta-alliance Thunder, which was also a member of TRUST. The two alliances had fought a fierce war earlier in the game, and prior to that, several leaders of Rangers were in a Meta-alliance called KISS that fought against Carebears, which was led by several of the leaders that went on to lead Thunder. So there was definitely lots of chances for bad blood to build between the two sides. At the end of the game, the Thunder leaders had seemed to put the past behind them, and as the ending shows they were willing to let a World Wonder held by a Rangers player build to level 100. But apparently (and I admit I’m speculating as to Rangers’ motivations, I don’t claim to speak on their behalf), Rangers had not put the past behind them, and without the consent of other TRUST leaders, they withdrew Babuk from the TRUST alliance and switched him to Rangers when it was too late for anyone else to do anything about it.

Rangers had also apparently made a secret deal with some of the leaders of Chaos Factor, the Meta-alliance that dominated the Southern quadrants of the game. Apparently they had told leaders of CF that they would switch their World Wonder to Chaos Factor, and by promising this they had kept themselves safe from any Chaos Factor attacks. Obviously, this was a lie and Chaos Factor’s leaders who were talking to Rangers fell for it. The leaders who made this deal kept other CF leaders the dark about it, and most Chaos Factor players had no idea these negotiations were going on. Several Chaos Factor (and TRUST) players still had large endgame “Hammer” armies that went unused, as military force took a back seat to secret discussions and sneakiness. Instead of being decided by the thousands of players on the server, the end of the game was decided by the discussions that went on between a handful of individuals.

The top attacker on the server was TheGaul from Thunder~. The top defender was The Watcher from CF. The largest player was Refbabo from CF-V_JR, and CF pulled off the impressive feat of having 9 of the 10 largest players, four of whom were in CF-DW. Thunder~ was both the top attacking alliance and the top defending alliance not to have a World Wonder in it.

I’ll try to have more S9 stuff on the site soon, I really hope I can get to everything!


4 Responses

  1. small comment on refbabo: he was a member of CF-V for 95% of the server, CF-V_jr was just a wing V-members moved to if they wanted to chief inactive CF members.

  2. TheGaul was actually in Thunder^ (or maybe Thunder-)… Not Thunder~.

  3. Man, I hate late-game alliance changes.

    Thanks to both of you for the clarification. I’ll fix up the article and change the alliances I have them listed as.

  4. Na Geek, this was awesome! Rangers made a great show there! But those Huge Hammers wasted was really a waste of time & money.

    P.S: I wish i could see Bratsoni & Inocka’s face when it all happened suddenly.

    B.T.W Great work again “random geek” , without you i would never be able to find out the truth of S9.

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