A Reply to a Reader

I wanted to take some time to reply to a message a reader to¬†sent me, because it gives me a good excuse to talk about the process of making Travian Champions a little bit. Here’s his message:

Hello there ūüėČ

I have played s5.com server my IGN their was sabkasutta, and I sat for the account veen and took a WW. I m wondering if you remember..?

You have covered that endgame story very nicely, and I really appreciate if you will do the same in s2.in server.
Here people are playing with their extreme strategy.. which¬†is no less then¬†.com servers.. here from the unban of WWs. 3 WWs¬†were 0 popped and one was chiefed.. and the game is going more and more interesting day by day…

if you will make mind of covering story of s2.in server.
we can provide you all the possible data that you from the start of the server if needed…

I wanted to contact you but couldn’t find any proper channel, so I’m leaving this comment.


Thanks a lot of writing in Sutta, and I’m really glad that you like this site enough to ask me to cover the S2.in endgame. Here’s my reply to that:

Short Answer: I’ll do what I can.

Long Answer: I would love¬†it if this site could¬†cover every single endgame that’s taking place on every single Travian server around the world. Unfortunately, that just isn’t possible. I’m only one person, and I do this site in spare time. So, how much time I can spend working on this site, including covering endgames is very limited.

I’m still learning how best to manage my time when it comes to updating this site. Right now, I try to plan on doing 2 new updates per day, but oftentimes things come up or I get too busy¬†and I’m only able to do one update or none at all. I think one of the worst things I can do is try to overload myself.

As Neo (who also played on S5.com just like Sutta did) once said to me:

Your coverage of com3 and com5 endgame was rather impressive and I’m sure it took a lot of time. It would be a pity if you overextended yourself and caused yourself to burn out.

I try to be on guard about getting “Travian burnout”, which is quite easy to do because I also spend a lot of time playing Travian in addition to running this site. I think that during the endgame of S6.com, when¬†I was also trying to keep up with the S7.com and S1.com endgames, which were happening at the same time, I suffered a severe case of burnout, and my coverage of¬†the S7.com and¬†S1.com endgames really suffered as a result¬†(there were also additional factors that kept me busy that weren’t Travian-related). What I learned from that unfortunate experience was that it’s best for me, and for the site itself, to focus on one endgame at a time.

So, I’m really wary about trying to cover the endgames of two servers at once. I am already committed to covering the Server 2 endgame on Travian.com, which is already underway.¬†But, I will try to do some updates about S2.in, but don’t expect it to be as in-depth as my coverage of S5.com was.

(I’m going to take some time off from playing after S9.com ends, and during that time I’m hoping¬†that I’ll be able to be more active than I currently¬†am on this site.¬†Unfortunately,¬†S2.in will¬†end before S9.com does.) ¬†

I know that Travian is very succesful in India so far and it will probably only get bigger in the future, so I’ll try to cover S2.in as much as I can without overloading myself, but I’m not sure how much that will be. S2.in has a special distinction that really makes me want to put an effort into covering it: It’s the first ever endgame on an India server, so I definitely want to write about it because of that.

But, I don’t want to detract from my coverage of S2.com, so a lot of how much time¬†I¬†have to¬†cover S2.in will depend on how much action the S2.com endgame has, and that’s not something that I have any control over.

If anyone wants to send me updates from S2.in, the best thing to do is e-mail me at 1randomgeek@gmail.com. I don’t always check that e-mail every day but I’ll try to get back to you as much as I can.