Travian on Twitter: Weekly Top Five

Travian Champions presents the top 5 Travian related messages posted on Twitter during the past week:


AriannaBiasini:There were several tweets about this Rick Astley player from S8 on the US-servers. A lot of people tried to get him delete by flooding his in game account with spam, but he’s still going.

DavidPrecht: Travian can be stressful and time consuming, that’s nothing new but it’s something you see a lot of people lamenting on Twitter. The real question about this post is what on Earth does this have to do with Sarah Palin? šŸ˜

Mizz_attiude: Travian: ruining relationships since 2004. I hope your hubby gets catapulted soon. Next time be sure to post his in game name and the server he plays on.

Thebookgarden: The Bookgarden is a blogĀ about traveling around the UK. It’s neat to find these interesting people who also play Travian.

Mizz_attitude: I know I shouldn’t laugh but :D.

Seriously though, if your wife is asking you take some time off Travian for her birthday, you should probably say yes. Losing a few cities is worth it compared to ruining your sex life. I know this game can be addicting, but come on!


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