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The strategy and tips on this page are grouped into three different catagories: Beginner articles for new players and players who are still trying to figure out the basics to the game and its strategy, Intermediate articles for players who have a grasp of the basics of the game but want to become top-level players, and Expert articles that contain strategies only the pros use. No matter what skill level you’re at, you can find strategies that will help you out.

“Tips” articles feature short pieces of advice about various aspects of the game, divided into appropriate sections, such as “Romans”, “Gauls”, “Teutons”, “Defending”, “Endgame”, etc.

This section is an ongoing work in progress, and will be updated and added to as time goes on.

If you would like to submit a strategy article, please contact me at Even if you’re an intermediate player, you can write a strategy guide for beginners (In fact, an intermediate player is probably better suited to give guidance to a beginner than an expert player!)

Strategy Guides


Rules of the Game –  This isn’t actually a strategy guide, it’s just the rules of Travian. All players should familiarize themselves with them.

Rules FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the rules of Travian, answered by the admins of

Contacting Crewmembers Guide – Explains what members of the Travian crew do, and how to contact Multi-Hunters to report cheaters.

Building Tree – The Travian building tree, it shows the differences between regular Travian (version 3.5) and classic (version 2.5).

Heroes Guide – A guide to how Heroes work for first-time players.

Culture Points Table – A link to the page in the Travian FAQ that show you how many culture points you need before you can settle each new village.


Where Should I Build my Hammer Army? – by C0unse1


How to Make Multiple Attacks Waves Arrive at the Same Second -by Black Paladin 

The First 72 Hours – A guide for expert players on how to make the most of the 3 days Beginner’s Protection period on a new server. By C0unse1 09-10: Expert Analysis –  by C0unse1


General Tips for Beginners – 50% complete. Information for new players that is helpful regardless of what tribe you play.

Roman Tips for Beginners –  Coming Soon!

(Players are welcome to submit tips by e-mailing me at

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