S4.com 08-09 (Travian 3.0)



Winning Player: Say_LikeThis (Meta WW)


Top Attacker: C0unse1 (NC-N.O)

Top Defender: Say_LikeThis (Meta WW)

Largest Player: NeCroPlilia (LM-A)

Winning Alliances 

Meta WW 

LM-A Legion-A War Lord Legion-D Legion-F
War Leg LM-O LM-S -X- WarChaos
LM-N Legion-E War MG War RO Legion-S
LM-W WARTHOG Legion-J Legion-A+ -XII-
Legion-1 LM-P LegionA++ -XIV- -XV-
WR-2 W°GEN§ WARHorde -XIII- Leg-AHrd
Legion-B Legion-M Leg-RK -XIX- -XVI-
Legion-X LM-Gb Legion-K Legion-Q -XX-
W°GEN® LM-Ac -XCI- W°GEN™ LegionE*
Legion-G LM-N2 -XXI- WarSong  


(Abbreviations: LM = Love Machine, RO = Romania, WR2 = War RO 2,

W°Gen = War Genesis)

Final Standings

Server 4 08-09 Final Results


Server 4 08-09 Final Results


– Running Time: May 31 2008 – May 31 2009 (365 days)

-This was the last Server 4 to be played with 3.0 rules

-Meta WW had the top 5 World Wonder rankings at the end of the server

-4 different “Meta Alliances” came together in the winning coalation. They were LM (Love Machine), War, Legion, and -X-

-Say_LikeThis’s WW plan was stolen by the alliance IYI just days before the end of the game, when his World Wonder was on level 97. A player from LM-S transfered him a backup set of plans before the other side could destroy his remaining villages. He only had 3 villages left at the end of the game.

Click here to view an image of the biggest armies of LM and War Lord


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