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Good news: This site just set an all-time high in webtraffic! Travian Champions has gotten over 650 hits so far today, and there’s still a lot of hours left in it yet! I think we’ll break 700 hits today for sure!

Thanks to everyone who reads the site and a special thanks to everyone who passes it along to other Travian players, or to other gamers in general! 

Now some bad news: Due to a little emergency at my work, I won’t be able to capitalize on this momentum right away like I’d want to. I have to cover for someone else’s shift today, so my next update about the S5 endgame, the S7 artifacts, and other Travian events will be delayed for several hours. Thanks for your patience and I’ll try to have something up once I get home tonight.


Artifacts Coming Soon to and!

The artifacts will be realeased on Server on July 31st! Only two days from now! Check this site for more coverage once they’re out!

Here’s the official announcement:

For more information about the artifacts, what they do, and how they work, visit the Travian FAQ here:

Travian on Twitter: Weekly Top 5

Travian Champions Presents: The best Travian related messages posted on Twitter during the past week:


Gagepac – I guess you haven’t visited the Australian Servers forums and met their admin.

_RuLLy_ – Your new “friend” sounds a lot like a bully who takes lunch money from the nerdy kids.

npccalulator – You can view his picture here. Nice to see someone getting so into the game, though personally I think you’re a little crazy. Enemies of U-EnD Unite, and U-EnD sends a message to them

A Quick update, because there have been some major developments.

The 3 alliances that each hold a World Wonder and are opposed to U-End have united into one common alliance. This means that they can all build a World Wonders all the way to Lv.100, but they’ll have a tough time overcoming the armies of U-EnD to do so. And they’ll still have to find a way to cut down the U-EnD Wonders that are ahead of them.

Just now, Veen’s World Wonder, which previously hadn’t been touched by U-EnD, has been dropped all the way back down to lv.0. All of U-EnD’s 9 wonders are now ahead of their enemies, though some of them (including Neo’s and Tonia’s) are recovering from some structural damage done to them by the other side.

I’ll try to get some battle reports to add to this post. If U-EnD used one of their top armies I think we definitely need to see it. This is possibly the climax of the S5 Endgame if they did, because a more pivitol event is unlikely to occur as long as U-EnD holds together and keeps it defenses up.

S5 WW Jul 28

It looks like U-EnD is trying to send a message to those that oppose them: We can take you out no matter what you do. The timing of this hit, so quickly after its opponents unite, seems designed to demoralize their competition and take away and momentum they were gaining.

In other news:

– Mistress D’s World Wonder was also hit, and lost at least one level. I’m not sure if she lost anything else.

– The alliance NATO, which previously had a peace treaty (but not a confed) U.A (one of the alliance that makes up U-EnD), is now causing them some trouble, after U.A dropped the peace deal with them because they were making demands that U.A didn’t want to agree to, such as letting NATO be a sitter at one of U.A’s World Wonders. There has been a lot of argument over whether or not U.A agreed that they could. The situation is complex and I won’t try to explain all the details here, but going forward, expect NATO to be a thorn in U-EnD’s side.

UPDATE: Here is the Battle Report of the attack that took out Veen’s World Wonder:

Veen Wonder att 1

Those are a ton of casualties.

A Reader Writes…

This comment was left on my last post and I thought I should publicly address it:

Hi! Randomgeek,

IT is a cool site, and report is riveting so far.

Just a suggestion. I wish you don’t post the defense numbers of the WW site. I know you want to be reporting the competition. But try to remember that you are also trying to be an objective third party. Posting the numbers of the WW defenders could potentially affect the outcome of the WW race!

I would never want to potentially affect the outcome of a game (though whether or not I could affect the outcome of if I tried isn’t for certain, given the large advantage by the leading side).

But the battle report with the defense numbers were already posted on the forums, so the information is already publicly available to anyone. See this post. The person leaving this comment was likely unaware of this. Once it’s already out, it would silly for me to have to refrain from posting it to try to appear impartial.

S5 Endgame: The Revolt

Continuing the coverage of the exciting Server 5 Endgame…

Some interesting new developments have taken place. Here are the current standings, to start with:

S5 WW Jul 26

EG-Rebel’s World Wonder is now building levels, whereas previously it wasnt’ moving at all because it didn’t have a plan. The hidden leader of the NW-Meta has confirmed to me that they arranged a transfer of one of their 3 plans over to them.

Interestingly enough, the U-EnD Meta attacked the EG-Rebel World Wonder BEFORE the plan was transferred. Here’s a battle report of their attack:

MDDragaon Wonder att 1

There were at least 2 other attacks that followed, but this was the big one. It’s a very impressive hammer army, but Neo says that it’s not even in their top 5 in size.

Neo:As big as Rage’s army was, it’s still not within our top 5. Main objective right now is to unload armies so we can have more crop. What else are we supposed to do with our armies at this stage, hmm?

The crop problems are probably happening because they’re desperately trying make sure there’s enough defense at each of their 9-10 World Wonders to fight off a medium-sized hit. Keeping that many World Wonders fed must indeed be harsh to do, and with their advantage in army size, they probably need crop more than they need hammers right now.

They probably would have liked to have more defense at Gandalf’s World Wonder. I can now post the battle report from the hit on it from late Friday (with defenders!):

Gandalf Wonder att 1

As you can see, the number of defenders at Gandalf’s wonder was quite lacking.

This attack was a revolt from a player within U-EnD, from the EnD side. They were certainly not expecting this from one of their own members. The player who did the attack, Roger Moore, posted his reason for attacking Gandalf, who at the time was in 2nd place, the highest wonder of a player from U.A.

Roger Moore:For the record.., I did express my feelings about our confed with U.A. a number of times. I’ve posted in Valhalla that I thought we should war U.A. There was no discussion to be had. Neo was VERY firm that ReV would not betray U.A. So anyone waiting for the split… its not going to happen. Most people I talked to in the alliance seemed OK to have an internal race for the WW.

I thought it would be more fun and a better victory for EnD to battle U.A. in the end for final glory. It is my opinion that ReV/RaG/AsC/ArM/TYRANNUS/ReM-TvN had the guns and smarts to do it! This is after all just a game and my opinion was that it would be more fun to have a real fight at the end.

But alas this was not so.. when I saw the final U-End merger I realized that the server was over. With one enemy WW with the ability to build to lvl 100 there can be no question who will win.

My decision to attack a WW village with plans was based purely on wanting to use the army I had been instructed to build for the reason that it was intended. I just wanted to see what damage the army I had slaved over could do. My actions will not effect the outcome of the server.

This was my time playing Travian. I had to work my *** off and beg to be accepted into ReV. Once I was in I gave everything to the alliance all server long. I was not council, just a regular peon for the war machine. For what its worth I’d like to that those in ReV who taught me how to play the game correctly.

Congratulations to U-End!

 He’s probably right that his attack won’t affect the outcome. But it’s got to be upsetting for players in the U-EnD alliance, and an attack like this can be the shot fired that starts a war. So far U.A and EnD are holding together, but this has got to fray the relationship at least a little. And of coruse, it also sets off speculation about loyalties. I won’t repeat them here, but you can definitely read them on the S5. forums.

It should also be noted that Neo’s wonder, which has been in the lead for a while now, has slowed its growth in recent days. Apparantly it’s been under heavy attacks.

But U-EnD still look dominate, with 4 World Wonders coming up just behind it. Unless there are any further revolts, it’s unlikely they can lose this. But I don’t think this WW race can be declared over just yet.

Travian News

Classic version of Travian coming to Australia?

On the Australian Travian website, their administrator (Loki) recently made a poll asking players if they would like to see Australia open a classic server in the near future. Click here to see the results. About 70% of the people who voted wanted to see a classic server come to Australia, so I’d say there’s a good chance it could happen in the near future. Currently there are only two English speaking Classic Servers: Sever 3 on Travian.Com and Server 6 on Classic Servers give player a chance to experience Travian like it was in version 2.5 of the game.

UK Forums Clean-Up

The UK Travian forums are having a “spring cleaning” of their Gudies and FAQs section (WTF dudes, it’s the middle of summer!). They’re “promoting” some fan-submitted guides up to their “official” guides section. You can view their official guides here, and their fan submitted guides here. They have a lot of very good guides on their site.

Building Tree Contest

– Reminder: The contest to Design a new building tree for Travian version 3.5 has five days left in it. The winning entry will be linked to by this site!