The Biggest Earners in Competitive Gaming

Ever wondered what the most succesful professional videogame players are like? Courtesy of’s Blog, here’s some interesting profiles from 5 of the biggest money earners in the world of competitive gaming:

Travian players are a competitive lot, so I thought they might be interested in this article.

It would be really cool if one day Travian has competitive servers for money prizes, especially considering all the skill and dedication it takes to win!

Advertisements A Look at Regulator’s World Wonder

There are some interesting stories and things to write about from the recently completed, and I’ll try to get to as many of them as possible over the next few days (assuming I have the time).

One things I want to take a closer look at is the winning World Wonder city. Regulator used quite a unique build that’s worth taking a closer look at:

Okay, so what’s odd about this picture? Only one Great Warehouse!

Regulator’s World Wonder City used TEN Lv.20 regular warehouses (one of which is hidden behind the World Wonder) to get the necessary capacity to build his World Wonder up. This is something I’ve never seen before in my relatively brief time of watching Travian endgames. Most players use several Great Warehouses to get the storage they need. It takes less overall time to build than this many Lv.20 Warehouses, and it takes up less building spaces, giving players more room for Great Granaries and maybe a Grain Mill (Regulator even had to tear down her Marketplace in order to get enough room for the last Warehouse).  So why did Regulator and South-WW break from the norm like this?

Here’s the story behind this unconventional building strategy: When the endgame was underway, the leaders of PS thought it would be a clever idea to only build regular Warehouses, and that way when Hammer armies were launched on Regulator’s Village that targeted the Great Warehouse, they would find none there, and the attack would be wasted (it would just hit a  a resource field or a regular warehouse, which take a lot less time to build).

But what ended up happening is that South-WW’s enemies, Aurora Borealis, didn’t end up coming after Regulator’s World Wonder until much later than Regulator and PS’s leaders expected they would. By the time they got around to launching the attack, it made more sense for them to target the World Wonder itself than the Warehouses (a possible tactical error on their part).

Regulator also had the Unique Architects Secret, meaning that all of her building except the World Wonder were harder to destroy than normal. So it made sense for them to target the World Wonder instead of a level 20 building. The decoy Warehouses were never targeted, so that ended up being pretty much all that was built!

It’s worth noting that Regulator was a Roman, meaning she got to combine the Roman’s amazing Lv.20 Wall Bonus with the 5x Building Stability artifact. It’s got to be a real to pain to attack into THAT.

Here’s a picture of the defense at Regulator’s World Wonder at the end of the game:


Remember that this server had less players than normal, so the amount of defense there is especially impressive.

Happy 5th Birthday

One of my favourite websites is celebrating its 5th year in existence, so I thought I’d wish a Happy Birthday to Digg.

I’ve been a big fan of for a while, and since I’ve started this site my appreciation for it has grown a lot. Digg lets you submit and news story or blog post on the internet, and then other people can “Digg” the story if they find it interesting, and stories that get the most Diggs get the most views. It’s a great way to be exposed to a whole bunch of interesting news stories that you wouldn’t hear about otherwise.

Also, they run Twitter feeds for several different topics. The Digg_Gaming  Twitter account is my favourite Twitter feed to follow. It automatically selects the most Dugg Gaming related stories and puts them onto Twitter, every day. Getting the daily updates to Digg_Gaming is a good reason to have a Twitter account in itself (along with following my Twitter account)

Here’s a cool video looking back at the five year history of Digg: 5 Years in 5 Minutes Server 1: Rally Point Limit Removed

Here’s some news that I’m sure many top Travian players will be happy about. Server 1, the next server to start on, won’t have the Rally Point Limit that was introduced in Travian 3.6.

Here’s the text of the announcement from the admin:

UPDATE: We all get the chance to show that the rally point restriction is not beginner friendlier than the old system and does not help to keep beginners playing. Therefore traviangames agreed to start this server exceptionally without the rally point restriction for testing issues. Many thanks to traviangames for this.
So now it’s up to you to show how beginner friendly you can be


Ever since its announcement, the Rally Point Restriction has been heavily criticized by many players on the forums and the other regional forums (US, AUS, UK, etc.). Many of these players also wrote to Travian Games directly to say why they felt these changes would hurt the game. Elite players were very concerned about how it would affect those who rely on a heavy raiding strategy, and how it would limit alliances ability to launch fake attacks which are an important part of wars between large Meta-alliances.

What we’re seeing here is hopefully a sign that the people who make Travian (Travian Games GBMH) are listening to the feedback of their experienced and dedicated players and are reconsidering some of the controversial aspects of the Travian 3.6 upgrades.

Let’s look at the evolution of the last three servers on, starting with the first Travian 3.6 Server,

  • Rally Point Limit: 4 Attacks per level
  • Auto-dodge
  • Auto-recall

  • Rally Point Limit: 5 attacks per level
  • No auto-recall

  • No Rally Point Limit
  • No auto-recall

In my opinion this is evidence that Travian Games is listening to its players and their feedback about what they didn’t like about version 3.6.

With the Rally Point Limit gone, I think Server 1  might be one of the best Travian games of all time. The talent pool for players is going to be phenomenal. Players who were in endgame alliances on the last,, and will all be taking part. And I would be surprised if some players on Server 8 who don’t like the Rally Point limit decide to jump to this server as well. No doubt about it, this server will be epic.

The server is now open for pre-registration, and play will begin on January 29th.

Aux Round 2 – Report from chessmanlau/VikingWarrior/Meta-BG

Recently Aux Round 2 ended with Meta-BG winning the server. Sadly I was unable to follow the endgame closely as I had real-life commitments. Instead I will be posting a number of summary’s written by key players from different alliances. Firstly I’ll be showing you a report from chessmanlau from the VikingWarrior account.
Whats interesting about Meta-BG is they were made up of 2 main meta’s who had been highly criticized throughout the server by some of the better players from Round 1. Their criticizes from the alliances CE and SSS were not interested in winning endgame although that wouldn’t stop them from zeroing a few WWs. Meta-BG was mainly made up of BG and the remnants of T4H. Right up until the endgame no-one really thought Meta-BG had a hope of winning.

I would post chassmanlau’s report here except it’ll take up most of a page :p
The full copy is here and I highly recommend you read it.

Aux Round 3 begins on Wednesday 27th January and Pre-Registration opens 2 days earlier.

Mario’s Still Got It

New Super Mario Bros Wii Hits 10 Mil, Breaks Sales Record

Mama Mia!

Travian’s user interface vs. other Browser Games

Oliver from the  Online Strategy Games blog did a comparison of User Interfaces  from various online browser games. Not surprisingly, Travian’s rated pretty good. Some of the other ones look like they’d be a real pain to play with. Click here to check it out.