S5.com Endgame Wrap-up

I regret missing out on the final days of S5.com due to not having wireless internet access during my vacation. In this post I’m going to summarize what happened in the end, and let everyone know what S5.com coverage is still to come and when you can expect it.

On my last update for this site that related to the S5.com Endgame, I talked about how it looked like the leading U-EnD World Wonder was unstoppable, and at the time, that World Wonder belonged to BobKu104.

It turned out that it wasn’t as unstoppable as I thought, because BobKu’s account was banned the next day. The reason that most people point to for this happening was because of illegal logins (players who weren’t sitters logging into the account using BobKu’s password). It’s a shame for this to happen and thankfully this wasn’t a situation where a different alliance ended up winning due to the error. It still must sting for BobKu to know that you missed out on having your name on the victory screen (and in the Hall of Champions) as the winning player because you got banned. Especially when you know that you would have come in first if you had played clean.

Here’s how the story broke on the Blog run by the World Wonder holder from EG-Rebel (which became part of TWP). You can see what the standings were when the ban started: http://rebellioncom5.blogspot.com/2009/08/bobku104-got-banned-at-ww-lvl-93.html

U-EnD was still in complete control of the server though, and the next World Wonder in line belonged to Aim. It passed BobKu’s World Wonder on August 10th and finished Lv.100 a few days later. At first, most observes though that BobKu’s ban wouldn’t last long enough for this to happen, but the ban remained in effect for the entire remainder of the game.

The opposition had no real armies left to stop Aim’s wonder with, so aside from the Natars there was nothing to worry about.

U-EnD wasn’t finished showing how powerful they were, and launched the massive armies that they had been keeping in reserve all along. The leader of U-EnD, Neo, had often said that they were holding their top 5 until the end, and they certainly delivered on that promise with the biggest armies yet (though I’m not sure if all 5 were actually used).

With these armies and a few Chiefs, players from the U-EnD Meta actually conquered all three of their opponents World Wonder villages, so U-EnD ends the game holding all 13 of them!


S5 WW Final


Yaz, from Tyrannus, was the first to strike, conquering Veen’s World Wonder, which was originally held by Matrix.

I don’t have the conquer report, but here’s the attack the killed off the last of Veen’s defenders:

Veen Wonder att2

(Sorry for the small size. Zoom in if you have to, or click here for the full-size version)

The other TWP World Wonder followed the next day, Coven, from ~U.A~, conquered MDDragon’s and Ecnats, from Tyger,  took Mistress D’s. All three players switched their alliance to the U-EnD command alliance after the conquering, so the finish screen would show their team holding all 13 World Wonders.

Let’s link to Bea’s blog again for a view of how U-EnD decimated MDDragon’s World Wonder village. This also shows the frustration of having to play against an alliance that did as well as U-EnD: http://rebellioncom5.blogspot.com/2009/08/there-is-no-point-for-this-attacks-to.html

One interesting wrinkle in this is that Tyger, where Ecnats was a member, was allied with TWP. Was Ecnats a U-EnD spy within their ranks? It would appear that this was the case.

Players on the S5.com forums are saying their goodbyes and congratulating the winners in this thread: http://forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=124742

This is the final news post I’ll do for Server 5, but I think I’ll do a post with some further analysis of the server, especially now that I have all the great insight from Neo’s interview to write about.

Also still to come is:

-The Hall of Champions Induction for U-EnD

-Neo’s Victory Speech

-S5.com Ending in Pictures

-S5.com Winners Youtube video

(And I’ve also got 4 or 5 things to write about that aren’t specifically related to server 5 as well.)


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