S9.com: The Final Results

Server 9 is over, with Babuk finishing as the winning World Wonder.

But the real story may be that he switched alliances at level 99, from TRUST to Rangers. And many players are shocked that this has happened (I know I am, though I’m going to try to get the full story before I rush to judgement).

Here’s the final standings:

Note that Babuk joined Rangers on the last day of the Server, and that the alliance was specifically renamed Rangers on the last day as well (previously it was called “Tonto.” So this was definitely a deliberate act to put the name “Rangers” as the winning alliance at the top of the rankings as the game ends. Before the World Wonder race, Babuk was in Tonto for his entire playing time of the game (it was originally called KISSNW7).

Here’s a shot of their closing alliance screen. Babuk is listed as “The Winner”. They are listed as being confederated with several, but not all, of alliances in TRUST.

Stay tuned for more Server 9 reaction and coverage!


5 Responses

  1. horrible way to win a server. makes me feel that all the hours i put in for a Thunder win went to waste. honestly, i would have preferred a CF WW winning fair and square than having this happen.

  2. It would be better said that babuk has left TRUST some 72 minutes before his wonder reached lvl 100. That scum called Dr David/Indy/QM had no guts to switch sides on the begining of last day of server.

  3. Acctualy the scums waited until the last incoming arrives as they probably knowingly their poor defense there, could not risk to switch before that last attack is landed. They knew if somehow that last attack did even a slightly damage to their wonder and they switched before , the entire Rangers population would be on a way of extinction on s9.com. With all due respect to the player that last landed at cupcake, i would not take him as serious treath to my little ww support village with pop of 200 as it was a player at rank 825 with 14 villages and pop of 11135

    Subject: Canoas attacks Cupcake
    Sent: on 10/05/20 at 21:26:42

    babuk has left the alliance. 10/05/20 21:27

  4. For those of you above, THAT WASNT THE LAST ATTACK! CF had incomming hammers and WW hammers that were late 5 minutes to an hour

  5. Whatever you say for or against Babuk, the fact is he/they did not have guts to play rangers and win the server, so they played Trust, had the support of Trust and all Thunder wings, and that made them through to lvl 100 – 72 mins.

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