Website Status Update & A Request for Help

Hello readers. The wrapping up of Server 5 has been going slower than I would like, but I’m hoping to have a lot more done by the end of the day.

The “Server 5 in Pictures” post has been postponed because I’m waiting for more information. But trust me, it will definitely be worth the wait… I’m very excited about it!

The actual U-EnD induction should be up later today, barring any schedule disasters.

This will be the first Hall of Champions page to have the start date, end date, and running time of the server listed in it. I think that information is something a lot of curios Travian fans will like to know for each finished server, so they can compare which servers ended fast and which ones dragged on into an epic war.

I’d like to be able to add this information to my previous Hall of Champions inductions for 08-09 and 08-09.I know there’s a site out there that gives you the start date and end date of every server ever  – it also shows all the final player/alliance rankings too (or the current ones if the server isn’t over yet). I can’t seem to find it on Google right now (should have bookmarked it when I was there the first time!) , so if anyone can help me out by giving me the link to it, it would be much appreciated!


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