Is the Rally Point Restriction on its way out?

The latest servers to start on will not have the controversial Rally Point Restriction that was first introduced in Travian 3.6. Server 6, which started a new game on March 12th, was originally believed to include the recently introduced restriction that limits the number of attacks a player can send from their rally point which they use to control their city’s troops. This made it the second server on to remove the much talked-about restriction, following the new Server 1 which started on January 29th. The Speed Server restarted shortly after it, and it also lacked the Rally Point Restriction.

Now, other servers on Travian domains around the world are also removing the restriction. The new Speed server on the India Travian domain ( is a recent example.

The Rally Point Restriction would have limited the number of attacks and raids a player could send to 5 attacks per level, to a maximum of 100 attacks at level 20. Before the introduction of the Rally Point Restriction, players could send an unlimited number of attacks from a single city. Because offensive troops cannot be exchanged between cities in Travian, this cut down on the raiding abilities of players during the early game.  

The Rally Point Restriction has been met with strong reaction from Travian players ever since it was first announced last October. Many veteran players are against the change and say that it will have huge negative ramifications on how the game is played (click here to see one example). Other players have spoken in favour of it, claiming that it will help cut down on people cheating by using bots to send their attacks while they’re logged off, and that it will also benefit smaller players (click here for an example of this argument). It was the most controversial of all the new features and restriction introduced in version 3.6 of Travian. The instant recall feature, which allows players to use in-game gold to instantly return their troops to their home city after an attack, was also removed on many servers since the introduction of Travian 3.6. This feature only lasted for one round on (Server 10) before being removed.

While the Rally Point Restriction would likely help smaller players survive the early game, most top-level players agree that the Rally Point Restrictions will have a huge effect on strategies in the game’s later stages, when sending fake attacks of only one troop to many opposing cities is an often-used tactic to divide the defenders of an enemy alliance so that attacking armies can hit their targets without being killed.

I spoke with C0unse1, one of the leaders of the winning alliance from the most recently finished game (server 7), who is now leading a new alliance on Server 6. He had a mixed reaction to hearing the news of the rules change just days before the new game started.

“Overall I’m pleased, as the impact [the Rally Point Restriction] places on mid game offensives is too onerous, in my opinion. However, it was implemented to disrupt the prevalence of “bot-raiders” who now, it seems, will have an easier ride. I’d hope that now the anti-pushing rules are sorted, the Multi-Hunters will have more time to look for bot users and ban them. All things considered I welcome the news and I know that upon hearing of it, a spontaneous party erupted in several Skype rooms containing the hard-core raiders to be.”

Girasoul, one of the leaders of the winning alliance from the previous Server 6, who is also returning for the new S6, was pleased to at the news:

“I’m glad to see the rally point restrictions lifted for s6 as they were for s1.  The new changes made to Travians servers … that specifically target the botters sound like a much better solution than did the rally point restrictions that penalize everyone.  It will certainly be an interesting round and I’m looking forward to it.”


Server 6 Restart Announced on

The next round of finally has a start date. The new server will begin on March 12th, with pre-registration commencing on March 10th. It will be a version 3.6 Server (part of me was hoping they would surprise us with a classic version 3.5 server, but oh well).

There’s no official discussion thread for the new server on the forums yet, but there is an unofficial one.

At this time it’s unclear whether or not this server will have the Rally Point restrictions that were introduced with version 3.6, or if it will be free from them like the new Server 1 is. Victory Speech

Note from Travian Champions: We didn’t post a victory speech for earlier because we were told that there would be a joint statement from the leaders of MFD and LoD, which combined together to make LMFAOD, the winning Meta-alliance. However, no joint statement was ever made, so instead we will posting this statement that was posted on the forums by one of the leaders of MYTH.  

I am one of the three High Council Members of MYTH along with Girasoul and Sever and wished to post a note with some of my experiences on the server and to thank the many wonderful members and players who I met and worked with on this server.

First of all I want to thank all of the members of SU. Running SU was a huge pleasure because of the huge number of ridiculously experienced leaders all capable of doing anything that needed to be done and the willingness to sacrifice for each other even when it wasn’t asked for. No person could ask for a more gifted team or group of people to work with. Spartans United!

I would also like to thank both FUN and LOD. Our relationships were very rocky in the beginning (as in we were at war), but once we had negotiated you did what was necessary to keep the peace and worked hard to be fair to every player. I deeply deeply respect you for keeping your word to us and I am proud to have done the same for you. You were fantastic to work with and anybody who besmirches your honor is full of it. You went above and beyond the call of duty when allied with us and I am proud to have worked with you.

Thank you to the Dinos for being the awesomest support alliance ever.

Also I would like to thank the other leadership of MYTH. This game is about teamwork and I am proud to have worked with you and despite MYTH being the smallest of the three major metas, I feel that we did an amazing job and should be proud.

And lastly I would like to thank the members of MYTH. Without you we wouldn’t have done what we did on this server. I am proud to have represented you and wish you all luck in the future.

And, of course, thank you Pez for being the best General there is.

I owe many more thanks to individual players, but will be sending those out to my wings and players elsewhere rather than doing so publically. You all know who you are, and thank you.

-CT (Cthulhuo)

The Stories of 08-09 Collected

I’ve finally finished entering the stories of Server 6 08-09 that people wrote on the forums onto this site, and now I can collect them into one post.

Thanks to all the writers who took the time to do these post-games write-ups. If you add these stories together, the total word count is over 32,000 words, which is very impressive. It just goes to show how much drama, events, and interesting situations come up during a single game of Travian.

I realise that I’ve dwelt on a little longer than I should have, but because it’s the last Travian 3.0 server on, I think it holds some special historical significance when it comes to Travian and that’s why I’ve taken the effort to put these stories on my site for future reference. On top of that, Server 6 was a very good server skill wise and it definitely was a showcase for Travian being played at its highest level. You couldn’t ask for a more fitting server to be the last Travian 3.0 game played.

I regret that I wasn’t able to get stories for the alliances CWL and MYTH, who were major factors on the outcome of the server.

Story #1: Oz

Story #2: LoD

Story #3: FUN

Story #4: Cho

Story #5: DINO

The Story of 08-09: Entry #5 (DINO-R)

And finally, here’s the story of Dino-R as told by Raspberry. They played an important support role in the MFD Meta at the end of the game, but it’s interesting reading how they got that far:

I see all these posts about the histories of metas, but nothing about the history of individual alliances that joined metas halfway through the server. Maybe it’s because the alliances that were independent for that long tended to be too small for the metas to bother with…who knows.

Anyways, I’m here to tell you the tale of the formative events of a small collection of first-time players, the Red Raiders, that ultimately propelled them into contributing to the end-game as part of the best support alliance of s6 (according to Sarah and Gira anyways!). We are now Dino-R and not really a “small” alliance any more, but if it had not been for the series of attacks back in June and July, primarily from LoD*NUT, we’d probably have been eaten by FUN or MYTH by now instead of helping clear out the riffraff around one of their wonders and shifting troops and crops back and forth between Brush Monkey and Code!

Keep in mind that these are written from the perspective of a player from <1000 pop to ~2500 pop before you judge the numbers themselves too harshly =p

The Defense of RazzleDazzle

Crimson light illuminated the sentries standing along the walls of RazzleDazzle, as the sun crept above the horizon. For days, scouts and spies had reported the movement of a large force approaching the fortified town, although only rough estimates of its size were available. Fearing the worst, the leader of the small state of RaspberryBlu had ordered the conscription of every available man into the defense force, which had doubled in size over the past days. She also sent word to the various leaders of other village in the alliance of the Red Raiders, asking for any aid that could be given. And they had come. Legionnaires and praetorians from the lands of Tweetsi, Green Hazel and Sirktown; an army of the same from Cold Weapon and led by their hero, Equinox; a veritable Teutonic Horde from the twin castles controlled by Black Tiger, who had come himself to the aid of his friend; a battalion of phalanxes led by the hero of Matrix, who was accompanied by his bodyguard, a lone swordsman; and finally, two hundred mysterious druid riders from Binar’s distant villages of Na-Tu and Arnor. Hundreds of troops flooded into RazzleDazzle over the course of days, even as the artisans worked to strengthen the walls of the town. If only it would be enough. The marching feet of thousands of as-yet-invisible soldiers indicated that there was no more time for preparation.

Almost as if they were marching in time with the rising of the sun, the first ranks of the invading army came into view as they crested a slight rise in the land. Marching toward the main gate from the south, the army nearly filled the half-kilometer-wide field leading up to the city walls themselves. Bracketed on both sides by forest, it was a fearsome sight indeed, almost as if a river of death approached the walls and the soldiers atop them. Alarms sounded throughout the town as sleepy soldiers rushed to form up into their assigned units and man the defenses. One praetorian, newly recruited and barely trained, wailed in fear, threw down his sword and rushed toward the stairs leading down from the wall. His path was blocked by a mountain of a man wielding a club. Black Tiger lifted the terrified praetorian with one massive hand around his throat and swung him out over the wall.

Pointing toward the approaching army, he growled, “You can die right now, or you can pick up your sword RIGHT NOW and do your best to make sure THEY do the dying.”

Quailing, the soldier timidly picked up his sword and reluctantly returned to his post. Black Tiger, smiling to himself, looked out at the forced assembled upon the walls. Legionnaires, praetorians, axemen, and even a few imperians, looking distinctly out of place in their role as defenders manned the battlements. Arianna, the hero of RaspberryBlu’s army and overall general of the defense had placed him in charge of the forces on the walls, and he would not let her down in the coming fight. He eagerly awaited it. Below, he knew BLMC commanded the soldiers defending the gates, more legionnaires, as well as phalanxes and his own spearmen. Curiously, not a single cavalryman was to be seen within the city…nor was Arianna anywhere to be found. He grinned evilly.



The Story of 08-09: Entry #4 (Cho)

Cho was a small alliance that managed to make a decent impact on Server 6. They were important allies of One throughout most of the server. Here is their story, written by r00st3r:

I’ll just add a short story about cho.

We have different point of view on this game. It’s not our gold to win server. Qe are bunch of friends and Travian only keeps our chat alive and us together.
There were some 20 cho at the beginning, ~10 with great Travian skills, and ~10 that will always be noobs, no matter how you try to teach them. I don’t think they even like this game, but they are here for friends. We came here to play for few months, to create some chaos, show our fighting skills and wait until someone big wipes us out.
When the game got bigger, I was the first one screaming to mass delete and go elsewhere. well neither of that ever happened.

There was time when lots of us deleted. I said my goodbye here on forum and offered my account to several alliances. Only condition was to leave whats left of cho alone. One meta accepted it, and used it only to spy on us or something useless like that. My account was massively abused and ended banned. I took it back just to send my army to death and delete.
I was often away for several days. I had my capital croplocked during that days twice, although I had enough defense. That defense turned out to be useful in the way I put it in my capital when I’m away, so my off army doesnt starve.

As for politics, we had friends in ONE, and thats enough for us. We did our best to help them in CWL war. We attacked and fought like it was us. I was disappointed when they surrendered, as it was never the way we would do it. But, it was their call. We were offered a chance to join Space Lizards, and we declined. I didn’t like their manners on forum, and I would never be in alliance that has kaos and co. It’s a fucking game, and I chose who to play with. Although its hard to believe, I like lots of CWL guys, and Space Lizards in general, but they failed with to many wrong people.
The game got boring for us, some of cho went inactive again, we got pwned by Oz without almost any defense. But that awakened some of us. And it was fun again. 3 of us created a lot of dust on many battlefields.

In the end, our 8 man alliance has 2 attackers on front page, me being best roman attacker (yep im proud :p), and I think greatest average off points. We merged with rebels as we liked what they did, and to confirm our friendship last time.

So in the end, I love my cho girls and boys, and I’m proud of what we did.
There are many others that deserve to be mentioned here, and many things that I didn’t mention, but I promised it to be a short story

I dont believe that we will meet again, so I wish you all more real and less travian life, and best of luck to everyone

The Story of 08-09: Entry #3 (FUN)

The original posts in this story can be found here. I’ve edited it somewhat to keep it focused just on what happened in this round of Server 6. – Randomgeek


History of alliance Fighting United Now, a.k.a. FUN on s6, 2008-2009,
Written by Igor a.k.a. Cursez ( CZ )

The alliance FUN was created on previous server 6, by 4 people.. The democracy within the leadership was nullified by 1 of the leaders and FUN got its first solo leader who forcibly merged FUN with EMC, an enormous alliance. Soon before the end of the server, there were talks about restarting the server as FUN once again – now better and stronger and more organized. The remaining FUN leadership made a promise never to merge with a larger alliance again, no matter what.

It was agreed that the core elements of FUN are – Never merging, and having a Stronghold strategy – Settling a distant area, away from the center in order to make defending easier.

S6 soon got restarted and we begun. At the start I was given a position of Chief of Operations, meaning being offense and defense coordinator. I was given a place in the leadership and the leadership structure looked like this – 3 wings, FUN Flank (leaders VersusAllOdds and Cursez), FUN Main (leaders VioletV and rkw), FUN Lite (leaders Dootzkie and EAM). The FUN council consisted of these 6 personae, all having a equal vote.

Since the start, Flank wing was being led by 2 very active and devoted leaders – VAO and me. VAO did an excellent job training members – every single member started as a noob and soon became killing machine producing mass number of troops, and me at organizing defensive Operations killing hundreds, and later of thousands of troops.

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