Watch Out For Password Thieves!

Every online game has some form of lowlife scammer in it, but you need to be especially wary in Travian because anyone who has your account password can take your Gold, or sabatoge your account in any number of ways!

Recently, people have been trying to impersonate Multihunters or Support members and have asked for players to give them their account password so they can “look at their account”. Everyone should be aware that a real multihunter will never ask for your password. They can already see everything on your account if they want to.

On Server 2 of, a special message was sent to all players warning them about this. There have been reports of this happening on Server 4 and Server 9 as well.

Here’s the message from the admin that is posted on I want to help spread the word on this to all players:

I’d like to remind everyone that Travian Team will never ever ask your password.Anyone who claims to be in Travian Team, asking for your account’s password for whatever reason is an imposter who is trying to sabotage your account.

Do not give your password away!


If any player contacts you claiming to be multihunter, check their account. A Multihuter’s account will always be banned. Report all imposters to a real multihunter immediately.


3 Responses

  1. I got one on server 9, just so you know.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’ll add that to the post.

      • No problemo 🙂

        You might also want to add something about reading MH’s name’s carefully… the guy that messaged me was ‘mult1hunter’… (which is alot less oblivious with in game text).

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