S7.com 09-10 (Travian 3.3)

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Winning Player: Regulator (South-WW)


Top Attacker: Incognito (PS) (1,452,841 kills)

Top Defender: Regulator (South-WW) (10,603,528 kills)

Largest Empire: Caio Mario (PS) (Population: 39,445 Cities: 40)

Top Raider: Incognito (PS) (481,449,402 resources)

Winning Alliances


  PS   PS-2  
[B] B-OW B-Scythe B-Lycans B-Kris
  B-OS B-AlamoW B-AlamoE  

(Abbreviations: PS =Peaceful Simmers, IR = Imperium Romanum, B = The Brotherhood, LW = Light Warriors, BD = Bretheren Dragons, UD = Ultimate Dragons, U.C. = United Countries)

Final Standings



– Start Date: Feb 27th, 2009 / End Date: Jan 14th, 2010 / Duration: 321 Days

– This was the second server to be played on Travian.com with the new features of Travian 3.5

– The server started as Travian 3.0 and was upgraded to version 3.5 of Travian shortly after it begin. This means it was played on a Travian 3.0 map and the changes to Legionnaires and Phalanxes were never put into effect. Because of this, it was officially considered to be “version 3.3″.

– The winning Meta-alliances, South-WW, was unsurprisingly almost entirely made up of alliances from the two Southern quadrants. Imperium Romanum, The Brotherhood, and Light Warriors were the rulers of the Southeast, and PS was the strongest alliance in the Southwest. The main wing of each of these alliances were ranked #1-#4 on the server. (Brotherhood = #1, IR =#2, PS = #3, LW = #4)

– PS has quite an interesting history on this server and impressed everyone with their strategic skills. They were a small alliance made up of very elite players. When they had less than 30 members and only one wing, they were confederated with the leading alliance in the Southwest which had several wings. Soon after the release of the artifacts, the relationship between the them and the Southwest alliance soured, and they found themselves battling a foe that vastly outnumbered them, but through amazing tactics and teamwork (and some strategic support from the Southeast alliances) they were able to defeat the Southwest Meta.

– The winning world wonder holder and top defender, Regulator, was also from PS. This marks the first time in Travian Champions where one alliance generated all of the individual honors for a server. The winning World Wonder holder, top attacker, top defender, top raider, and largest player were all from PS. This is a very impressive accomplishment.

– South-WW held 5 World Wonders altogether, their opponents had 8. Slacker and Caio Mario also held World Wonders as part of the South-WW alliance, but they switched back to their original alliances when it became apparent that Regulator would win.

– The main opposition to the South-WW Meta was Aurora Borealis, which was composed of two strong Meta Alliances from the Northern Quadrants, Tabula Rasa in the Northeast and War Pigs in the Northwest. They were at war with one another up until shortly before the endgame began. (I would say that on this server the final makeup of both endgame Meta-alliances was formed quite a bit later than is normal).

– Key Artifacts used by South-WW in getting their victory were the Unique Rivals Confusion and the Unique Architect’s Secret.


6 Responses

  1. Excelent initiative, this magazine.

    Please don’t give up, even if you’re busy in your RL.

    We, the addicted players, appreciate and thank you.

    Caio Mario

  2. Hi 🙂
    Just like to mention… we got the end game message changed too 😀
    That was for all the women who play Travian.

  3. Entertaining. =)
    (poolparty) was my WW once upon a time (finger)

  4. Congrats to you guys/gals. It was alot of fun.

  5. If the Brotherhood is still around — I’d like to invite you guys to come to s2 if you want a new challenge and a new server. It re-starts April 23, so about 2 weeks. You can PM me on the travian.com forums.

  6. […] Simmers, one of the key alliances that was a part of the winning South-WW Meta-Alliance on S7.com 09-10, posted an awesome post game analysis on the S7.com forums. I thought that it was definitely […]

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