S5.com 08-09 (Travian 3.0)


Winning Player: Aim (U-EnD)


Top Attacker: Ayvengo (Vikings) (1,038,656 kills)

Top Defender: MistressD (TWP) (4,511,068 kills)

Largest Player: lolek&bolek (nOOb) (Population: 48,000, Cities: 49)


Winning Alliances 


U.A ~U.A~ *U.A* -U.A- #U.A#

(Abbreviations: U-EnD = United End of Days, AsC = Ascension, ArM = Armageddon, RaG = Ragnarök, ReV = Revelation, ReM-TVN = Team Vietnam, FSCE = Forces Spéciales des Combats Extremes, U.A = United Alliance)

Final Standings

S5 WW Final


Start Date: Sep 5th, 2008 / End Date: Aug 13th, 2009 / Duration: 342 days

– This was the last Server 5 to be played with 3.0 rules.

– The winning meta-alliance, U-EnD, was a combination of United Alliance and Revelation, which included AsC, ReV, ArM, etc. (also referred to as “Neo’s Meta” and “The Satan Meta”). 

– U-EnD was completely dominate over their opposition, and finished the game holding all 13 World Wonder villages. They took 10 World Wonder villages at the start of the endgame, and used their big armies to take the remaining 3 just before the end.

– U-EnD’s opposition during the Endgame mainly consisted of TWP (Travian World Players), which included several Metas such as NW-Meta, EG-Rebel, Tygers, and Matrix (and was later assisted by Nato after their peace deal with U.A ended).

– The number of alliances in U-EnD was quite a few less than the amount in a typical winning Meta in Travian 3.0, making their complete dominance even more impressive. They were able to take out all serious threats to them before the Endgame started.

– The leader of the Revelation meta-alliance, and later U-EnD, was Neo, who many players credited as being a very good leader with great diplomatic skills that made and held together the winning alliance. He focused on just leading, and did not raid or attack a single player for the entire game.

– BobKu104’s World Wonder was in the lead at Lv.93 when his account was banned. It remained banned for the rest of the game (about 6 days). The reason for the ban was believed to be illegal logins by other players who had his password. If he had not have been banned, his World Wonder would have been the winner.

Endgame Coverage

A Video of U-EnD’s Victory

Pictures from S5.com

An interview with Neo, the leader of U-EnD

Neo’s victory speech


6 Responses

  1. Thank you for the post, and very interesting information.. I haven’t seen a server be completely one-sided like that before.

  2. Has there ever been 1 alliance that owned all the WW’s in the end, before? or is it a first? just curious

  3. I deleted one of the notes, someone wrote in and pointed out that it was poorly worded. It was basically saying the same thing as another note, so I thought it best to just get rid of it.

  4. It’s laborious to find knowledgeable people on this matter, but you sound like you understand what you’re speaking about! Thanks

  5. Too bad they didn’t mention I.B. (Irrational Bastards) – this was an elite group that turned on the Uber Metta that Neo put together…..this was a snoozefest of an endgame, which is why IB dropped the unwritten NAP and chose to go out swinging (weather it was whisper in the wind or not….is irrelevant).

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