S5.com Endgame in Pictures


Aim’s World Wonder at Lv.100:

Ending WW

The defense at Aim’s World Wonder:

WWReinsThe final Natar attack on Aim’s World Wonder:

Ending Last Natars

The top 20 alliances. Note that the top 10, and 12-13, were all from U-EnD.

Ending alliance ranks

The medals of the top attacker, Ayvengo:

Ending Att medals

A map the alliances that made up U-EnD. Revelation is mainly in the NE, U.A is mainly in the Southwest.

Ending UEnd map

The World Wonder standings when BobKu104 got banned:

Ending BobKu

The Final Standings:

S5 WW Final

Neo’s profile description:

Ending Neo profile

UPDATE: There was a lot of talk about U-EnD’s “Top 5 Hammers”, which were the big armies they were saving for the end of the game. Here are the three I haven’t posted on this site yet. Let’s start with the 2nd biggest, Ctrl-q from ArM, who finished as the #5 attacker:

Top 5-2

Here’s the biggest hammer of them all, deployed by Kahleen. This is also the biggest overkill in a single attack anyone will probably ever see:


And finally, here’s another overkill attack, Peter Pan from AsC:

Top 5-3


The remaining top 5 armies from U-EnD were posted earlier here and here.


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