S3.com 08-09 (Travian 2.5)



Winning Player: TwysT (WaRFWH)


Top Attacker: Mojos (RangerHQ) (772,176 kills)

Top Defender: Bibii (WaR-FWH)  (6,287,841 kills)

Largest Player: Lena (Loner) (Population: 118,739, Cities: 122)


Winning Alliances










WaR-FWH 10








WaR-FWH 15










(Abbreviations: FWH = Fight with Honor, U = Unite, HOH = Hall of Heroes, NB = New Blood)


Final Standings

S3 08-09 Final Standings


– This server was played under Classic Rules (Travian Version 2.5). Click here for an explanation of the differences between Version 2.5 and Version 3.1.

– The finish was extremely close, with second place only two levels behind the winners.

– It was estimated that second place was only 18 hours away from finishing Level 100. If this is true, this would have to be one of the closest games of Travian of all time.

-Neither side had a Hammer army left at the end of the game. There was a final assault put together on Twyst’s wonder but it only managed to knock out a little storage.

– The winning World Wonder holder, Twyst, came from the alliance Loner, which only had 21 players. They captured one World Wonder and he transferred to the WaRFWH Wonder holder alliance at level 49. They were confederated with WaRFWH for a long time before the World Wonder race, however.

WaRFWH and Loner’s main opposition was the Meta alliance ART. It consisted of ABC, TK , and Rangers. ABC and TK (Collectively known as ATCK before joining with Rangers) were largely peaceful towards Loner, and spent most of their time fighting against WaRFWH, which was a close match for them in terms of size, skill, and armies.

-Because of their low amount of members, Loner was seen as an extreme long shot to win the game.

– Loner’s World Wonder was not well defended until after all of the other WaRFWH had been attacked by ART and taken out of contention. If Art had struck Loner’s wonder before all of WaR’s other wonders were out of the game, they likely could have secured the win.

– Loner was once part of a Meta-alliance called “Elements”, which included the wings Air, Water, and Earth. Rangers was at one point Confederates with them, but eventually they ended up at war with each other, which  led to Elements disbanding. Many of the Elements players joined Rangers but those who didn’t became Loner.

– Loner’s main goal was to prevent a Rangers win, like everyone else they thought ART or WaRFWh would be the ones to likely end up winning.

– The largest player, Lena, was able to have so many cities because in Version 2.5 the Culture Point requirements to found new cities is much lower.

Endgame Coverage

Virthkinis’ (Loner) Victory Speech

Thetan’s (ART) Post-Game Speech

A Youtube Video of Loner’s Victory

Pictures from S3.com

Thank-you messages from the World Wonder Village holders to their supporting players

5 Responses

  1. An excellent addition to your site =)

    Excellent report, excellent site, best of luck in this sites devolopment

  2. One small remark. Elements didn’t disband due to the war with Rangers, elements disbanded because it sorta imploded due to bad leadership. I mean, their leaders were awesome for small alliances, but not for leading meta’s. The trouble in Elements started long before Rangers attacked.

  3. the leadership didn’t failed, the different kinds of leadership failed.

    exp: democracy and communism can’t fit in 1 state. we had such an issue, but with other systems..

    Oregon (former leader of Elements/Loners)

  4. Actually, because of the differences in individual and community efforts, I would rank it like this:

    Winning WW: Loner (held by Twyst)
    Largest empire: Lena
    Top attacker: Mojos
    Top defender: Bibii

    The winning WW was an outsider that took everyone by surprise and this show was most cleverly orchestrated. To append 21 additional alliances just because they were not enemies is somewhat blasphemous.

  5. Wow. I was telling someone about this server, and I just decided to google this for kicks. A lot of old names re-appeared. Good day. 🙂

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