Travian News

Here are some updates about Travian, and about this site…

– The endgame of the speed server is about to begin. This will be the first Travian 3.5 Speed Server that will be inducted into the Hall of Champions on this site. Here’s the announcement.

– The endgame announcement for server 6 has also come, and the Natars will start showing up on September 25th. This will be the last-ever Travian 3.0 game on Stay tuned to this site for endgame coverage and the eventual induction of the winners into the Hall of Champions

– The artifacts are about to be released on Server 2 of, this will be the 3rd server to have artifacts, after S1 and S7. The announcement is here.

– Moving to the US Servers, Server 6 of will be starting as Travian 3.5 on September 23rd. Here’s the announcement.

– The latest Speed Server for the Australian Travian servers has just started on Sept 2nd. Here’s the announcement of it. I know there’s a lot of people out there who love Speed Servers, so consider giving this one a shot if you can’t wait for’s Speed Server to end.

– They’ve also announced that Server 2 of will be starting on September 18th, just two days from now.

– Server 2 of has just started a new game on September 11th. Sadly, their twitter account didn’t even mention it, I think they’ve stopped updating it. Maybe they’re too busy on Facebook now.

– The UK Travian forums have made an archive for all the old embassy forums from previous servers. Now people can read through the forum postings for old servers (you can’t post in them though, they’re read only). This will let people look back at what was posted on the forums for previous rounds, and it means that the discussions from those servers will no longer be deleted. Click here to see them.

Speaking about the UK Travian forums, they’re also counting down to “Talk Like a Pirate Day” in this thread. Only two more days to go! Have I mentioned how much I love the UK forums? I really need to visit that place more often. Click here for more information on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

– I’ve added an RSS subscription link to the right-hand column of the site. Now you can subscribe to this site’s Blog updates as an RSS feed. If you’ve never used RSS feeds before, try giving it a shot, it’s a handy way to stay up to date on what’s new on this site.