Speed.com Jun-Oct 2009 (Travian 3.5)

Winning Player: RAYsama (PFF&TLL)

Top Attacker: HolyDrac (PFF) (2,792,096 kills)

Top Defender: 7Keys (PFF&TLL) (27,170,473 kills)

Largest Player: The Carnivals (P.V.P) (Population: 84,369 Cities: 85)

Winning Alliances


PFFt PFF_FL2 -Legion- AYO™  
TLL™ TLL™ 4 TLL™ 3 TLL™ 2  

(Abbreviations: PFF= Play For Fun, TLL = Tribute to Lapu-Lapu, AYO = Ayothaya Spirit)

Final Standings

 Speed.com09 Final Standings


– Start Date: Jun 5th, 2009 / End Date: Oct 27th, 2009 / Duration: 145 Days

– This was the first Speed.com Server to be played with Travian 3.5 rules

– RAYsama, the winning player, held the Unique Diet Control Artifact, meaning that his crop consumption was cut in half in all of his villages. He was able to take this artifact from a player in the alliance Dacia on Sep 29th.

– Due to some miscommunication by the enemies of PFF&TLL, several armies that could have taken out the leading World Wonder were left in their villages, while the armies that attacked targeted the Great Warehouse after level 100 of the World Wonder was already under construction. For more read this post.

– A blog by Bea from the alliance -Legion- with a lot more information and details from this server is located at http://bea-travian.blogspot.com/.

Endgame Coverage

Victory Speech by the leader of PFF & TLL

A video of the victorious World Wonder

3 Responses

  1. […] itself, so here’s the page I made for the winners of the recently completed Speed Server: https://travianchampions.wordpress.com/world-com/speed-com-jun-oct-2009-travian-3-5/ Here’s the link to the Hall of Fame page itself, it also shows the start date of all the […]

  2. TLL means Tribu ni Lapu-Lapu (in english, Tribe of Lapu-Lapu)

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