S9.com video follow-up

“I’m hiding from these stupid spies, which kind of pointless because I’m posting this on Youtube…” – Sauce Monkey

Remember the video from Server 9 I posted earlier? Well there’s a follow-up video.

Watch as our beloved hero Sauce Monkey faces the horrors of massive attacks from the alliance JD, while also having to deal with he potential social ostracization of letting his football loving friends find out that he’s a hardcore Travian player.

If I was him I’d be a lot more worried about letting them see me wear that pink hat. Oh Snap!

Sauce Monkey has dropped down to 12 place in the rankings now, but that number will probably fluctuate as he rebuilds and possibly faces more attacks brought on by his trash-talk.

The temperature on Server 9 is continuing to rise slowly, with tensions between the big alliances continuing to grow, and rouge alliance like JD making life difficult for them. It should get really interesting once the Artifacts get here.


UK Travian Halloween Party / UK Speed Server Update

One thing I’ve learned by hanging around the various Travian forums (and believe me, I hang around the Travian forums a lot) is that the Travian.com forums are a lot more “business” than the country-specific forums, like Travian.us and Travian.co.uk. The Travian.com forums are always focused on the game, whereas the other forums are more about building a community of players, and having a good time.

This is just an observation, not a complaint. It only makes sense that the forums for the servers with the highest level of competition and the most focus on skilled player would also have the most serious forums, and that discussion on the forums would also have a predominately serious and competitive tone, moreso than anywhere else.

But man, the UK forums sure do throw better parties.

I’ve mentioned some of them in the past, like the  Travian prom, and the “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, but they’ve topped themselves with their Halloween party. So much so that I’m encouraging everyone who reads this site to drop by on Halloween Day to check out the fun (I know you’re going to be online playing Travian anyway, so there’s no excuse not to).

They really went all out for this:

Halloween Forums

But the decorations are just the beginning. They have so many different Halloween festivities I don’t even have time to write about all of them.

There are 7 different “Fright Night” competitions, each with a Halloween theme.

Then there’s a “Fright Night Battledome” forum as well, for forum role-playing fights.

And if that’s not enough, there’s a special “Fun and Games” forum with a lot of tricks or treats going on.

If you want to join in the fun, the festivities will run until Halloween, and the voting for the competitions will also take place on the 31st. The winners of the various competitions will be announced on November 1st.

On another Travian UK topic, the UK Speed Server is nearing its completion, and it will likely be the first entry into the Travian Hall of Champions on this site for a regional server (I said when I first started this site that I’d start doing inductions for US/UK/AUS servers with Travian 3.5). They’ve got great threads for updates on the endgame:

World Wonder Standings

World Wonder Battle Reports

Poll: Who do you think will win? (I’m surprised you don’t see these more often at the Travian.com forums)

From the most recent standings, you can tell that there are lot of different alliances in the Endgame:

UK Speed Oct 27th Standings

Speed.com Winners Inducted Into The Hall of Champions




Travian Champions is proud to make the first ever Speed Server Induction into the Hall of Champions. Congratulations to PFF&TLL for their hard fought victory and for being the first alliance to win the Speed.com server for Travian 3.5.

Speed.com: Video from the Winning Alliance

Here’s a youtube video from the winning World Wonder team on Speed.com. They really went all-out with this.


(Thanks again to Bea’s Blog)

Speed.com Victory Speech

This is the victory speech from Holymly, the leader of the PFF&TLL Meta on Speed.com.

Speed.com09 Victory Speech

S8.com: Living Dangerously

Obor from Ap.PTT came achingly close to ending the Server 8 endgame, as his World Wonder reached level 99 yesterday.

With only hours to go before the game was won, a single army from Silent But Deadly marched in and knocked the World Wonder back a  few levels, down to level 97. It has since rebuilt back to level 98. Here are the current standings:

WW Standings Oct 27

And here’s the battle report from the attack that stalled Obor, from Sammi of the alliance Hype, who is ranked as #54 both for attacking and population.

Obor WW att1

I’ve heard they might have been another attack that hit earlier to damage the walls, but I don’t have a report for that.

So where do we stand now? Well, with the walls damaged and the Lv.99 Natars on their way, the defense at Obor’s Wonder is about to get rocked. They have to face the Lv.98 Natars on top of that, for the second time in as many days. If this World Wonder is ever going to be brought down, now is the time to do it.

Is it odd that only one hammer was sent by SBD to do the job? What would have happened if it had come up short? It would have been too late to save the game (See this post about the recent Speed.com server for an example of a last-minute attack coming up short). Even if they have accurate scouting reports, the defense can change from the time a Wonder is scouted and before the attack hits.

Ap.PTT’s opponents are either on their last legs, or they’re living dangerously. But if they are on their last legs, they’re not letting it on and they’re not giving any signs of throwing in the towel.  They want to win. So I’m inclined to think they know what they’re doing and the risks they’re taking. Maybe they think they can’t afford to waste an army at this point. Or perhaps they want to take advantage of the high-level Natar attacks to weaken the Ap.PTT defense. Maybe they’re just so good that they can afford to take risks that would make me very nervous if I was in their place.

There have been World Wonders brought down from Lv.99 before, even once before on this server! (I was busy at the time, that’s why I missed it). But it’s a risky place to let your opponent get to.

It’s almost a polar opposite from when Ap.PTT attacked SBD’s World Wonder with 39 endgame armies, as instead a solitary force is relied upon to do the job. Sammi was up to the task this time, but there’s no room for error if the enemies of Ap.PTT want to stave off a victory again. If this is all part of a plan, it’s sure to be a grand one, so stay tuned because something big is going to happen soon on this server, one way or another.

S6.com: The Final War of Travian 3.0

The S6.com endgame started on September 25th, so they’re now roughly a month into it.

This will be the last-ever Travian.com endgame with the Travian 3.0 rules, and the last server without Artifacts, Horse Drinking Troughs, Breweries, and the other new upgrades of Travian 3.5.

And it promises to help version 3.0 go out with a bang. Server 6 has a lot of highly skilled players in very competitive alliances.

Unlike some other recent endgames, this one has several different sides fighting it out, instead of just two sides holding almost of the World Wonders. When I have time I’ll do more of a profile on these alliances (anyone want to help me out with that?)

But for now, here are some recent standings and an outlook on how each alliance is doing.


~S~L~: 4 World Wonders, 3 of which are in the Southwest, one in the far south part of the Southeast.

LoD: 3 World Wonders, located in the Northeast

MFD: 3 World Wonders, located in the Northwest

One: 1 World Wonder (I guess their name is accurate), located in the Southeast

Oz: 1 World Wonder, also in the Southeast.

There’s a 13th World Wonder but it doesn’t have any plans and it’s still on level 0, so it likely will never become a factor in this Endgame.

Recent Standings:

1. ~S~L~
Level 59 (-334|-12)
Owner Bandrit
Population : 700

2. ~S~L~
Level 57 (-136|-181)
Owner shakal
Population : 706

3. ~S~L~
Level 56 (-92|-13)
Owner lubricious
Population : 709

4. LoD
Level 48 (330|29)
Owner simethered
Population : 430

5. OZ
Level 47 (171|-149)
Owner Fire&Ice
Population : 542

6. ONE
Level 44 (13|-91)
Owner Trinity
Population : 609

7. MFD
Level 41 (-174|141)
Owner Codename
Population : 583

8. MFD
Level 35 (-41|332)
Owner Brush Monkey
Population : 493

9. LoD
Level 33 (155|154)
Owner sparticus
Population : 511

10. MFD
Level 32 (-22|89)
Owner reddadude
Population 526

11. LoD
Level 31
Owner Lethal
Population : 523

12. ~S~L~
Level 29 (59|-333)
Owner Phoca
Population : 473

13. .
Owner Adelwar
Population 0

There’s a great discussion thread in the Travian.com forums for the Server 6 endgame if you’d like to know more.

Also, if you’re a Star Wars fan, be sure to check this post out: http://forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=128670

I’m going to be working on getting access to an account on the server so that I can follow things more closely.