The Final Fate of Travian Champions?

Over five long months ago, I said that I was optimistic that I would be able to find a way to make room in my schedule to update this website regularly. Obviously,  I was way off on that call.

Since that time, I’ve kept hoping that things would balance themselves out for me in real life, and that I’ve be able to make a triumphant return to blogging about Travian and other online games. I really enjoyed this site, I kept it going for about a year and I had a great time doing it. And I didn’t want to give up if I thought there was still a chance that I could get it going again, in some way.

But, it’s been several months now, and after a new promotion at work, and taking some time to look at the amount of courses I still need to complete to finish my education (stupid education!) and how much work they’re going to be, it’s finally sunk in that going back to updating this site isn’t something that’s realistic for me, and won’t be in the future. Staying up to date on what’s happening on various Travian servers takes a huge time commitment. So does playing Travian at a high level. I probably should have come to this decision a few months ago, but I was holding out for a miracle. I really don’t want to give up on this site, but I really don’t think I have a choice but to pull out at this point. This is a hard decision because I love playing Travian, I can say without any exaggeration that it’s my favourite game I’ve ever played. If I could only play one videogame for the rest of my life, I would choose Travian in a heartbeat. Also, I love talking about Travian, I love writing in general, and I love WordPress. But I also love accounting, I love getting good grades, and love making $21 an hour.

So, well, that’s that.

I’m really proud of the work I was able to do with this site, even though it never really got to the level I wanted it to, it was still a big success. And I’d like to see it continue. So if there’s anyone out there who is a die-hard Travian lover who would be interested in taking this site over, and making it your own, please feel free to send me an e-mail at, and let me know why you’d like to take over running this site and what you’d like to do with it.

Even though this site hasn’t been updated in months, it still gets over 300 hits a day. And on days where I’ve had a big story, I’ve had well over 1,000 hits per day. So there’s definitely a big readership out there for a site like this, and a lot of potential for great things you can do with it.

(I toyed with the idea of just turning this site into my own personal blog which I would just update whenever I feel like with any random thing I feel like, but I’d rather it just stayed Travian focused.)

I’d like to thank the creators of Travian for making such a great game, and to all the people at Travian Games GMBH who keep it running and keep pushing it to greater heights. I want to thank all of the administrators, multihunters, support crew, and everyone else at Thank to all the players who compete so hard who gave me so much to write about. I wish I could keep this running because there are so many great players and alliances who deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Almost all the players who I talked to or did coverage on were great people who were really cool to get to know. Best of luck to all of you in the future. And finally, thanks to everyone who came and read this site while I was at the helm of it. I’m really happy it was able to achieve the success that it did, and I’m going to leave it up as long as people keep visiting it (seriously, 300 hits a day for doing nothing is actually pretty cool).

Peace out!



Website Update

Anytime I go several days without blogging, it’s always a bit awkward getting back to doing it regularly, and it’s been 11 days, one of my bigger “off” period since I’ve started this site. So I might be a bit awkward at first, but I’ll try to get back to daily updates, and devote a significant amount of coverage to the end of Which appears to be very close at hand:

I’m sincerely sorry for not having more coverage on the Server 9 endgame while it was happening. I was spending a lot of time trying to help my Meta-alliance get the win, and it looks like those efforts will help pay off (of course I was just one of many).

Expect more updates over the next few days, I’ve got a lot to say about Server 9 and I’ll try to get to it all.

Solo Play

Godspeed wrote a reply to the post where I talked about being burnt out from playing Server 9. I thought I’d reply to some of what he said.  

Yep we all get tired at some point.
That ‘burn out effect’ but in you case your like the superman of travian with all the coverage

This is why I sugest it’s time to make a team = more guys = more coverage = better quality work = more free time etc etc

It’s WIN WIN scenario for all parties involved us the reads and you the founder of this place.

I appreciate Godspeed’s concern, and his idea of building a team isn’t a bad one, but I do think it’s a bit idllyc and it’s not the direction that I’m planning on going in. While I welcome other people’s contributions to the site, building a team and then coordinating it would be a lot of work. I tried to get contributors to help cover the regional servers, and that really fizzled out with very little to show for it. In that case, more guys did not = more coverage and better quality. All it lead to was me saying that there would be more coverage and then me feeling bad because it never happened.

So I’m a bit wary of putting a lot of effort into trying to get more people to help with the site. I can’t pay anyone, I can’t get anyone to sign a contract, so there’s not really anything I can do if someone flakes out. If that happens, it leaves me in a position where I’ve promised something (more coverage and more updates) and now I’ve got to do it myself or not deliver.

Maybe my post didn’t make it clear enough that I have a plan for keeping the site regularly updated and making it better as time goes on – and that plan mostly involves things that I’ll be doing on my own. After Server 9 ends, I’ll have a lot more free time to work on the site. I’ve been playing it pretty much since the Travian Champions began, and I’ve played it pretty much every day as much as I can.

I don’t really think I need to build a team to help make the site better. Having a team COULD help the site, if everything goes right, but I think it would make my life harder, not easier right now. Travian is a time consuming game, and I don’t think there’s a big population of people who will contribute regularly to a site like this that I can tap into. But if anyone ever does want to help with the site, feel free to send me an e-mail or contact me on Skype. I’m always open to hearing ideas.

Still, managing a team of bloggers sounds daunting and stressful. What if I wanted (or needed) to take a day off? Having other people counting on me isn’t an idea I like, especially when I feel that I still have a lot to learn.

The big improvement that I’m reaching for is how I manage my own time, not having to manage other people.

After Server 9 ends, I’m going to be changing my system for updating the site, and hopefully taking it to another level. It’s going to be a period of change and finding new ways to do things. I’ve got a lot of ideas and a long to-do list, and I’m really excited to take this chance to take a break from playing Travian as hardcore as I normally do, and I really think it will give me time to do things I haven’t had time to focus on. I really want to focus on improving myself, not trying to manage others.

But first, I have a game of Travian to finish!

My Interview from Travian News International magazine:

On page 9 of the latest Travian International magazine, I get interviewed by myrcat, one of the magazine’s most dedicated writers. She asked some great questions about the site and about me. Here’s the full text of the interview:

myrcat: This time, we are going to speak with randomgeek, editor of the page 

myrcat:  So how long have you had your site up now?

Randomgeek:  It’s been up since June ’09

myrcat:  Why’d you decide to start it?

Randomgeek: Well, I had been playing Travian for about a year by that point, and a lot of people who played the game were saying how after a server the winners don’t get remembered. A lot of people kept saying “someone should make a hall of fame”. So I thought to myself, why don’t I make one? 

myrcat: What’s your favourite server been so far?

Randomgeek: My favourite server that I’ve played on so far was definitely Server 4 2008-2009. Even though the side I was on lost quite badly in the end, I still had a great time. I was in an awesome alliance, I learned a lot about how to be a better player, and it was never boring.

My favourite server that I’ve covered on my site was server 3 2008 – 2009. The endgame was super competitive, and had one of the most shocking and dramatic finishes ever in Travian. A single-wing alliance which no one thought had a chance of winning just barely managed to have the World Wonder they were backing reach level 100 just 18 hours before the other side would have. This was after every major army had bit the dust. It was amazing to watch a finish so close. And both sides were filled with great players and had very intelligent leaders.

myrcat: Do you have plans for doing more with other domains or will you stick mainly to .com?

Randomgeek: I definitely would like to do more when it comes to covering them. Whether or not I’ll be able to get to so depends on how much time I have. I don’t want to get burnt out by trying to do too much. I’ve tried to get other people to write about other servers like the Australian, UK, and India ones, but that’s sort of fizzled out. When I have some free time in the future I’m going to try to figure out a new system to get more coverage of the other English-language servers on my site. 

myrcat: How many servers have you documented so far?

Randomgeek: So far I’ve added 4 servers to my site’s “Travian Hall of Champions”, 8 regular servers and 2 speed servers. 

myrcat: Is this your first website or do you have experience with making them?

Randomgeek: I had minimal experience with having my own website before starting Travian Champions, but I still knew enough that I wasn’t a complete rookie at it. Since starting Travian Champions I’ve learned a lot and I’m looking forward to picking up new skills as time goes on. 

Travian Champions Interviews Trevrep (Deafbat & Tots)

Trevrep was the #1 attacker and raider on 09-10, with an amazing kill total of 2,320,007. He was a member of the winning Meta-Alliance, MDA, and was a huge contributor to their winning efforts. I sent a series of questions to the two players who played on the Trevrep account, Deafbat and Tots, asking them the story behind how they became one of the mightiest attackers ever in Travian.   


Trevrep blew away the competition on 09-10


Randomgeek: How long have each of you been playing Travian?     

Deafbat (Trevrep): I’ve been playing Travian since the beginning of 2007 when Travian was firstly introduced in my country (Czech Republic). I played one Czech server and then moved to .com servers.        

Tots (Trevrep): I started playing 2008-09 with MDS as romans.. got bored raiding in end game,
so I decided registering server 8 and play as teutons for 2-3 weeks practice
with the help of Tarkelic on how to raid and quit then move again to (Trevrep) in restart.        


How did you end up dualing together on Server 2?     

Deafbat (Trevrep):  We firstly met at the very beginning of the in April 2008 when we were both one of the founding members of the MDS alliance. We were leaders of one wing where we had to work close together and we both played quite active solo accounts with more or less similar play style. Additionally, since we fit each other with different time zones and we share a specific sense of humour we agreed to joined the next S2 as duals.        


At the start of Server 2, were you intentionally trying to be the #1 attacker? Or did it just kind of happen?     

Deafbat (Trevrep):  Since it was the first time playing as Teutons for both of us we wanted to build an offensive account, doing a lot of killing and raiding to have a good fun. Our wish was to reach 1 Million off points and beat the No.1 attacker from the last S2. I believe we both hoped it would be enough for No.1 attacker and as the server progressed we only aimed for more off points, setting the bar higher to 1.5 Million off points first and then to 2 Million.        


Which alliances did you get most of your kills from?     

Deafbat (Trevrep):  I think it would be a split between PAN and Extreme – our cross quadrant enemies, maybe we got slightly more kills from PAN.        


What are some tactics you used to be such an effective attacker?     

Deafbat (Trevrep):  The only thing we care about are troops. We finished building our account after 6 months when we reached all level 19 fields in our capital and had over 20 villages. Since that time, 95% of our resources income was spent on troops. We used the concept of one main hammer + at least one or two 30k – 50k side armies (only one side army later on when the main hammer reached 250k – 300k). This way we could farm and kill simultaneously. The combination of having one “monster” army + side armies + Unique titan boots was the key.        


The Unique Titan's Boots Artifact tripled the speed of Trevrep's massive armies


Did you build many defensive troops yourself or were you just concentrating on offense all the time?     

Deafbat (Trevrep):  With the exception of early game, we focused only on building offensive troops. We had a strong close-by defensive support from our alliance.        


What are both of you planning to do for your next Travian server?     

Deafbat (Trevrep):  We’d like to do the same, however, not to this extent. We’d like to take it more in an easy and relaxing way, do some raiding here and there, kill a few capitals, steal some artefacts and have a good fun. No “stress” this time.        


What advice would you have for an intermediate player who has a good grip on the basics of Travian but wants to take their game to a higher level and be as good as you and your alliance (MDA)?   
Deafbat (Trevrep):  It’s very hard to give a general advice. Every server is different and you have to adjust your playstyle and tactics to various circumstances. As long as you have quality players on board, you need them to build a good friendship, get to know each other, talk on forums, Skype etc. even about Travian non-related issues so that MMs are not “orders” from some “foreigner” but a call for help from your buddy.     


Trevrep's Medal Collection


The next Server 2 which you’ll be playing on will use Travian 3.6, which includes the feature that allows players to spend gold in order to have their troops automatically dodge incoming attacks. What’s your opinion on the “auto dodge”?       

Deafbat (Trevrep):  I generally dislike features which makes the game more automatic. Auto dodge is like a bot but this way it is allowed since it’s paid with GOLD. Catching offensive armies at home was an interesting part of the game and its tactics, especially now with speed artefacts. It is also another feature which makes the Gauls tribe weaker (again) since the concept of TT “ghost hammers” won’t be effective anymore with auto dodge.        


What other games do you like to play besides Travian?        

Deafbat (Trevrep):  I usually split my time between Travian and Gomoku & Renju which are Japanese board games.        


Trevrep's Hero saw many battles and thus reached level 205


150,000 Hits!

Things have been really hectic for me on Server 9 right now, so it’s been hard to update this site over the past few days, but I’m going to try to get some time set aside today to work on some important stories.

I also wanted to thank all the readers of this site, because it just reached another milestone: 150,000 hits! I really think Travian Champions has come a long way and I’m now I’m averaging about 700 hits a day, and the best is yet to come! Once server 9 ends I’ll have a lot of free time cleared up, and I’ve got some great plans for the site once that happens.

But I’ve also got some big posts I’m working on in the meantime! Expect to see a recap of the latest crewchat and my interview with Trevrep, the #1 attacker from from sometime during the next 24 hours, and more info about the 10X Speed Server sometime later this week. And of course, more on the endgame. It’s tough finding the time while I’m also playing Travian, but somehow I’ll get it all done (or go crazy trying).

This is a little bit dated, but I recently found out that a story that I submitted to was published on it (it’s a story about that Rally Point Restriction being removed from I wrote it back in March). You can check out the story on BBGsite here:,1.shtml

BBGsite is a website dedicated to Browser Based Games like Travian, and it has news about new games and developments in the Browser Game industry, reviews of Browser Based Games, its own forums, and its own blogs section.

Since my blog has been pretty succesful so far, I’ve been looking for ways to expand my writing about Travian and also other Browser Games, so writing for a site like BGGsite seemed like a logical next step. Having my own blog is great and all, but I also want my writing to reach a wider audience.

This first submission was a learning experience, and I’m not 100% happy with how it turned out (the links in it don’t work and there are a few glaring typos). But it’s definitely something I’ll be continuing to do in the future. I’ll let you know when my next story submission for BBGsite gets published. I’m mainly going to be writing about Travian, but I might also do stories and review for other games as well.

Also, if you’re into Twitter, I highly recommend following BBGsite’s Twitter feed: