Travian Champions Best of 2009 Awards – Part 2

Alliance of the Year (Single Alliance)

Loner (

In every game of Travian, there are alliances that try to stand alone, to see how far they can make it without becoming an official wing of a larger group. There’s often talk on the forums or in game from alliances and players who want to remain independent from a bigger group to see how much they can achieve on their own. It always tickles ones imagination to see how large of an effect a single group of 60 players can have on the outcome of the game.

When you stop to think that Loner only had a third of that number of players, you realize that they raised the bar for everyone.

Loner from Server 3 (the Classic server) was only 21 players for most of its existence. If this group of 21 players wasn’t able to stay together and fight in the face of overwhelming odds, their side would not have been the victors. Loner seized one World Wonder, which turned out to be the winning one thanks to their hard work and never-say-die spirit. As a group of only 21 players, Loner was assumed to have almost no chance of being the winners by their opponents in the ART alliance, or almost anyone in their own Meta alliance, WAR-FWH.

Loner was formed when a meta-alliance named Elements broke up partway through Server 3. Elements had been allies with the Rangers Meta-alliance, but they ended up at war with one another, and most players from the Elements alliance either deleted or joined Rangers. Loner managed to stay on good terms with the other dominate Meta-alliances, ATCK and WAR-FWH. When Rangers joined with ATCK to become ART, Loner hooked up with WAR-FWH during the endgame, but were left mainly to their own devices and had to conquer, build, and defend their World Wonder by themselves for most of the endgame, until the unlikely scenario of Loner’s World Wonder being the winner came to light as the two evenly matched sides of WAR and ART fought each other to a stalemate.

No one would face the odds that Loner did by choice. Few would last until the end of the server, and most alliances in a similar situation would have broken up (I can say this from my own personal experience). And they just didn’t try to fly under the radar either. They finished the server ranked as the #1 Attackers and the #4 defenders out of all the alliances on the server. (NOTE: The largest player on the Server joined Loner when there was less than a week left as a sign of respect. I’m not sure if this would affect their overall standings, but if it did, they would still have finished somewhere in the top 3 Attackers and the top 6 defenders. Amazing for a group of only 21 players no matter how you look at it.)

Honourable Mentions

There are amazing single wing alliances in every round of Travian, and I can think of a number from Server 1, Server 4, and Server 8. If you played on those servers, you know who they are. But this was by far the easiest award to decide, no one even comes close to matching Loner’s amazing accomplishment on

If Server 7 were eligible for these awards, then the alliance PS would surely be up for consideration, but as that endgame hasn’t ended yet they will instead be eligible for the 2010 awards. PS, with only one wing, grabbed the best artifacts in the Southwest, went to war with the dominate Meta-alliance in the Southwest, and managed to beat them despite being seriously outnumbered. Their skills are as close to legendary as you can get, and if one of the 2 World Wonders that they hold manages to be the winner on, it will be difficult for any other single wing alliance to top their feats this year. I will definitely remember them when this award is decided for 2010!

Coming up next: The award for the Most Exciting Endgame of 2009!

Still to come: The awards for Runners-up of the Year, Attacker of the Year, Defender of the Year, and Biggest Player of the Year


Travian Champions Best of 2009 Awards – part 1

I wanted to post these a few days ago, but things got really busy for me so I wasn’t able to until now.

Still, better late than never, and I want to make this into an annual tradition.

I’m going to be announcing award winners for the following, selecting the best of Travian in 2009. The award categories are:

-Best Alliance (Meta-alliance)

-Best Alliance (Single)

-Most Exciting Endgame (awarded to all players who competed, not just the winners)

-Best Runners-Up (For the best alliance that didn’t win a server but were very impressive in their efforts)

– Attacker of the Year (Strictly based on number of kills)

– Defender of the Year (Strictly based on number on kills)

– Largest Player of the Year (Strictly based on number of cities/population at the end of the server)

Before I announce my picks for the awards, let me explain the criteria that I’m following. As is widely regarded as the domain with the highest overall skill level of play, I’m only selecting alliances and events from those servers to be eligible. That’s not to say there aren’t great players on other Travian domains like or, but the competition that players face on those servers just isn’t as tough as that on

Only Servers that ended in 2009 are eligible. All currently active servers will be eligible for the 2010 awards. I apologize to players on which will be ending shortly, but it’s not fair to include servers that aren’t over yet in the running. You never know what’s going to happen.

I also want to state that this year’s selections are a little bit incomplete, because I only really started tracking things with, which ended in June. But with that being said, the winners in each of the categories where I make the selection are so unique that I’m reasonably sure that they would have won anyway if the whole year had been considered. But there definitely would have been some additional honorable mentions if I had been following things the whole year.

For the awards that are strictly based on numbers, the entire year was looked at.

As this is the first year I’m doing this, it will undoubtedly be a little rough around the edges, so bear with me. As I said, I hope to make this into an annual event where the best of the best from Travian can be honored. I’m sure the 2010 year end awards will be a marked improvement over this.

Without any further Adieu, let me present the first winner.

Alliance of the Year (Meta-Alliance):

U-EnD (winners of

Every game of Travian has great players and great alliances, but only a few can be considered the most dominant Alliance of all time. U-EnD is certainly the most dominate alliance seen since the start of Travian Champions, and I think they will be the alliance that every other great alliance is compared to going forward. Already, I’ve seen them talked about on the various Travian message boards around the world. The expression “our alliance is going to be the next U-EnD” has been used several times by boisterous alliances at the start of several endgames. But I don’t think we’ll see another U-EnD in a long time.

U-EnD was the first alliance ever (as far as we know) to hold all 13 World Wonders at the end of the game. But inevitably, there are some people who look at this accomplishment and assume they got it the easy way. They assume that they allied the entire server, or that they didn’t have any quality competition. Those people are wrong. Let me state, once and for all, they earned it the hard way. They were smaller in size than most of the other winning Meta Alliances. They were outnumbered in total number of players by their competition throughout the server, including during the endgame. They faced good competition from other players and alliances throughout the server but were able to take them apart by out strategizing and outplaying them. There was nothing easy or lazy about U-EnD’s win, and they were tracking down their opponents big armies and assaulting the other side’s key players up until the final days of the server.

Honourable Mentions

If it wasn’t for U-End, there definitely would have been a lot of alliances in the running for Best Alliance of 2009.

Ap.PTT from Server 8 won a close Endgame that had a lot of twists and turns, and I believe it was the longest Endgame of the year. They were the favourites going into the Endgame, but they earned their way there and they had to be extremely well-organized to take on everything SBD and LEGO could throw at them. In an Endgame that kept you guessing, you have to give them a lot of credit for their ability to keep a level head and handle everything in a calm, disciplined matter. Looking back on that server now and comparing it to others from 2009, I think Ap.PTT was the Meta-alliance that had the best mental strength.

The winning Meta Alliance from Server 4, which included Love Machine, Legion, WAR, and X, was also impressively dominant over a decently organized foe, but it was clear that they were the much better team. They were well organized and had some of the best attackers and one of the best defended World Wonders of the year. There was some disputes over their size – LM and Legion dominated each dominated a Southern Quadrant, and WAR took up a huge chunk of the Northeast, but you still have to give them credit for their organization, discipline, and how well they played. Setting aside their size advantage, their skills alone of are enough to make them one of the best.

Both of the above alliances would surely have given U-EnD a run for its money if they had been paired against one another. And there are few alliances you can say that about.

I’ll be talking more about the winners of Server 3 in my next post (not to spoil the winners of the next award or anything…) but WAR-FWH deserves an honorable mention as well, and you’ll get to read all about why once my next post is finished.

PFF&TLL, the winners of the most recently finished Speed Server, were also top notch and really played great.

Next: The award for Best Alliance (Single) and the Most Exciting Endgame of 2009!