Poll Results: Favourite Tribe

I made a poll back on February 24th, asking readers which of Travian’s 3 races is their favourite to play as. Then I got so busy covering the S2.com endgame and playing S9.com that I totally forgot to do a post about the results.

But here they are:

The final results were very close, as Teutons just barely beat out Romans by two votes, with Gauls coming in a respectable third with about a quarter of the votes. So it looks like each tribe has a decent following.

I’m not surprised that Teutons came in first, a lot of hardcore players favor them because of their aggressive nature and the ability to get off to a quick start when you’re playing them. And I know this site is popular with hardcore players.

Romans always seem to be the most-played tribe on servers. I think a lot of players like to play as them because everyone knows about the Roman Empire and how mighty it was, whereas comparatively a lot less people know about the historical Gauls and Teutons. Personally speaking, Romans are my favourite tribe. I really love the Horse Drinking Trough that was introduced in version 3.5, and I think the double-build feature makes them a lot of fun to play.

Though they came in third, Gauls still did okay. Players who like fast raiding really like the Gauls, and so do lesser-skilled players who find their double-sized cranny helpful. I’ve heard some players say that Gauls are a little too weak in version 3.5, but I’m not sure that I agree. I might do some posts in the future that looks at both sides of this argument.

Interestingly, it was a come-from-behind win. Romans were ahead with the most votes for the first few weeks, but then Teutons had a late surge and caught up to them.

Look for another poll on the site in the near future! And thanks to everyone who voted!


Poll Reminder

I’m going to be closing this poll in a few days, so I just wanted to remind readers to vote in it if they haven’t already.

I’m going to writing a post about the poll results sometime next week!

New Poll

I’m curious to see what tribe this site’s readers like the best.

Poll Results: How many servers do you play on?

A little while ago I put my first poll on this site, asking how many Travian servers they play on. Here are the results:

I only play one server myself. Between that and running this site, that’s all the Travian I can handle! Almost half the respondents see things the same way. Playing one server allows you have a life outside of Travian, and once your account has become big enough, there’s enough action on one server to keep you busy if you’re a player that likes to keep raiding, attacking, and building.

Playing two servers seems doable, but I don’t know how people play 3 or more, but apparently some of you do. I guess with dual accounts it becomes easier, but even though I love playing Travian, I wouldn’t want to play it that much. But I tip my hat to those of you who do. You’re hardcore.

I think by nature I tend to like to finish a strategy game before I start a new one. Back when I used to play a lot of Civilization, or other Strategy games (Any Birth of the Federation fans out there?) I would only have one game going at a time, and I think that just naturally carries over into Travian. I don’t like having to split my focus – or split my Gold, for that matter.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll! I’ll have a new poll on the site in a few days. I plan on making this a regular feature.

Poll: How Many Travian Servers do You Play?

I’m trying out a new feature: putting a poll on my site. This is an experiment, hopefully it will work correctly.

Please take the time to vote, and I’ll write about the results later!

Poll: How many Travian servers do you play on?