New Features on Travian Servers

Travian Servers will have 3 new features starting today. An official announcement was made on the forums here. 

The 3 new features are:

  1. Players can use BBCode in In-game messages
  2. Players can set restrictions on what their sitters can and can’t do
  3. Players can share battle reports with other players on the same sever

To be honest, I don’t quite understand the sharing battle reports feature. Can’t we already do that? I don’t quite get what this is improving. We’ll still need to go to an external site if we want to show the battle report to players who aren’t on the server or save it after the server ends.

I’m happy about the BBCode feature for In-game messages, that should make them more interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing some alliance getting creative with using it. Here’s just a quick example of what you can do:

The word “Randomgeek” is a functional link, you will get taken to my player profile if you click on it.

Just imagine if an alliance wants to send out a mass message to attack or defend or send resources to another player – now you can put the name of the player, or even the coordinates of a village, directly in the message as a clickable link! You can also put the link to an alliance profile in the message, and the link to a battle report.

All this plus smileys too!

For an example of everything you can now put into a message, check out this post on the Travian forums:

You can also now set sitter restrictions. Now you can give your sitters the ability to spend your gold! Be sure you trust them first before you do this though – if you don’t like how they spend it, you can’t get your gold back!

You can also take away a sitter’s ability to send raids, to send resources, and to send reinforcements. So if you just want your sitter to focus on building troops and infrastructure, but not have the ability to use your valuable resources, you can limit what they can do however you like. Here’s what the checklist will look like (note that letting them spend gold is checked by default, so be careful to change that if you don’t want your sitters touching your gold).


4 Responses

  1. Sitters still can’t send normal attacks I see.

    Great to see that you can set things up so your sitters can spend more gold for you (and thus spend more money for you), but the ONE thing you really need to be able to get your sitter to do for you is still off limits.

    God forbid you should need your sitter to move an artefact or set of plans for you, or launch your hammer at a target for you at the same time as your allies (and your launch time just so happens to be at 3 in the morning).

    • I can agree with you that I’m not thrilled about letting sitters spend gold. I think that I will always keep that option off myself.

      But I can understand why they don’t let sitters send regular attacks – they have to keep some difference between being a sitter and being a regular player on the account, otherwise there’s no difference between being a sitter and having 2 (or 3) accounts.

  2. The share reports options I believe is so that other alliances can see your report. Normaly you can only share the report with people that are in your alliance, or sit with a player from your alliance. This should allow you to share it with other alliances, if I read it correctly. If you go up to a certain point of copy the link, but leave off after * it will be like normal, only for your alliance to access, but copy all of it and everyone will be able to see the reports. I think that is what it is. Will check it on S9 since they upgraded it there, but will have to find someone to help me test it first.

  3. […] servers, Travian, Travian News Tagged: BBCode, browser game, games, Online Games, Travian Travian Champions Tags: Features, Servers, Travian This entry was posted on Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 at 11:10 […]

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