The Next Big Browser Based Game: Kung Fu Panda?

Yes, you read that correctly. You can now join the Beta Test for Kung Fu Panda Online.

Read more about it here:,1.shtml

Well, it would sure be a complete change of pace from Travian.

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Just about 7 or 8 hours ago, MDA put this one to rest with the finish that everyone was expecting:

While there were few surprises in this endgame, it was an entertaining show nonetheless. MDA manged to put on a highlight reel worthy performance, when they could have just coasted instead. And the other alliances – Panexus, PM, etc., all had a lot of personality and stayed active enough to keep me covering this until the very end. Congratulations to everyone who made it to the end of the server! In Travian, that is never ever an insignificant accomplishment.

MDA made a funny youtube video of their struggle to victory. The historical accuracy of events in this depiction might be a little spotty, however:

Look for the Hall of Fame Induction for sometime in the next few days, and I’m also going to be doing some more posts to help wrap up the server, such as:

  • An in-depth post on the #1 attacker, the amazing Trevap
  • A look back on MDA’s path to victory
  • A post about Project Mayhem and the effect they had on the server
  • Player reaction to MDA and their accomplishments
  • A victory speech from the leaders of MDA
  • and a few other miscellaneous posts as well! The Biggest Armies in action during Endgame

Here’s the current standings. Barring a radical turn of events, the next time I post them the game will be done:


This will probably be my last post before Server 2 ends (unless I  can sneak in a quick one later tonight), so before this game ends, I thought I should post the biggest armies that were used by MDA, and talk about them a little bit:


Godpseed was one of MDA’s leaders, but as you can see here, he did a lot more than give other people orders and post silly pictures on the forums (and let me tell you, he does that a lot!). Godspeed is ranked as the 24th best attacker on the server. This attack shows him laying waste to Stypa’s World Wonder with a very impressive army – he used the Unique Troop Training Artifact to good effect, didn’t he? Also, I think Stypa’s World Wonder might go down in history as one of the most beat-up World Wonder in Travian.

Godspeed’s In Game Profile shows that he was one of MDA’s lead attack planners – and on it he admits that it’s not exactly the toughest job in the world:

DA Lead Battle Planner

MDA Lead Battle Planner for SW land.

(It’s easy.. when you have a team like MDA..)

He also congratulates his team and give some respect to his opposition:

All of the MDA SE land Leadership



All members of MDA SW and SE land.
Each and everyone of you.

Best Team Ever!

My Respects to the Enemy:

Pftf (Pan)
Nemesis (Pan)
Alphyn and the rest of the co

and in a wird “enemy zone” at the end


Now let’s look at the biggest Roman army one more time:

 I talked about this army earlier, so no need to go over it again: But I thought I’d show it off one more time. (I like playing Romans the best myself, so seeing this army really inspires me)

Now let’s get to what everyone looks forward to every server, the biggest Teuton army:

Notice that it’s hitting Stypa again? I told you that World Wonder had a tough time!

Bonnot is the #3 attacker on, and as you can see, he certainly earned his bronze medal (By the way, there will be a special post about the #1 attacker coming up after the server ends). Most Teuton armies would be happy to have over 100,000 Clubmen or  100,000 of Axes – but he built both over 100,000! Insane! And good lord, did MDA go crazy with the Catapults or what?

Bonnot is the #11 biggest player on the server – he barely missed the top 10 by only 800 pop. He also has a TON of raiding medals.

Stay tuned for the final wrap-up, it won’t be long now!

Something I want to say before I start Endgame Coverage for

I posted this on the forums and I also want to put this up here before I start doing coverage on my site:

Hi everyone. As some of you are already aware, I have a website/blog called Travian Champions that does a lot of coverage about Travian, and that records the winning alliances of each server. You can visit the site here:

I’ve covered several endgames on Travian Champions, and I’m looking forward to doing the same for S9. After this server ends, the forums get cleared and then there’s not very many places you can go to read about the history of the game and what happened on it. Because winning a game of Travian takes so much time, effort, and skill, I started my site to keep a permanent record of the accomplishments of the alliances and players who manage to pull off the difficult feat of winning a Travian server. And I’m excited to add the winners of – whoever they turn out to be – to the Travian Hall of Fame.

But, there’s one wrinkle this time around: Unlike all the previous servers I’ve covered on Travian Champions, this time I’m actually playing competitively on this server. I’m in one of the top alliances, and I really want my side to win and I’ll be doing everything I can to try to make that happen. So I am in a bit of a tricky situation because I normally try to be neutral in my endgame coverage.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, and I think the best thing to do is to just admit which alliance I’m in, and to admit that my endgame coverage will be inevitably tilted in their favour to an extent – I can’t help but cheer for my own team.

So here goes: I’m in the northwest quadrant and I’m a member of one of the Thunder wings.

I respect all the alliances on this server, and I respect everyone who sticks it out to the end in a game as hard as Travian, so you won’t see any bashing of other alliances in my posts, and I’ll try my best to be fairly and accurately report what’s going on – no propaganda. I try to stay above the flame wars and the politics and just report what happens, and there won’t be any change there. I’ll also be “quoting” other players more often during my endgame coverage more than I have in my previous endgame coverage to balance things out.

The other thing I want to do is just be honest with everyone and say that I’m not going to withhold any sensitive information from Thunder leaders if I get any. In the course of my past endgame coverage, I’ve been told a lot of things that leaders would never say if they thought that it would be repeated to their opponents. While I still hope that other alliances will help supply me with battle reports and non-insider info that I can put on my site, I really don’t want people telling me things that might affect the game and then expect me to keep my lips sealed. So this is your warning, if you’re not in Thunder: don’t tell me anything you don’t want Thunder leaders to know. If anyone in your alliance does do this, don’t get mad at me. I’m a player for Thunder first and running a website about Travian comes second.

Best of luck everyone and I hope everyone has a good time in the endgame! Close to the end

Here’s the current standings on, and a run-down of the recent activity:

The big change here is that Judas’ World Wonder has been attacked and reduced to lv.0 (There’s a joke in this somewhere about this happening just before to the anniversary of the death of Jesus (and Judas)  from the bible, but I’m tired and I can’t think of one right now).

The North was behind the attack on Judas. I’m actually surprised that they have been packing the heat necessary to do an attack like this. This is much more surprising than the attack on Ritz’s World Wonder for a number of reasons. The higher the World Wonder is, the harder it is to send it down to Lv.0. And I would have suspected that they could take down one World Wonder, but not two.

It’s worth speculating as to why these big armies weren’t sent against Georgepan’s World Wonder, and instead sent to the two lowest-leveled World Wonders (out of the ones that actually have levels). Perhaps they just felt like attacking the low-hanging fruit, or maybe they just don’t want this server to go any longer, but still waned to make a point.

Godspeed from MDA gives his look into the mind of attackers:

There were raids on most of our WW’s and they saw the troops @ the top ones So most of them didn’t want to do 0 damage and so they chose another road so to say.

I thought the attack on Ritz was the “last gasp” from the non-MDA alliances. I’m surprised there was enough left among them for two big hits like this. But going by this Battlereport on the forums, it looks like there wasn’t much defense at Judas’ World Wonder at this point:

Regardless of these late attacks, Georgepan looks to have just about wrapped this up – there can’t possibly be enough offense left to damage it, right? (Well if there is I’ll be most surprised)

You also might notice that now we’re down to only 11 World Wonders now. I guess another player has deleted while holding a World Wonder.

An MDA player started a thread in the forums to ask what would happen if every World Wonder was removed by deleting players. This would probably never actually happen, especially on, but it still makes for an interesting “what if” discussion. You can read the thread here:

That’s all for this update. But if you liked my recent post about Operation The Last Breath, be sure to check back later today, because I’ll be collecting some player reaction to it from various threads on the forums and posting it on this site, along with some of the best and biggest battle reports from it. (I might update this post as well if I get some information about who deleted the World Wonder and/or more battlereports from Judas or Ritz’s World Wonders). Operation The Last Breath

MDA knows that the endgame isn’t going to go down in history as a very exciting endgame. So they decided to “make a big ending” by launching one of the biggest coordinated attacks in the history of Travian. They called this series of attacks “Operation The Last Breath,” and by the time it was over, they had slaughtered the defense at and conquered all 6 of Panexus’ World Wonder cities, and they held every World Wonder on the server.

This operation started on March 23rd, so these reports and the standings in this post are a few days old (once again, I want to say that I regret not being able to cover this while it was happening, but I was just too busy).

To show you how big it was, here are the collected battle reports:

Part 1:…c5,232776afad4…c33c6a8c36/2/1

According to Godspeed, who along with DarthM planned Operation The Last Breath,  the goal of this part 1 was:

“To remove Crop Capacity and let them starve for 40 hours or so.. the more that starve the better.”

Then came part 2, “The Clear”, when the defense at all 6 World Wonders was systematicallyeliminated:…0d,23291437602…03,232917e480a…mg/9405588698c…b672b2f534/2/1…id=97661703f8c…id=97671930cb6…id=976748b6bcb…id=97661703f8c…id=97661703f8c


It should be mentioned that some battle reports from part 2 are missing from the above collection. There were just too many to get them all.

All that was left to do after part 2 was to have the chiefs walk in conquer the place. So here’s some reports from part 3:…0d,23291437602
Again, not all the chiefing reports are here. But I think you get the idea.

While MDA had an overkill of armies available to pull something like this off, and their opponents defense and organization left something to be desired, it’s still quite a lot of armies to keep track of and logistics to manage to pull something like this off, so I have to say “great job” to DarthM and Godspeed, as well as to all the MDA players involved.

So at the end of the operation, here’s what the World Wonder standings looked like:

Is the Rally Point Restriction on its way out?

The latest servers to start on will not have the controversial Rally Point Restriction that was first introduced in Travian 3.6. Server 6, which started a new game on March 12th, was originally believed to include the recently introduced restriction that limits the number of attacks a player can send from their rally point which they use to control their city’s troops. This made it the second server on to remove the much talked-about restriction, following the new Server 1 which started on January 29th. The Speed Server restarted shortly after it, and it also lacked the Rally Point Restriction.

Now, other servers on Travian domains around the world are also removing the restriction. The new Speed server on the India Travian domain ( is a recent example.

The Rally Point Restriction would have limited the number of attacks and raids a player could send to 5 attacks per level, to a maximum of 100 attacks at level 20. Before the introduction of the Rally Point Restriction, players could send an unlimited number of attacks from a single city. Because offensive troops cannot be exchanged between cities in Travian, this cut down on the raiding abilities of players during the early game.  

The Rally Point Restriction has been met with strong reaction from Travian players ever since it was first announced last October. Many veteran players are against the change and say that it will have huge negative ramifications on how the game is played (click here to see one example). Other players have spoken in favour of it, claiming that it will help cut down on people cheating by using bots to send their attacks while they’re logged off, and that it will also benefit smaller players (click here for an example of this argument). It was the most controversial of all the new features and restriction introduced in version 3.6 of Travian. The instant recall feature, which allows players to use in-game gold to instantly return their troops to their home city after an attack, was also removed on many servers since the introduction of Travian 3.6. This feature only lasted for one round on (Server 10) before being removed.

While the Rally Point Restriction would likely help smaller players survive the early game, most top-level players agree that the Rally Point Restrictions will have a huge effect on strategies in the game’s later stages, when sending fake attacks of only one troop to many opposing cities is an often-used tactic to divide the defenders of an enemy alliance so that attacking armies can hit their targets without being killed.

I spoke with C0unse1, one of the leaders of the winning alliance from the most recently finished game (server 7), who is now leading a new alliance on Server 6. He had a mixed reaction to hearing the news of the rules change just days before the new game started.

“Overall I’m pleased, as the impact [the Rally Point Restriction] places on mid game offensives is too onerous, in my opinion. However, it was implemented to disrupt the prevalence of “bot-raiders” who now, it seems, will have an easier ride. I’d hope that now the anti-pushing rules are sorted, the Multi-Hunters will have more time to look for bot users and ban them. All things considered I welcome the news and I know that upon hearing of it, a spontaneous party erupted in several Skype rooms containing the hard-core raiders to be.”

Girasoul, one of the leaders of the winning alliance from the previous Server 6, who is also returning for the new S6, was pleased to at the news:

“I’m glad to see the rally point restrictions lifted for s6 as they were for s1.  The new changes made to Travians servers … that specifically target the botters sound like a much better solution than did the rally point restrictions that penalize everyone.  It will certainly be an interesting round and I’m looking forward to it.”