S2.com 09-10 (Travian 3.3)

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Winning Player: Georgepan (MDA 4Pay)


Top Attacker: Trevrep (MDA L) (2,320,007 kills)    

Top Defender: Georgepan (MDA 4Pay) (6,087,907 kills) 

Largest Empire: Lord Porky (MDA L) (Population: 50,000 Cities: 54)   

Top Raider:  Trevrep (MDA L) (1,211,598,467 resources) 

Winning Alliances


MDA 4Pay  

MDA L  MDA UR      

(MDA = Mongol Deletion Assistants) 

Final Standings






– Start Date: Start Date: Apr 18th, 2009 / End Date: Mar 31st, 2010 / Duration: 347 Days 

– This was the 3rd server to be played on Travian.com with the new features of Travian 3.5, and the final server to start with the Travian 3.0 rules and use the Travian 3.0 map. 

– MDA, the winning Meta-Alliance, dominated the endgame and won it in relatively quick fashion. The endgame lasted only 47 days. 

– MDA dominated both of the Southern Quadrants, and the alliances in the North were much weaker and many of the strongest ones weren’t united on the same team. 

– Unlike the previous two Travian 3.5 endgames (S1.com and S7.com) this endgame didn’t start earlier than normal. On those servers the endgame started about a month earlier than normal, but on S2.com it started at the regular time – 300 days. The game had 2774 players left by the time it ended. 

– MDA was formed by a merger of the top alliances in the SW and the SE, MDS and DA joined together in December to become MDA. 

– MDS (Mongol Death Squad) was the top meta-alliance in the Southeast, and they included many of the winners of the previous S2.com round (08-09). Click here to view a Youtube video of MDS’s largest armies from the 08-09 server

– DA (Deletion Assistants) was the top meta-alliance in the southwest. They played together on the previous S5.com 08-09, which was won by U-EnD. 

– Trevrep, who was the #1 attacker and #1 raider, put up mind-blowing numbers. He was widely hailed by his allies and enemies alike as one of the best players ever to be seen on Travian. He used the Unique Titan Boots as his signature artifact, which let him rack up kills at a phenomenal pace. One thing to bear in mind also is that he lost his main army before the World Wonder stage of the game, so unlike most players who finish as the #1 attacker he didn’t get a massive number of kills at a World Wonder. His raiding of over a billion resources is also very impressive. 

– The largest opposition to MDA came from Panexus, which was a merging of various alliances from the Northern quadrants, mainly PAN in the NE and Extreme in the NW. 

– MDA had a huge advantage when it came to artifacts. Their largest rival, Panexus, had no unique or large artifacts during the endgame. MDA also had the vast majority of the small artifacts. Read more about the northern alliances and the artifact distribution in this post: https://travianchampions.wordpress.com/2010/03/11/s2-com-endgame-update-the-northern-alliance-vs/ 

– Project Mayhem “[PM]” was a powerful alliance mainly based in the northeast quadrant that refused to team up with Panexus and stayed independent until the end of the game. They were an elite group of players who succeeded in causing a lot of chaos and made life very difficult in the NE for the other alliances there. PM also did quite well in regards to the artifacts; they held more artifacts than most small independent alliances would be capable of, including several large and unique ones. PM mostly stayed as a single-wing alliance for most of the game, though they eventually took on a support wing “|PM|” that also did well for themselves. Project Mayhem’s leadership was mainly interested in just causing damage, and many of their top players left the game early before the endgame phase. Because the damage PM did in their was with other northern alliances was beneficial to the MDA, there was an unwritten NAP between the two groups for most of the game. At the start of the endgame, PM seized one World Wonder which led to fighting between MDA and PM, but PM was unable to get a World Wonder construction plan and thus didn’t become a factor in the endgame. 

– Another noteworthy northern group that stayed independent to the end of the game was an alliance named Potdogs. Because the Northern alliances were lacking these good players, they were no match for MDA which united all of the top players in the south, and was led by well organized leadership. 

– Two of the World Wonders are missing from the final standings because the player who held them deleted their account. Events like this are rarely seen in Travian, because World Wonders are hard to get a hold of and any player who manages to capture one is normally interested in playing until the end of the server. But in this game, MDA was so dominant that their winning was a foregone conclusion. Project Mayhem was responsible for one of the World Wonder deletions, and later after Project Mayhem a PAN player conquered and deleted another one.

– At one point MDA held every World Wonder that was in the game, thanks to massive series of attacks known as “Operation The Last Breath”, during which they seized all 6 of Panexus’ World Wonders. 

Travian Champions Coverage


The Northern Alliances Unite Against MDA (Includes an alliance map) 

–  The Herokiller of S2.com 

S2.com: The Biggest Armies in action during Endgame 

S2.com: MDA Rules (written after MDA had conquered all the World Wonders) 

Operation The Last Breath 

Victory Speeches by leaders of MDA

A Victory Toast from leaders of MDA (Youtube Video)

An interview with Trevrep, the #1 Attacker

Analysis of what went wrong for the northern alliances

The damage done by Project Mayhem

Project Mayhem story by a  former member


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  1. MDA W
    MDA Wt I
    MDA UR
    MDA P
    MDA R
    MDA S
    MDA D
    MDA L
    MDA B
    MDA X
    MDA C

    Is the list of winners, And one of the WW,s was deleted by PAN

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