Answers to Reader Questions

Here are two questions from readers I though I’d reply to:

hi, just wondering…are you interested in going beyond endgame and start posts on mid-game (then is when Neo starts to dominate….)

also, i have account from comx. wondering if you will be doing any posts from there?

I’ve thought about doing coverage of events happening during the midgame of the various servers, and I will try to do some in the future.  In the past, I’ve had the intention to write in-depth posts about events on S1, S4, S7, S9, and Speed, but I was unable to get around to it – mainly because there was too much happening during the or endgames for me to stop covering it.  So whether or not I do them in the future will depend on whether I have the time. And in the immediate future, it will depend on how eventful the endgame is ( and were very eventful, and it was easy to write a 1000 word post every few days. I don’t expect it to be like this every endgame though.)

It’s just a matter of how much time I have available. I obviously don’t have time to follow every server from start to finish and write about them. (Keep in mind that I also play on and, so the amount of time I spend on Travian is pretty much maxed out) By concentrating on the game(s) that are nearest to ending, it lets me focus my coverage, and that way I can get the in-depth story on what’s going on during the climax of the game. Not to mention it’s easier on me if I’m only following one storyline at once. I don’t want to stretch myself to thin, because then my endgame coverage will suffer. 

One way readers could help me out is by posting analysis of their own in the forums, and contacting me when they do so. If you’re interested in helping cover a server on a regular basis, or you’d like to help out this site in any other way, contact me at I’m open to working with others to help make the news on this site more comprehensive. One person I’ve been talking to in particular is Ark/Mike from the forums, who plays on S9. Thanks to him, I should be able to do a news update on in the near future (possibly even later today, but I have a few things I want to do before then).

Another thing to keep in mind is that I haven’t even started covering the US/UK/Aus servers yet, because I’ve been waiting until Travian 3.5 kicks in to start covering them. I’ve held off on them because I want some time to develop the site, front-load it with content and features, get used to what I’m doing, etc.  I probably won’t cover them as much as I do the .com servers, but I will be adding them to the Hall of Champions.

I will definitely be covering ComX (also known as the speed server), especially when the endgame comes around. I’m really looking forward to doing coverage about the Speed server, I just hope I can keep up with everything that happens!


I want to know if there is any audit of MH activities? Can they do as they wish?

The answer to that is right here:

Blackpaladin: If you have a complaint about the Multihunter e-mail about it.


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  1. Unless Travian Champions expands itself into a crew coverage team, I don’t think it’s plausible nor wise for you to try to include too much on this site. Your coverage of com3 and com5 endgame was rather impressive and I’m sure it took a lot of time. It would be a pity if you overextended yourself and caused yourself to burn out. 🙂 This blog is exceptional already with its end server coverage. No need to deviate too far from that unless you get more help.


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