Travian on Twitter: Weekly Top 5

Travian Champions once again presents the best Travian related messages posted on Twitter. Normally I do this once a week, but because I wasn’t able to while I was on vacation, this post is a little late. Next week I should be back on the regular schedule.


– StampedeXV is talking about the big player event they had in Germany. I would have liked to have gone, but it was too far away. Several people who did go posted about it in this thread, but so far no one has posted any pics.

– Here’s the link to the video that Hostonnet is talking about: Gotta love the creepy robo-voice in it.

– Kirstensays is a writer for Attack of the Show. If you don’t know what Attack of the Show is, here’s good example. Just thought that it was cool that she also plays Travian.

– Ajan2008: I know a lot of people who spend every week like that…

– TheRandomV: In Travian, you can be a politican/diplomat! But it won’t translate to real life very well.

One Response

  1. haha great idea, travian is a great game !! I play it all the time.

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