S9.com: Operation Thunder Struck (Updated)

Earlier in the S9.com endgame, TRUST had 3 World Wonders in the lead, all about the same level. Inocka, Sakeman1, and Ex-Presidents had all passed level 60 when Chaos Factor struck, doing massive amounts of damage to each one. Thunder struck back on several of Chaos Factor’s World Wonders shortly after that. I’m going to try to collect as many of the battle reports as I can, starting with the assaults on the 3 Thunder World Wonders.

Before the attacks struck, some players were wondering why Thunder was keeping all of their 3 leading World Wonders at the same level. See this forum thread for an example: http://forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=135936

It’s not uncommon in Travian endgames to see an alliance push forward a “fake” World Wonder, to draw enemy attacks on it with the intent of having it be damaged beyond repair, with no intent of it ever having a chance to win the game. Perhaps Thunder was trying to triplicate this strategy, drawing as many endgame armies as they could away from Bratsoni’s World Wonder, which has the 5x building stability artifact to back up its defense. Maybe Thunder was hoping that by forcing its enemies to strike at 3 of their World Wonders, it would increase the difficulty of doing significant damage to Bratsoni’s.

I’m not sure if this was their plan or not, it’s just a guess on my part. But they certainly did get a lot of attacks at those 3 World Wonders. CF called it their attacks “Operation Thunder Struck”, and here are their results.

The attacks hit at the end of April. Look at the population drop for each of the 3 World Wonders on those days (courtesy of the Travian Analyzer):

Sakeman1: Drop from 692 pop to 556 pop, loss of 136.

Ex-Presidents: Drop from 690 pop to 348 pop, loss of 342. World Wonder reduced to Lv.0.

Inocka: Drop from Drop from 646 pop to 326 pop, loss of 320. World Wonder reduced to Lv.0.

Before I show the battle reports, it should be noted that Inocka held the Rival’s Unique Confusion artifact, meaning that the attacks could only hit random targets, except for the World Wonder, which could be hit as normal (She is no longer holding it, a different Thunder player has it now). 

CORRECTION: Inocka held a Great Architects’ Secret Artifact, not the Unique Rival’s confusion. The Architect’s Secret Artifact made Inocka’s buildings 3 times more resilient to catapults and rams, which greatly aided in the defense there, but they did not affect the targetting of the attackers. I apologize for the error. The Unique Rival’s Confusion is held by Rol, another Thunder player. I was helping to defend Inocka’s captial where the 3x artifact was, but I didn’t look at the Treasury and I thought the Uniquie Rival’s Confusion was there. I am surprised CF put so much effort and troops into trying to capture a 3x building stability artifact. This seems like a very odd priority to me.


Inocka is one of the leaders of TRUST, and probably the most publicly visible of all of them, so her World Wonder was no doubt a very important one and considered one of the favourites at the outset of the endgame. She might still have a chance to get back in this, but no doubt these attacks hurt her.

But because of the Unique artifact affecting the attacker’s targeting 3x stabilty artifact dimishing the damage that was done to the World Wonder, it was costly for CF as well.

The main purpose of this first Teuton hammer was to damage the Palisade, so the fact that the catapults only hit clay fields isn’t too big a deal.

But this had to be a real kick to the stomach:

8 million attack point and over 5617 catapults to hit an Iron Mine. Them’s the breaks. I don’t know what went wrong here, but this is a very costly error.

The attacks on the World Wonder still did regular damage because the artifact doesn’t extend its protection to the Wonder. Here’s Bubas from CF-O getting a good hit in:

You can tell that the defense at Inocka’s was starting to get beaten down (I lost a lot of my the defenders that I had there, it was tough to watch)

And even though they could only hit random infrastructure targets, some of them got lucky and managed to hit something valuable: Some of the attackers were severely reduced in effectiveness due to the protection of the artifact, like this one:

Here are some other significant attacks that hit Inocka’s as part of Operation Thunderstruck:

While this was going on, CF also launched attacks on Inocka’s capital city, where the unique artifact was being held. Though they killed off most of the defenders that were there with their several attacks, in the end they failed to capture the artifact. But according to one of their leaders, it wasn’t a total loss:

BurnsCF: The operation against Inocka’s Artifact was unsuccessful, but pulled away 100,000’s of troops from her WW. Which if you haven’t noticed is lv 44 right now and might be zero in an hour or so

At the end of the attacks, Inocka’s capital didn’t have a population loss that day.


Ex-Presidents World Wonder got the worst of the attacks from Operation Thunderstruck.

X.Y.Z.’s attack earned them some praise from some of TRUST’s major players:

Mirari: Bottom line of this op…CF used their usual zerg non organised tactics,while XYZ showed once more that they are probably the most organised group of the server…

Meet The Band: I can absolutely confirm this straight from the ex-presidents WW, which was attacked by XYZ (and a few CF hammers thrown in).

It’s damaged, definitely worse than the other two wonders getting hit.

 Here’s the two biggest armies that hit Ex-Presidents, both with over 8 million attack points and both from the alliance known as T.A.O. :

(Wimmy Wam Wazzle? Where do they come up with these village names?)

 You can see all the attack on Ex-presidents’ World Wonder here: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/1856809d2b2,18568114f25,1856826762e,1856847d66f,18568528a87,18568742b33,1856884d75f,185690d8713,1856927acf8,1856941d546,185695742ff,185697305b7


Sakeman’s World Wonder was left standing, and it didn’t lose nearly as much as the other two did. I didn’t see any battle reports from the attack on it, and it seems to be back in the race now.

After these attacks, the standings looked like this:

Thunder responded shortly after with a series of attacks on CF’s World Wonders, and I’ll be showing them soon in an upcoming post, while at the same time trying to keep up to date on the latest Server 9 events.


S9.com Update

It’s been 8 days since I last posted an update about the Server 9 endgame, and since then the World Wonders have come a long way, with few attacks on any of them so far. But I think we’re getting close to the point where things will get really interesting. 

Here are the current World Wonder standings: 


TRUST, aka Thunder/RA/U.N.E./Light, has the three leading World Wonders, and they seem to be building them up at a pretty even rate as opposed to letting one get out too far ahead. SW is in fourth with their one lone World Wonder, and then the four CF World Wonder are all coming up behind them, ready to take the lead after their big attacks have hit. I expect massive attacks from Chaos Factor and Thunder sometime in the future, but which will make the first move? 

It should also be noted that Bratsoni’s World Wonder is bringing up the rear, but he’s got the Architect’s Unique  Secret artifact, which makes all of his buildings and his walls 5x more stable against catapults and  battering rams. So he’s in excellent position right now. Thunder has put their enemies in a tough spot – they must attack the 3 leading World Wonders which are ahead of them, but they also have to keep enough offensive armies to stop Bratsoni after Thunder & friends hit them back. It’s a very solid strategy that Thunder is employing, and it will be interesting to see how Chaos Factor counters it. 

The alliances supporting the SW World Wonder have re-named themselves, they are no longer calling themselves South-West Masters (SWM). Now they are “JD”, taking the moniker of their strongest alliance, Jedi-Dawn. They have 4 wings and they are also in a non-aggression pact with BORG, who now have the last-place World Wonder after Steel Curtain conquered it from PB&J Time. BORG was formerly known as SWM-P, and before that it was CF-P, which was one of the Chaos Factor alliances that had treaties with both Chaos Factor and Thunder some time ago. I won’t bother making a map for them, but here’s a link to their alliance listing in the Travian analyzer: http://travian-utils.com/en/?s=com9&ida=3726. (They aren’t to be confused with a defunct alliance also known as Borg on S9

Rangers might be in trouble, they lost one of their World Wonder construction plans to TRUST, meaning they can only build one of their 2 World Wonders, and it can’t get past level 50 (you need 2 plans in your alliance to build a World Wonder from level 51-100). Rangers will have to steal back another plan from someone in order to get a victory, so we’ll keep an eye on them and whether they can manage to do that, or if they bite the bullet and team up with one of the other 3 factions. 

Chaos Factor is short a plan as well, having only 4 plans for their 5 World Wonders. SW still has both of their plans. 

Thunder’s biggest success (or perhaps I should say TRUST’s biggest success)of the endgame so far may well be their success holding onto the extra construction plans and the Unique Architects Secret’s and Rival’s Confusion artifacts. While not everything is going perfectly for TRUST, that’s a very strong position to be leading from. 

Unfortunately for TRUST, they lost one of their biggest offensive army recently. TheGaul, who is currently the server’s #1 ranked attacker and could likely finish that way, launched a major attack to try to conquer one of Syedfsz’s (from CF-WW) villages, but ran into an impressive defense there. Here’s the battle report, as you can see TheGaul’s army was a gigantic one: 

Click the picture to enlarge it

There’s a thread on the forum discussing this attack here: http://forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=135768

S2.com: The Herokiller

If you wanted to pick only one picture to show what a slaughter the S2.com endgame was, this would probably rank near the top of the list:

93 Heros all killed in one attack. I never thought I’d see something like this, but the battle report here is 100% legitimate.

How does something like this happen? Well, I guess all those Heroes were beaten up and nearly lost their hit points in earlier MDA attacks on The Falcon’s World Wonder, so JSizzle’s attack arrived just at the right time to kill them all off.

But 93? That’s got to be some kind of record. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.

S2.com: Operation The Last Breath

MDA knows that the S2.com endgame isn’t going to go down in history as a very exciting endgame. So they decided to “make a big ending” by launching one of the biggest coordinated attacks in the history of Travian. They called this series of attacks “Operation The Last Breath,” and by the time it was over, they had slaughtered the defense at and conquered all 6 of Panexus’ World Wonder cities, and they held every World Wonder on the server.

This operation started on March 23rd, so these reports and the standings in this post are a few days old (once again, I want to say that I regret not being able to cover this while it was happening, but I was just too busy).

To show you how big it was, here are the collected battle reports:

Part 1:


According to Godspeed, who along with DarthM planned Operation The Last Breath,  the goal of this part 1 was:

“To remove Crop Capacity and let them starve for 40 hours or so.. the more that starve the better.”

Then came part 2, “The Clear”, when the defense at all 6 World Wonders was systematicallyeliminated:



It should be mentioned that some battle reports from part 2 are missing from the above collection. There were just too many to get them all.

All that was left to do after part 2 was to have the chiefs walk in conquer the place. So here’s some reports from part 3:

Again, not all the chiefing reports are here. But I think you get the idea.

While MDA had an overkill of armies available to pull something like this off, and their opponents defense and organization left something to be desired, it’s still quite a lot of armies to keep track of and logistics to manage to pull something like this off, so I have to say “great job” to DarthM and Godspeed, as well as to all the MDA players involved.

So at the end of the operation, here’s what the World Wonder standings looked like:

S2.com: The first of MDA’s Big Guns to Fire

Before I do a post breaking down MDA’s “Operation The Last Breath”  from the Server 2 Endgame, I wanted to post some reports from what happened before that. At the time, Panexus’ leading World Wonder was held by The_Falcon, and MDA brought out the big guns against it. This happened last Sunday.

Here are the two massive endgame armies that were used on The_Falcon, and some analysis on them by me afterwards:

First there’s the “Ram Hammer”:

Lord Porky (now there’s a name…) has the following artifacts: The trainer’s slight talent (cutting his troop building time in half in one city), and the great titan boots (increasing the speed of his troops by 1.5 times for his entire kingdom).

And it’s obvious that he spent a lot of time with that artifact building a smackload of battering rams. This is one of the biggest groups of rams ever seen in Travian.

And it’s also the biggest overkill in an attack ever – because there was no wall at the World Wonder! Talk about spending a whole lot of time and resources  for nothing…

Not that it’s Lord Porky’s fault of course. The_Falcon absolutely should have built a wall. There’s just no excuse for not building one. With the huge amounts of defense that get amassed at a World Wonder, building a wall there should be a top priority.

Lord Porky is from MDA L and is currently ranked as the #4 attacker on the server.

Okay, now here’s the attack that followed shortly thereafter, which sent Falcon’s World Wonder from somewhere in the 60s down to zero. The battle report also  includes the defense at the World Wonder:

Now this is an apocalyptic army. Really, 100,000+ Imperians in of itself would be jaw-dropping. So would 62,000+ Equis Caesarises. But all of that and 27,000+ catapults? That’s hardcore.

As you can see, that attack by itself killed over half the defenders at the World Wonder! Willo could probably give the Natars themselves some lessons on how to attack somebody.

Willo is currently ranked as the #6 attacker on S2.com. He or she held a Trainer’s slight talent artifact from late September to the end of January, during which time they must have been massing up catapults like nobody’s business. The storing and feeding of this army must have been huge, so I’m surprised that Willo “only” has 26 villages. (To view Willo’s info on the Travian analyzer follow this link: http://travian-utils.com/en/?s=com2&idu=29614)

(By the way, remember the number of heroes that are defending the World Wonder in this report – it’ll come up again on another post in the future)


These next battle reports really don’t really fit in anywhere else, so I’m just throwing them into this post for the sake of completeness. Before the above attacks hit, MDA launched these two attacks on it:

This raid taken near the time of the attacks shows the defense at  The_Falcon’s World Wonder. Panexus seems to have had trouble getting a decent-sized defense at all of its World Wonders. And remember, this was their leading World Wonder at the time:


To be fair though, it should be remembered that the population on Server 2 is lower than usual, so there are less players to make defenders.


Coming up soon is a detailed breakdown of MDA’s “Operation Last Breath”, featuring more battle reports than the mind can comprehend!

S2.com: |PM| Attacks Panexus

Here’s quick wrap-up of some S2.com events:

– First, here’s the current standings:

– Stypia’s World Wonder is rebuilding quickly, and MDA’s leading World Wonders continue to advance very steadily, but the big news is that Simon Sez’s World Wonder was hit by an attack that sent it back a ways. But unlike the earlier attacks, this time it wasn’t The Mongol Deletion Assistants (MDA) who were the attackers, but a player from Project Mayhem (PM – or more accurately, one of their wings, |PM|).

Normally, one would expect that PM would concentrate their attacks on MDA, who are clearly in the lead and definitely the favourites to win, and not Panexus. And there has been plenty of examples of fighting between MDA and PM posted on the S2.com forums over the last few weeks, of both the in-game and the verbal variety.

So perhaps it can now be said definitely that Project Mayhem is on no one else’s side but their own. There seems to be no allegiance between them and Panexus at all. But if those two sides continue to fight against each other, MDA’s path to victory becomes even more solid (and it was already pretty darn solid to begin with).

Still, you would think that Project Mayhem would go after a World Wonder Construction Plan if they really wanted to cause as much chaos as possible. Then they could start building up their own World Wonder, which would definitely introduce plenty of mayhem into the endgame.

– Anyway, enough talk. Here’s the battle report of the attack:

– I’ve talked before about how I’d like to do a post that examines PM more in-depth, including their history on the server. I’m still hoping to do so, but I’ve got a lot of other things to write about so I’m not sure if and when I’ll get around to doing it.

– Same goes for my in-depth post on MDA.

– Heck, let’s add an in-depth post on Panexus while we’re at it.

– Alliance profiles for everyone – or not!

– But one alliance that I do want to take a little time to talk about today is Potdogs, who I haven’t mentioned on this site before. A member of that alliance recently visited this site and left this comment:

Perhaps you should add the alliances Potdogs and Potdogs2 to your map, in green, to fill it out. That would account for the large gray gap in the NE near the y-axis. Potdogs worked with PM throughout the server and are in a similar situation in that they are not interested in going for the WW. This 2-wing alliance has definitely earned mention when reviewing the server, earning a number of medals (mostly defensive) in their battles against PAN. Definitely an underestimated alliance the entire way through the server.

Here’s the map he’s talking about, which I put in an earlier post:

Like he said, Potdogs would account for the large group of grey dots near the middle of the map in the north. While Potdogs worked with PM earlier in the server, currently they aren’t allied with PM (at least as far as the Confederate/Non-Aggression Pact list is concerned), so that’s why I didn’t put them both as the same color.

If they are officially working with PM during the endgame, then I should make them the same color, but I’m not sure if the two of them are still working together as one side. But both of them were opposed to PAN throughout the server, making the Northeast a wild place throughout the game. And their animosity towards PAN is still evident (so is PM’s)

The site that I use to make this map can only do 3 colors, so I couldn’t add a fourth. I would have made Potdogs a 4th colour if it was possible to do so.

Potdogs doesn’t hold a World Wonder, but they are still a large alliance and they’re big enough to have an effect on the endgame. The main wing is ranked 13th overall. It looks like they have no love for Panexus. This is a quote from their alliance profile:

We are the old NE, we don’t betray our friends

– While MDA is already in a dominating position of strength, the lack of unity among the Northern alliances is definitely making the endgame easier for them. It looks like Potdogs and PM will just be playing for themselves for this endgame.

S2.com: Downtime During The Endgame (Updated)

The Travian.com Homepage showing the downtime announcement for S2.com

 It looks like the S2.com Endgame will be taking a time-out soon. They’ve announced on the Travian.com homepage that they are moving the server to new hardware and so it will be offline for 15 minutes.      

 It’s unfortunate that this is happening during the endgame, but so far not too many attacks have been flying around, so it probably won’t have too big of an effect on the server’s outcome.      

 Meanwhile, here’s the current World Wonder standings. The big change is that Doowah’s World Wonder was hit by the Mongol Deletion Assistants (MDA).      

    Here’s a battle report of the attack that was given to me by an S2 player. I’m not sure why the report doesn’t show any damage to the wall, with this many Rams it surely should have been enough to do some damage to it. Maybe another army hit before this and took out the wall? I’m not sure. If I get some answers on that I’ll update this post, so check back later.  UPDATE: Surprisingly, it looks like there was no wall built at all at Doowah’s World Wonder. This is a surprise to me, but it’s not the first time I’ve seen an alliance skip over building a wall. It’s big help to the defenders, especially when there are so many of them.  

     This is a gigantic Teuton Hammer. You don’t see that many Knights very often. Martel is the 28th biggest player on Server 2 and as you can see he put that size to good use. After this attack he is ranked as the 21st biggest attacker. Martel is from the alliance MDA C, which is one of the elite MDA wings. They are ranked as the #3 alliance overall and the #4 alliance when it comes to attacking. UPDATE: It should also be noted that Martel has had one of the Great Trainer’s Talent artifacts since early January.       

 The attack was followed by another large Teuton army about half an hour later, from a player in MDA D: