S8.com: The 13th Wonder

This is a follow-up to my first post about the S8.com endgame.

First I’d like to post an updated map, with thanks to Reflex from LEGO for making it! This looks so good that I think I’ll try to make a map like this for every endgame I cover. And since a lot of what I’m writing today has to do with the location of one of the World Wonder villages, let’s take a look at it right now:

WW location Map 2.0

(Aside: I should take this time to mention that the person who made the map, known as Reflex on the Server 8 forums, is CartesianCo, one of the World Wonder holders. So all you cartographers out there, you know which World Wonder to cheer for!)  

One of the interesting stories about this server and its Endgame is the World Wonder in the far Northeast that was taken by Dyktator from PTT. It was the 13th and final World Wonder village to be conquered after the Natars appeared.

The dominant NE alliance, Silent But Deadly, could have taken this World Wonder if they chose to, but they decided against it. The reasons for this are a little complex, but a leader in one of the NE alliances told me that SBD felt it was best to pool all of their resources into supporting one World Wonder, because the Northeastern alliances have been fighting amongst each other for the majority of the server. This way they’re all united as one.

It’s not often that you see an meta-alliance that is capable of conquering multiple World Wonders settle for only one. Typically if a meta-alliance only gets one World Wonder, they’re far back from the other alliances in terms of size and strength. That doesn’t seem to be the case here, as SBD includes the top two alliances in the game and many other powerful wings. Expect them to have no trouble grabbing a set of construction plans, and they should have an amazing defense if they get a good effort from their players. But with only one world Wonder, it gives them no room for error, and any successful attacks on it will be a huge setback.

The player who conquered the World Wonder, Dyktator, is from PTT_NE, an alliance that gives PTT a powerful presence in the NE quadrant of the map. (You can see some of their cities on the map I posted in my previous update). It’s a good thing for PTT that they set up that alliance, because otherwise they might not have been able to pull this off. But will PTT_NE, which is ranked as the #33 alliance overall, be able to keep a World Wonder supplied and defended when they’re so far away from the rest of their meta-alliance?

One thing’s for sure, they’re off to a decent start when it comes to building the World Wonder village up, because despite being the last World Wonder village to be conquered, it currently has the highest population out of any of them.

WW population Aug 22

Thanks again to Reflex for making this great table. Be sure to visit the thread he made on the Server 8 forums to see updates to the World Wonder standings and the World Wonder village populations.

And even more awesome, he’s made an account at Photobucket.com where he’s keeping all of the maps, screenshots, and standings from the endgame. Anyone can access the account in read-only mode to take a look at all the photos so far. Here’s the link to the account:


The password for the account is ilovereflex.

Part of the reason that Dyktator is able to build his population so quickly is because he’s a Roman and can therefore construct a building and a resource field at the same time.

Arnold from LEGO and Obor from Apeiron are also Romans, and all the other World Wonder players are Teutons (sorry Gauls, no World Wonder for you!)

Now that I’ve looked at the highest population World Wonder, in my next S8.com endgame post I’ll tell you all about the lowest population World Wonder, held by Obor from Apeiron ( I was going to include it in this post but I’m pressed for time right now and I’m already at 700 words. And it deserves its own story because it’s quite an incredible series of events).


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    You definitely have some pretty cool pictures! 🙂

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