S3.au WW Race Underway

Hey, I’m Ogg or Oggles and I’m taking up the role of the Australian/New Zealand correspondent for Travian Champions. Randomgeek said a bit about me earlier in the week and I’ll say a bit more now. I’m a New Zealander and I’ve been playing travian for quite a number of years now. As Randomgeek said earlier I’m a big poster on the AU/NZ forums and I’m the no1 attacker on au2. Some of you will probably already know me especially if you’ve given the au servers visit or were around on com a few years back. If you want to know a bit more about me just add me on skype (oggothus). I’m currently following the au3 endgame and I will be posting some info on last Aux which I played an active role in.

Well a few days ago the Natar’s spawned on the 3rd Australian/New Zealand server au3 after just over 300 days of game time. Note that au3 started as T3 and was upgraded to T3.5 shortly before mid game. FnP were quick off the mark taking 6 WWs in the first day (Cenacad taking 2 of them). Live and °I° also managed to take one in the first few hours.

World Wonder Standings after 24hrs

4 Days later Clarus and Al-caholic both from FnP take a WW as well as Learch and mirson from Insomnia. Although Al-caholic’s WW is 0 popped soon afterwards taking it out of the race for the next wee while. We also see Cenacad leave FnP after a brief 2 day stay and return to his original alliance ~E~. The only WW still unclaimed at -145|200 will probably stay that way as it is isolated from the rest of the server. The current totals are FnP with 6 WWs, Insomnia(°I°) with 3 WWs, ~E~ with 2 WWs and Live with 1. Although I wouldn’t be surprised of more WWs change hands before building plans are released. (This info may be a wee bit out of date as I have not gained access to an au3 account yet ;))

Current World Wonder Standings

(39 | -54) WW Village 208   (c.t. Cenacad) Fri 20/11/09
(6 | -8) WW Village 208   (c.t. Cenacad) Fri 20/11/09
(-160 | 33) WW Village 208   (c.t. Raven Master) Fri 20/11/09
(52 | 42) WW Village 208   (c.t. Ceres) Fri 20/11/09
(124 | -206) WW Village 208   (c.t. Pandora) Sat 21/11/09
(-55 | -151) WW Village 208   (c.t. Flash) Sat 21/11/09
(-53 | -40) WW Village 208   (c.t. sloth2) Sat 21/11/09
(-37 | 57) WW Village 208   (c.t. Kapow) Sat 21/11/09
(199 | 134) WW Village 208   (c.t. Learch) Sat 21/11/09
(50 | 153) WW Village 208   (c.t. theanhphan) Sat 21/11/09
(164 | -20) WW Village 0   (c.t. Al-caholic) Sun 22/11/09
(-210 | -122) WW Village 208   (c.t. Clarus) Sun 22/11/09

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Player statistics