S8.com 08-09 (Travian 3.0)

Winning Player: Obor (áp.PTT™)

Top Attacker: Derk (TSS™) (1,761,016 kills)

Top Defender: Obor (áp.PTT™) (10,889,418 kills)

Largest Empire: Kirsa (Dash) (Population: 54,074 Cities: 55)

Winning Alliances



TSS™ ROCK ON™ ápeiron² Æ-Phoenx Eximus
Infinity ápeiron™ Alpha WEST ápeiron6

(Abbreviations: ap = Apeiron, PTT = Pan-Travian Tyrants, TSS = The Silent Service, TW = Taiwan and Chinese, CC = Central Core, MW = Middle West, ME = Middle East, LE = Lower East, NE = North East, UE = Upper East, TR = Trust, FE = Far East, LW = Lower West, SH = Support HQ, NEA = North East Academy)

Final Standings


– Start Date: Oct 18th, 2008  / End Date: Nov 2nd, 2009 / Duration: 396 Days

– This was the first ever Server 8 on Travian.com, and the second-to-last .com Server to be played using version 3.1

– The winning Meta-Alliance was composed of the dominant South East alliance (PTT) and the dominant North West alliance (Apeiron). PTT also has some strong members in the Northeast.

– Apeiron alliances were named Apeiron1, Apeiron2, Apeiron3, etc., for a significant portion of the game, but near the end of the game they reverted to their old names. Indoing’s World Wonder was also a part of the ap.PTT side, but he switched back to his original alliance on the last day when they knew that their side had won.

– The main opposition to ap.PTT was LEGO (based mainly in the Southwest, and also aligned with ArEs in the Northeast) and Silent But Deadly (based in the Northeast).

– The Endgame went on for a very long time, and the server lasted well over a year. The finish was close, the top 7 World Wonders were all level 94 or higher. There were hardly any large armies left on any of the sides by the time the game ended.

– There was some controversy surrounding the #1 attacker, Derk. His attack numbers steadily increased but he didn’t seem to use a large attacking army against ap.PTT opponents, and his numbers never slowed down as the game neared its end, so some suspect that he was killing off own clubswingers. He claims that he was just repeatedly attacking small players, but others have questioned whether there were enough small players left to give him that many points. The #2 attacker was FatOne from PTT_ME with 1,380,295 kills.

– The race for top defender was close too. Cassini from SBD finished with 10,621,251 kills, which is less that 30,000 behind Obor, but close to 300,000 ahead of 3rd place. Cassini faced one of the biggest assaults on a World Wonder ever, click here to read about it.

– At the start of the Endgame, SBD had a non aggression-pact with PTT and Apeiron. It held for a very long time into the endgame, until World Wonders had already passed Level 90. Up until then the endgame had been relatively uneventful, but all hell broke loose when Fred Garvin, the only World Wonder ahead of SBD’s, was attacked by LEGO, leaving SBD in the lead. While the Non-aggression pact was already straining due to some “rogue attacks”, this left Ap.PTT in a situation where they had to attack SBD if they wanted to win.

– Despite the fact that they only held one World Wonder, SBD was a major force because they comprised of many of the top 10 alliances on the server. They decided to hold only one World Wonder because they had been fighting each other for most of the game, and if they held two there were doubts about whether they would be able to stay united.

Endgame Coverage

A youtube video of Ap.PTT’s victory

Red Queen’s  (Ap.PTT) victory speech

LEGO’s post-game speech

Brooker’s (SBD) post-game speech

Interview with Heinz James, leader of Apeiron

Interview with Ice/Red Queen, leader of PTT


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the great coverage of .com8

  2. I am the leader of AE. Absolutec. I was on my sleeper cell accounts. Basically Lego won as well.

  3. Can’t believe this is all still here! I hadn’t thought about this for quite some time. I started my own company last year and called it ápeiron. Had a great time playing this server and still stay in touch with one or two people.

    I thought I’d share something with you that only 3 or 4 others knew. As we neared the end of the game and it looked possible that Obor’s WW would win, there was evidence that a few of one of the alliances swallowed up into apeiron wanted to stiff apeiron and PTT and rename it for their old alliance. Obor had talked about it with his old buddies but came to me saying he wasn’t planning to do it and it was all just kidding. He gave me his password and insisted I change it letting no-one else know. I appreciated that and told him no harm done. He went dark shortly after and I was left running the account with a few other guys – Koveras being one of them. I’m not even sure if the original Obor knows he won or not!

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