Travian AU/NZ News

On Wednesday AU4 commenced as a T2.5 server. It is one of only three english classic servers the other two being uk6 and com3.

A day later on the 17th WW villages spawned on round 2 of AUX. You can find a discussion thread on endgame here:

Also a large number of Christmas themed competitions have popped up on the AU/NZ Forum. These competitions include Christmas Tree Colouring in Contests, Image searches and Haiku writing.


AU4 Classic Server

A few months ago there was a poll up on the travian au/nz forums about a classic server coming to Travian Australia and New Zealand. The result was 135 people voted yes (75%) so it looked like the may be a new classic server. Things went quite for a while but now after nearly 5 months of waiting AU/NZ have got a classic server 🙂

Below is Loki’s forum post which explains the details:

Hi everyone, It is with great excitement that I am announcing the start of AU/NZ’s fourth server.

This brand new server will be a classic server as per the results of the poll that I ran some time ago.

To view that poll and to refresh your memory about what differences are on a classic server, please click here.

The server will be open for pre-registration at some point (usually in the evening) of Monday 14th December.

The server start time is 6am (GMT+11), on Wednesday 16th December.

Good luck to all and have fun.



Pre-reg : Monday 14th December
Server start : Wednesday 16th December 6:00am (GMT+11)