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I just want to let my readers know that I think things are going to be a bit sporadic lately. The Server 9 endgame is really draining me right now and I think I’m suffering from Travian exhaustion. Mentally, I’m really, really tired of Travian right now. Don’t get me wrong – I’m having fun playing, but the mental effort required to do an analysis post and type up something long it really not something I’m feeling up to at the moment.

What I want to do, to be honest, is just stop updating this site altogether until the endgame is over. But don’t worry, I’m not going to do that- I realize it’s not in the site’s best interests. I’ll force myself to write out posts as much as I can.

Obviously, big things are happening on Server 9 right now, and I will try to summarize and record all of them before the day is done.I really don’t want to miss any of it.  But beyond that, the updates to the site will probably be erratic during the remainder of the endgame. I’m worn out. Covering an endgame that I’m playing in is many times harder than covering one that I’m not.

Advertisements Reaction to SW-Switzerland joining Trust

With CleopatraFirst’s World Wonder becoming a part of Trust, this will alter the endgame landscape significantly.

Inocka, leader of TRUST, had this to say on the team-up:

Inocka: JD has been under heavy fire by CF-V for the past 2 days, and they approached us for assistance and offered to join forces because people who they did not want to fight came after them. They couldn’t stay alone anymore, so they had to choose a side, and in this case, when choosing between someone who is hitting your players and someone who helped you in the past to defend against the same people who are now hitting you – the choice is obvious.
Thus – welcome to Trust Cleo.


CF-V must have really brought out their big guns. I’ve been told that CF-V is somewhat of a “group within a group” in Chaos Factor, and that many of their players are from Korea and they don’t communicate in English very much.

Many players were just waiting for something like this to happen, given the bad blood between JD and CF leaders, and the low chance that JD had of winning on their own.

Tomycs: Like I was saying earlier… when the higher levels of the WW are reached the likes of JD and Rangers would have to choose a side. Actually it’s only now that it makes sense, when has anyone really won a war by being neutral and not fighting…

CleopatraFirst didn’t have much to say addressing the matter, but did refer back to a sore point between JD and CF that has been around for a long time:

Cleo: Korea and burns were clear enough – DV s heritage lives on.

Darth Vadar is a reference to a former alliance leader from the south who was a very polarizing figure. I don’t want to get into the long and complicated history but when the South first tried to unit, Darthvadar stepping down as a leader was one of the conditions that was insisted upon. (“Korea” refers to CF-V, and Burns is a leader of CF-Deathwave.)

Obviously, this new addition to TRUST gives them another World Wonder, and two more sets of building plans, brining them to 5 World Wonders and 8 building plans altogether. CleopatraFirst has one of the Architect’s Great Secret artifacts, so if they can pile enough defence at her World Wonder, it will be able to take on a lot of enemy troops and still stay in the game.

After that, it gets a little bit foggier about how much stronger this new alliance is. There are four alliances with the JD tag. The main JD wing is now confederates with four Thunder wings, but the other less powerful and less organized wings of JD are more of a question mark. Of course, it’s still relatively early after the announced team-up. JD is ranked as the #15 alliance overall, so getting them on board will be a significant addition to TRUST. Going by the Travian Analyzer, they’re taken a few hard hits over the past few days: No doubt TRUST will try to strategically defend them in order to keep them in game shape.

What about the other JD wings? How much will they help out? I’ve heard that CF is really going after them with a vengeance. JD-WFe looks like it’s going through a really tough period lately: Still, as long as they’re sending crops and making defense, I supposed it’s a net win for TRUST.

There’s also the question of whether or not the Borg alliance will work with TRUST now. Borg has a NAP with JD and they used to have close ties to them when they were known as CF-P.

How will this affect the leadership of TRUST, if at all? How much will JD have a say? Will they be full members of the leadership of TRUST, or will they be following orders, or working at arms-length from the rest of TRUST. Will they be able to integrate and coordinate plans with TRUST leaders at this late stage of the game? Will some active members opt to join CF alliances instead, given their geographic proximity to the ones located in the Southwest? Will this increase alliance morale because now they have a better shot of winning, or upset morale because they’d given up on being on their own? 

As always on Server 9, things are very complicated. Update: A Look Back at SWM and SW-Switzerland

The current World Wonder standings on - TRUST now has 5 World Wonders with the addition of CleopatraFirst's

I’m going to try do do a 4-parter update today on the endgame, to get caught up on everything that’s been happening as of late. I’ll be quoting heavily from the Server 9 forums for these reports, so expect them to be a rather long. As I’ve said before, it’s a complex endgame and thus capturing the story isn’t something that can be done quickly.      

The first post will look at a key development that happened yesterday that is sure to have huge ramifications on the outcome of the endgame. The smallest of the 4 different factions, which was originally refered to as “SWM” (South West Masters) , and later started calling itself SW-Switzerland, has now joined the TRUST Meta-alliance.      

Let’s look at their history, before we delve into the events of the last 24 hours:      

The alliances in questions are all located in the South-West Quadrant. For several weeks they were confeded with alliances that were a part of Chaos Factor while also having Non-aggression pacts and other relations with Thunder wings.      

Then, at the start of the endgame, they declared themselves to be their own faction. Here’s the quote from their original announcement that they were going on their own (note that I’ve bolded certain parts for added emphasis)     

Hello everyone, we know there are going to be a lot of questions about SWM now forming up at this late stage of the game, so here are some answers for everyone. We, being the leaders of 7 of the wings in the SW have decided we will not follow certain players, and their endless bashing of absolutely everyone on this server. For me, being Snake Plissken, the decision was made a little bit simpler when my spies reported CF plans to take the WW that we had discussed JD taking, it was then that we became SWM. Already before we switched we were attacked by 3 different CF wings, so we are done with the petty politics of the SW, we are done watching a few players get entire wings devastated because of their attitude and their fool hardy tactics.

CF players, let me ask you, where has certain leaders gotten you, your capitals are ruined in many cases and your hammers destroyed or seriously damaged, you do not fight in a coordinated manner, you fight in small groups following someone that leads with arrogance, really? So now, your leaders have left you nothing, we are not your enemy, join with us, and help us win this server. What good is it to follow them to the end when you know full well what they are doing is costing you this server? Look at the leaders that are supporting us, Napalm, one of the most respected players on this server for what he has achieved over the course of this server, myself draw your own conclusions but my story is well known, megalion who held a small minority of alliances and fought it out with PG from day one and they are still here, and several others all of them with the loyalty of their players and the experience to see it through.  Those leaders that I am mentioning, it is back to the old leaders, work with us, not against us, but we do not work for you, and the way things have turned out has proven the need for our decision. If you insist on war this is what you are up against. 7 wings with a lot of experience that are coordinated and many that have fought against impossible odds together and have won, against you and the support you can get from your 5 wings that are left. Many of these wings are greatly weakened already and you guys know this as well as we do. We have more guns than you, and more experience than you, and you 5 remaining are already in a full scale war. So make your decisions  The leadership of SMW        

This original announcement notes that there were 7 wings signed onto the SWM, and also seems to imply they believed that they had CF outnumbered when they say that CF had “5 wings left” (they might have been reaching when they arrived at that count, there has always been a lot more than 5 CF wings).


Some players who responded to the message above were cynical as to whether or not SWM was really working on its own: 

Dissonance: I think everyone knew JD and CF-P were eventually going to become Thunder, it was just a matter of time until they were willing to drop the CF name and stop hiding…
You can read more reaction to the initial forming of SWM in this 11 page thread.
Players like Dissonance and other CF members who thought that SWM’s defection was a sign that they were working with Thunder will now say that they have been proven right, but a question that lingers in my mind is why not just have them join Thunder in the first place, instead of spending a whole month fighting on their own, if indeed the plan was to have them join Thunder in the end.
SWM got off to a decent start on their own. They seized two World Wonders in the confusion of their sudden change of relations. CF then went on the offensive against them, and managed to smash one of those World Wonder cities to the ground (the one that is currently held by Steel Curtain). But hostilities died down between the two sides as the arrival of the building plans neared, and SWM did well for an alliance of their size by managing to grab two sets of plans. But the mass defections that SWM was seemingly hoping for from CF players never came.
SWM eventually changed their World wonder’s name to SW-Switzerland, and most of the wings that remained loyal to it retagged to JD (for “Jedi Dawn”). Other alliances that were were on the fence at first eventually planted themselves firmly in the CF camp. About that time CleopatraFirst posted the following message in the forums (again, I’ve bolded some parts for emphasis):



SW stands for SouthWest as you all know …but it also can stand for :SW like Switzerland    

The similarities of the 2 could be intriguing.As Switzerland is famous for his fearful warriors ( a bit in the past – ok – lol )
SouthWest is famous for having been at war inside for 10 months , which is about
all the history we have.The people of Switzerland don’t have a common language – they have at least 3 languages in their country.
SouthWest has so many alliances , it is hard to count , but sure at least 3 metas.    

Now comes the hard part :
When the world came to the big WorldWars – the people of Switzerland stood together and
succeeded in staying out of the World War 1 and 2 and survived best of all.IF we can copy that in SouthWest too – we can still succeed in the WW race.

IF we decide that having a SW WorldWonder win the race is more important then the daily fight with the neighbor –
we have a ( small ) chance to make the race.

Aside from succeeding to do that : we would not have any.
SW is weaker then the other quads for the many wars

( SE never had a real war anyway – lol )    

These thoughts let me hope for the future and announce :  

SW – Switzerland
our banks are open 24 hours
7 days a week
now accepting deposits   

i want to invite everyone in the SouthWest to help building and defending our WW in the SW
i dont care which alliance you are from ( or which language you speak ) or who your friends or enemies are here
if you want SW to have any chance for a WIN = please support the
SW – Switzerland World Wonderthank you

Going by this, it sounds like SW truly hoped that by being a neutral third party, they could ensure a victory for the South-west quadrant.  

Of course, some CF members would argue that JD was only interested in peace that benefitted them: 

RockOn (X.Y.Z): Cleo hunny- talk to the JD alliances first about peace, then come talk to the rest of us in the SW. We’ve been working on a deal for a while and whenever we get close we get attacked.

Others disagreed with CleopatraFirst about whether or not a SW-Switzerland win was the only way that alliances from the Southwest Quadrant could be considered winners. 

Gills (Cf-KBC): Being from a former JD wing our allianz turned CF when the JD leadership moved that way… i speak for various others who are not leaders and just small players baking defense and resources for WW villages…

I personally and our allianz (if i assume correct) will only support whatever WW is united with the south… so from a Neutral SW player “we will only support those WW’s that gather in a single pack — and right now that is CF-WW”

So now matter how much you plead you need to join hands to get the SW to support your cause…


(I’m not saying which viewpoint is right or not, you can draw your own conclusions. I’m just trying to report the various opinions that players had. You read more reaction to Cleo’s post here:

Regardless, any chance of SWM/JD winning by staying isolated from warfare seems to have dried up. A civil war broke out in the Southwest and JD alliances seem to take the worst of it. Negotiations between CF and JD fell though and XYZ hit JD hard. More recently, CF-V attacked the JD and wings, and that seems to have been the final blow to their attempts at an independent victory for the Southwest. They officially became a part of TRUST yesterday.
In my next post, I’ll take a look at how this alters the balance of power in the game.    

Crew chat summary collected

I’ve put together all of the 8 parts of my Crewchat summary into one page, and added it to this site’s Features page. If you want to read my entire summary of the crewchat, you can now find it all in one place. Update

It’s been 8 days since I last posted an update about the Server 9 endgame, and since then the World Wonders have come a long way, with few attacks on any of them so far. But I think we’re getting close to the point where things will get really interesting. 

Here are the current World Wonder standings: 


TRUST, aka Thunder/RA/U.N.E./Light, has the three leading World Wonders, and they seem to be building them up at a pretty even rate as opposed to letting one get out too far ahead. SW is in fourth with their one lone World Wonder, and then the four CF World Wonder are all coming up behind them, ready to take the lead after their big attacks have hit. I expect massive attacks from Chaos Factor and Thunder sometime in the future, but which will make the first move? 

It should also be noted that Bratsoni’s World Wonder is bringing up the rear, but he’s got the Architect’s Unique  Secret artifact, which makes all of his buildings and his walls 5x more stable against catapults and  battering rams. So he’s in excellent position right now. Thunder has put their enemies in a tough spot – they must attack the 3 leading World Wonders which are ahead of them, but they also have to keep enough offensive armies to stop Bratsoni after Thunder & friends hit them back. It’s a very solid strategy that Thunder is employing, and it will be interesting to see how Chaos Factor counters it. 

The alliances supporting the SW World Wonder have re-named themselves, they are no longer calling themselves South-West Masters (SWM). Now they are “JD”, taking the moniker of their strongest alliance, Jedi-Dawn. They have 4 wings and they are also in a non-aggression pact with BORG, who now have the last-place World Wonder after Steel Curtain conquered it from PB&J Time. BORG was formerly known as SWM-P, and before that it was CF-P, which was one of the Chaos Factor alliances that had treaties with both Chaos Factor and Thunder some time ago. I won’t bother making a map for them, but here’s a link to their alliance listing in the Travian analyzer: (They aren’t to be confused with a defunct alliance also known as Borg on S9

Rangers might be in trouble, they lost one of their World Wonder construction plans to TRUST, meaning they can only build one of their 2 World Wonders, and it can’t get past level 50 (you need 2 plans in your alliance to build a World Wonder from level 51-100). Rangers will have to steal back another plan from someone in order to get a victory, so we’ll keep an eye on them and whether they can manage to do that, or if they bite the bullet and team up with one of the other 3 factions. 

Chaos Factor is short a plan as well, having only 4 plans for their 5 World Wonders. SW still has both of their plans. 

Thunder’s biggest success (or perhaps I should say TRUST’s biggest success)of the endgame so far may well be their success holding onto the extra construction plans and the Unique Architects Secret’s and Rival’s Confusion artifacts. While not everything is going perfectly for TRUST, that’s a very strong position to be leading from. 

Unfortunately for TRUST, they lost one of their biggest offensive army recently. TheGaul, who is currently the server’s #1 ranked attacker and could likely finish that way, launched a major attack to try to conquer one of Syedfsz’s (from CF-WW) villages, but ran into an impressive defense there. Here’s the battle report, as you can see TheGaul’s army was a gigantic one: 

Click the picture to enlarge it

There’s a thread on the forum discussing this attack here:

Travian Crewchat Report Part 8 – The State of the Game

Several players at the crewchat had questions or opinions about the current state of Travian and its servers. Here’s a selection of them that I thought my readers might find interesting:

Question from Daki|Trident_com1: question I guess there was lot of complaining slow working of com1 server, so was wondering is there any new info of when that will be fixed?
Answered by Tschena: until now I didn’t receive any information (mtr reports / tracer routes) which I requested from the players. If I do not get it then we can not check it.

Question from Tymms: Why does the new server on s5 lag 100x more than the old 1
Answered by firedawg225: report problems to

Question from Hookahice: Why is this game designed in a way where getting out of croplock if NOT proportionate in the game! Think about it. If a normal (non-addict) player plays this game not using gold and doesn’t login 40 times a day… it takes ridiculous amount of time to get out of croplock!!!
Answered by buzzball: Not when you have some friends on the server

Question from webchat7581: Do you think Gauls are too weak in Travian 3.6?
Answered by KnightStalker: No I don’t.

That was me asking this question, not because I believe that Gauls are weak myself, but because someone who couldn’t make it to the Crewchat (Coonicon) wanted someone to bring this up. I know that some players feel theat Gauls are too weak, and while I don’t agree I will post some of their arguments about this on the site in the future.

On a similar topic:

Question from webchat48897: Are there any changes planned to improve the early game balance? For example Teutons are too strong early game
Answered by shadowspirrit: actually they aren’t. It’s the way they play that determines whether they are strong or not.

Teutons have been slowed down now that they don’t get as big as a cranny raiding bonus as they did before version 3,5, but I guess some players still think they’re too strong. You definitely have to be careful in the early part of the game if you have Teutons nearby.

Question from Daki|Trident_s1: What is with com7 once again? com2 finished later yet starting sooner
Answered by Tschena: Should be in about 7 weeks

Travian has a policy that the lowest numbered servers should start first when multiple servers are inactive, that’s why started before even though S7 ended earlier.

Question from Ravenslock_: I have seen some players have about 24 villages and lots of medals how do they do it?
Answered by Chrisvc: They probably have a lot of experience in playing Travian and might be dual accounts. Active raiding is the key.

Here’s some questions about the Classic Server:

Question from Peter: Will there be another round of classic after the current one finishes?
Answered by Chrisvc: Yes, we will keep a classic server. There might be light modifications to it, but it will remain ‘classic’

Question from webchat19785: Is there any chance of the Level 12 resource field cap on capital fields being removed in classic next round?

Answered by BobTim: That’s part of what makes it classic, if you want unlimited levels then play a non-classic server 😉

Question from webchat19785: This is my first round of travian, but I heard that 7 croppers were added to classic, but still called classic. So are there any other changes possible? Or did I hear wrong about the addition of 7c’s?
Answered by Tschena: It’s not completely true: Travian version 2.0 already had 7cs. In T3 they were taken out of the game. So basically 7cs were brought back but it is nothing new.

Question from webchat7581: Do you think some of the Artifacts are too strong, like the Rivals Unique Confusion for example?
Answered by shadowspirrit: I don’t think so, all have been carefully thought about

Question from govie: Why aren’t there any 50% iron/clay/wood oasis in the game?
Answered by BobTim: Because that would be too awesome!

I think 50% iron/clay/wood oases would be cool if they were added, but at the same time it’s not something I really care about too much.

Question from Tosha: Why do some troops need clay to build them. I mean: what is the clay for? 0_o
Answered by Tschena: The clay is for their houses 🙂

So that explains it!

And here’s a question that hits close to home:

Question from enkh: Where is Hall of Fame? I haven’t seen any hall of fame of travian.

I guess I need to do more to promote myself! 😉

This is my final post about the Crewchat, I think I’ve covered it pretty well. If I get enough reader requests, I’ll do a post with some of the funniest/crazyiest questions from the chat as well. If not, I’ll just move on to other things.

I’ll just close with one final thought from the crewchat:

[18:36] Question from Avael: Fun fact: The Travian crew rules. Thanks for another sweet IRC meeting, taking your time to answer pointless questions like this one
[18:36] Answered by KnightStalker: You’re Welcome, It was nice time having you on this channel =)

Travian Crewchat Report Part 7 – Gameplay Questions

The crewchat was also a good opportunity for players to ask questions about how the game works.

Question from webchat48897: If a village is chieffed multiple times, do buildings lose a level every time its chieffed?
Answered by rexor: Yes, it should… 🙂

This happened recently with the Meta-alliance that I’m in. Two players chiefed the same village, so the person who ended up with it got a village that was a lot less developed than he would have gotten if the two players had communicated better before each one tried to take it.

Question from fence: What happens if I go to settle a valley and when I get there it’s already been settled?
Answered by Chrisvc: Your settlers will return home.

This happened to me recently, which was really annoying because those slow Settlers had to walk all the way back to the village I sent them from, and then go out again to take another spot I wanted.

Question from Killer: Do I need to destroy the whole defense and then destroy treasury to capture artifact from someone or I just need to destroy the treasury and my hero can capture the artifect???
Answered by (x.x): The hero has to survive to take it and you have to attack on normal so yes you have to kill all the defense

Question from Corne: Hey, will settlers be killed when someone attacks me and I have no other crew?
Answered by BobTim: Yes, Settlers can be killed when you are attacked.

For some reason, a lot of first-time players think that their settlers aren’t like other units, but they can be killed off just like all the rest. So be sure you don’t leave your settlers vulnerable!

Question from Killer: Question for how many days will artifact villages remain on server if they haven’t been captured????
Answered by Tschena: Until the end of the server

Question from webchat48321: How much resources I can send to a friend? I have heard one hour of resources, does it mean 1hr from the villa that am sending res. or my total res. production from all villas?
Answered by holdwolf: !id411 The new anti-pushing system automatically prevents you from sending more than the allowed amount of resources. When calculating the total amount of res you can send, all of your villages are taken into account.

I love the new automatic anti-pushing system. I’m so glad the days of worrying that I’d get banned if I sent too many resources to my allies are gone.

Here’s a rule that I had no idea existed before this crewchat:

Question: What I should do to change my username in the game to another name. I don’t like what I choose when I registered. Is it possible?
Answered by buzzball: It’s not possible unless you have a population below 100. If that’s the case than contact the multihunter. But above population 100 a multihunter is not able to change your name anymore.

Question from webchat71594: Basically I want to chief a former alliance member who has been kicked due to the fact he is leaving the game, however I’ve been told that Travian rules don’t permit it until 48 hours after he has left the alliance, Can someone verify this?
Answered by buzzball: That’s true you need to wait 48 hours until your able to conquer him

Question from tangent: Is it more advantageous to use the tasksystem that not, that is does it give you more resources using it than not?
Answered by Chrisvc: If you are a new player, the tasksystem helps you to get the basics of the game. For pro’s however, with a detailed plan for the first few days of a server, it can be less useful.

I’m used the tasksystem on all the servers I’ve played on, but I just ignore the step I’m on if it slows down my build. I think the next time I start a new server I’ll try doing it without it.

A lot of players have been wondering what happens when World Wonder cities get deleted. This came up during the Server 2 endgame, where two of the World Wonders were actually removed because the players deleted!

Question from Themenace: What would happen if someone would take all world wonders and deleted with them all?
Answered by Chrisvc: They would manually be respawned

Question from Themenace: @ Chrisvc u sure of that ^^
Answered by Chrisvc: Yes, there will be new WW villages implemented and new construction plans as well. The game won’t just end.

Question from webchat25676: What will happen if players decided to delete WW villages in the current s8? Will you respawn them?
Answered by Chrisvc: Yes, WW villages that were deleted will be manually reintroduced

The key word here is “manually”. The villages don’t just reappear on their own, someone from Travian has to actually enter the command for them to do so. Of course, this is really all just hypothetical, I don’t think we’ll ever see all 13 World Wonder villages get deleted on a real server.

There were several questions about sending catapult waves:

Question from Pacdog: What is the max allowed cat waves allowed in same second?
Answered by Tschena: There is no limit for this, you can send as much as you manage

Question from Maksat: about Pacdog question. After how many waves MH will ban me?)
Answered by Chrisvc: As long as you send them manually, you won’t get banned.

 Question from Crusier.Rag: Why is it the case I could send 20+ waves/sec in one server and not even 10+ in another?
Answered by BobTim: One server could just be slower than the other.

 Question from maka: question : Is it legal to send cat waves using tabs in firefox? (just to prove someone wrong =))
Answered by Chrisvc: That is legal, as long as your browser is not otherwise modified.

There’s a guide in this site’s strategy guides section about how to send multiple-wave catapult attacks, and it describes the Firefox Tabs method as well.