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I don’t think I’ll be able to top Neo’s victory speech, but there are a few more observations I’d like to make regarding before we close the history books.

– Let’s start off with a question asked by someone who was reading the Hall of Champions Entry:

Ciryan:Has there ever been 1 alliance that owned all the WW’s in the end, before?  or is it a first?  just curious

As far as I knew, no previous alliance has pulled off what U-EnD did on, but I went and asked someone with more knowledge of the history of Travian than myself, the head moderator of the forums, Blackpaladin:

Randomgeek:I know you’ve been a following Travian a lot longer than I have, so maybe you could help answer this question for Travian Champions. I just did the Hall of Champions entry for the last on my website, and the alliance U-EnD finished the game holding all 13 World Wonders. Do you know if any alliance has ever done this before on a .com Server, or any server for that matter?

Blackpaladin:I do not know of any other server that did that on .com. I’m not sure about other domains though. I know my friend said in one Indonesian server they let the enemy have a few WW’s just to not make the game too boring, so I don’t believe they had all 13. But for .com I’m pretty sure this is a first. 🙂


So by all accounts then, what we saw U-EnD accomplish on S5 was something that has never been done before – and probably won’t be done again in a long time. And it should also be noted that their opponents didn’t just roll over and die and let this happen. U-EnD faced decent competition and owning the server like they did took a lot of hard work and strategy.

– I mentioned in my wrap-up that one of the 3 World Wonders that got chiefed and then added to U-EnD was taken by a player from Tygers, which was opposed to U-EnD, much to my surprise. It turns out that this player, Ecnats, was planted to be spy for Neo ever since the beginning of the game. I asked Ecnats for more details about this and here’s what he said:

Ecnats: I am part of the Revelation High Council (Neo mentions me in his interview as one of those that moved from last s5) (Randomgeek: His name on the previous round was Stance, look for it in Neo’s interview.)

Before the new server 5 started, some of us agreed to set up as spies. It is very difficult to detect a spy if they have been planted from the beginning of the server, that was my chosen role this time.

My in game name (Stance backwards) – was a little silly really, as it meant that I could be discovered at any time.

Anyway, about 1 week before the server ended, I asked for an invite to (Rev), Tyger had a spy in (Rev) and saw that an invite had been extended to me, revealed this to Tyger leadership and I was kicked.

The initial idea was for Neo to take the 3 TWP WWs, but there simply wasn’t enough time to co-ordinate it all, so we just had to settle for taking the WWs away from the enemy.

Ecnats/Stance also sent me the battle reports for the Chiefing of MisstressD’s wonder, which I’d like to link to because it’s a great example of high-level play in action. I’ve included his descriptions of what each attack’s goal was. Be sure to note the timing of the attacks.

Ecnats: 15:20:18 The attack that finally cleared the remaining defense;…p?id=59ffe9d0d

15:20:18 The catapulting of the WW and residence (thanks to xtilkx (Trinex) )…p?id=ed6aaf9e9

15:20:19 Small secondary sweeper (in case of 1 sec insert)…p?id=72fae64ae

15:20:19 Conquering…p?id=f28293ee3


– The identity of the Hidden Leader of the NW-Meta and TWP was Nosral from the alliance NWGRID-F. While his side was servery outgunned, he deserves some credit for uniting the opposition against U-EnD and turning the Endgame into 9 vs.3 instead of 9 vs. 1 vs. 1. vs. 1. Most impressively, he told me about the Nato/U.A conflict before it happened, and predicted BobKu’s World Wonder as the one to watch before it took the lead. He didn’t expect the U-EnD side to be so good at taking out TWP’s Hammers, otherwise they would have been able to do more damage to U-EnD before the game ended.

– Many players who I talked to on the TWP side or who posted on the forums thought that Neo’s World Wonder was the one that was going to win. When U-EnD members would say that it was a “dummy” that just made them believe it even more. They thought there was no way that Neo would be happy with anything but the winning World Wonder, and that there was a masterplan for it to happen, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Even when other World Wonders were at lv.90 and Neo’s was still at around lv.50, many of them still clung to this belief. It just goes to show how paranoid they were about Neo, and how much scheming they thought he was capable of. Here’s a perfect example from an in-game message I got:

Nosral: For all of the planning that has been going on, and for all of his time, do you really think not having the winning WW will be acceptable?

We all know now that yes, it was.

– Charlie Pepper from the forums was actually Console from Tyrannus. Why did he create such a ridiculous character and pretend to be from Vietnam? Just for the LOLz:

Console:  It was all made up. I am from the U.S.. Aim let the cat out of the bag with his post earlier today. I hope none of the TVN guys are angry with us. I really thought they had a clear shot to win. We were 99% sure that there were no more large armies out there that would want to hit any of our ww’s. They would have won if it were not for the mistake of a sitter, giving someone his pw. It’s ok. Our win is their win.

Here’s some of Charlie Pepper’s best moments:

– Let me give you hint who will win ww race. We will win. UA with help of Nato and other friend from server. Our ww cannot be stop. Has been nice game. You people talk too much while play game too less. We claim victory for player from alliance and victory for many player in Vietnam! Been nice game. Maybe you people do better next round.  🙂

Here is link. You people who need to work on Travian skill should look here. It take many thing to win ww race and entire server…eature=related

– Charlie Pepper best player of this s5.

  Since nobody nominate me I will nominate self. Charlie Pepper do many fighting and have to put up with cyber attack in real life form guy who is from same team as him while manage restaurant, send crop to ww, and and keep eveyone in forum aware of who win.


 I’d post more but I don’t want to encourage this type of thing any more than I already have.

– Neo has also posted his victory speech in the forums here:

It’s been fun and memorable to do all the coverage I did for Look for the beginning of the coverage later today!


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  1. Ciryan:Has there ever been 1 alliance that owned all the WW’s in the end, before? or is it a first? just curious.

    I think the most I’ve seen is 5, on the italian servers.

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