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Online Stragy Games blog

There’s a great new blog called Online Strategy Games, which I highly recommend to readers of this site. Of special interest is the blog the writer keeps of his adventures on Server 8 of, which restarted just recently. The site also writes reviews of other online strategy games, like this one for Nemexia (one of the nominees for best Browser-Based Strategy Game of 2009). All in all, it’s a fantastic site. I’ve added it to this site’s Blogroll.

The Story of 08-09: Entry #3 (FUN)

The original posts in this story can be found here. I’ve edited it somewhat to keep it focused just on what happened in this round of Server 6. – Randomgeek


History of alliance Fighting United Now, a.k.a. FUN on s6, 2008-2009,
Written by Igor a.k.a. Cursez ( CZ )

The alliance FUN was created on previous server 6, by 4 people.. The democracy within the leadership was nullified by 1 of the leaders and FUN got its first solo leader who forcibly merged FUN with EMC, an enormous alliance. Soon before the end of the server, there were talks about restarting the server as FUN once again – now better and stronger and more organized. The remaining FUN leadership made a promise never to merge with a larger alliance again, no matter what.

It was agreed that the core elements of FUN are – Never merging, and having a Stronghold strategy – Settling a distant area, away from the center in order to make defending easier.

S6 soon got restarted and we begun. At the start I was given a position of Chief of Operations, meaning being offense and defense coordinator. I was given a place in the leadership and the leadership structure looked like this – 3 wings, FUN Flank (leaders VersusAllOdds and Cursez), FUN Main (leaders VioletV and rkw), FUN Lite (leaders Dootzkie and EAM). The FUN council consisted of these 6 personae, all having a equal vote.

Since the start, Flank wing was being led by 2 very active and devoted leaders – VAO and me. VAO did an excellent job training members – every single member started as a noob and soon became killing machine producing mass number of troops, and me at organizing defensive Operations killing hundreds, and later of thousands of troops.

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Website Update

I’ve been really busy over Christmas and that’s why I haven’t been able to update this site in the past few days. I’m likely going to remain busy for the next little while, so updates might be a little sporadic but I’ll try to keep plugging along and hopefully do daily updates.

I’m working on finishing the Hall of Champions entry for Server 1, right now that’s my #1 priority.

I’m still planning on updating this site during the New Years Truce on, so be sure to check out Travian Champions 2.0 in a few days!

TAG are the winners of Server 1 on

Congratulations to TAG on their victory, and look for an entry into the Travian Hall of Champions for Server 1 sometime in the next few days! TAG will go down in history as being the first alliance to ever win a Travian 3.5 on!

I will try to write more about this server and the alliances that played on it if time allows.

The Story of 08-09: Entry #2 (LoD)

The History of LoD and the Northeast Quad as written by Red from the simethered account (disclaimer, while much of this was available for comment all of the observations and comments here are from Red and interested contributors, and is not a reflection of the whole of LoD) :

Hi all. I’ve thrown this together tonight and I am getting input from all over about the smaller wings etc. to go into a “History of S6” that Ceril is putting together. She requested this in that she stated that many people enjoyed learning more behind the scenes stuff after last S6 and this kind of thing does help put bad feelings aside after the fighting is over – but I’ve only let out a few things here.

This is a long read and it will get longer – but everyone in this room deserves a right to comment or edit. When you have time, please indulge me with a read. I am contacting Frank and fickle for NEO and TUA pasts before LoD and how they feel things happened from the smaller wings perspectives.


All of last November Galt and Mojeaux worked long hours planning for this run. Those plans were executed over the first month of this run to a great deal of success. From the beginning the leadership that formed held honour and honesty on the level of Sime and enforced by him with his sage wisdom and steadfast example to all how this game should be played. Galt and Mojeaux captained this ship through the beginning of the server and followed the aforementioned goals both espoused. A word from Mojeaux:

“One reason we went NE and formed SuS was to counter a possible FFH reincarnation. We figured with Sime and Galt’s advertising that we would have a revenge plot on us. It never showed. Two weeks into the server we encountered a player named Tye who recognized SuS’ skills and was recruited. We were astonished by the former FFH off coordinator’s skill and integrity. He allowed us to recruit some other FFH figures lead by one Redneck Woman. We liked them and quickly felt they fit in with us. So we decided to put our trust in them and brought them into the fold. They returned that trust 10 fold. Without them we wouldn’t be here in the position to win.”

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And Now For Something Completely Different…

Some of my posts over the last few days have been quite long reads, and there are more posts of similar length to come, so I think my readers and I should have a little break from all the reading.

A dance break that is!

(If I was going to make a list of the best music videos of 2009, this one would be pretty near the top)