S1.com ’09 (Travian 3.3)

Winning Player: Assassins (TAG)

Top Attacker: Marius&Marius (Legends6)  (1,200,838 kills)

Top Defender: Assassins (TAG) (13,547,777 kills)

Largest Empire: H.G.T. (TAG-SA) (Population: 51,347  Cities: 51)

Top Raider: Marius&Marius (Legends6) (838,521,449 resources)

Winning Alliances


»EximuS« »ExS-L« »ExS|B« »ExS|F« »ExS|G«
  »ExS|Ac« »EXS-M« »EXS-A«  
AVe AVe N AVe E AVe A  

(Abbreviations: TAG = The Awesome Group, SG = Slackers Guild, AVe = Avengers)

Final Standings


– Start Date: Jan 10th, 2009 / End Date: Dec 22nd, 2009 / Duration: 347 Days

– This was the first ever server on Travian.com to have the new features of Travian 3.5. Most notably, it was the first server to have the new artifacts.

– The server started as Travian 3.0 and was upgraded to version 3.5 of Travian shortly after it begin. This means it was played on a Travian 3.0 map and the changes to Legionnaires and Phalanxes were never put into effect. Because of this, it was officially considered to be “version 3.3”.

– The winning Meta-Alliance, The Awesome Group, consisted of several alliances with different sets of leadership.

– The Northwest never really united under one top alliance, and instead there were many good small alliances in that quadrant. These included several alliances that were a part of the winning side, including RONIN, VENTRUE, SG, and Solo. There were also major alliances in that Quadrant that opposed them, most notably 105, which was a part of WW Gang, the Runners-up.

– Despite the lack of unity in the Northwest, it produced the winning World Wonder. The winning player, Assassins, had been a member of RONIN before transferring to TAG for the endgame.

– Eximus and AVe, who comprised a large portion of the TAG population, were the top alliances in the Northeast.

– Unlike most of The Awesome Group, LEGO was based in the Southwest, which was also home to the other part of WW Gang, the alliance Art of War (AOW). AOW were the winners on Server 6 07-08.

– SE WW was obviously based in the Southeast. It mainly consisted of the Meta-alliances Legends and SRB.

– The alliance BIA, aka Brothers in Arms, was also based in the Northewest, and diplomatically speaking, they were somewhere in the middle between the alliances in TAG (RONIN, SG, VENTRUE, etc.) and the ones in WW Gang (105 and its wings). They held one World Wonder and managed to finish 4th in the standings.

– The Endgame started about a month earlier than it usually would have, due to there being less players than normal who were still on the server. This led to an endgame where a lot less players than normal were participating. For more information, read this post.

– The Winning player, Assassins, made use of the Architects Unique Secret Artifact, which  made his buildings 5 times more stable against Catapult attacks across his entire account (with the exception of the World Wonder itself). This made it very hard for his enemies to land effective hits on the buildings at his World Wonder village and was thus a big contribution to TAG’s win.

Travian Champions Coverage

Why the Endgame started early


14 Responses

  1. http://travian-reports.net/us/raport.php?id=14497087036

    that was an attack from AOW onto a WW of TAG which stood at 90. The TAG player had the powerful 5x stability artifact and despite that AOW took it down in one attack.

    Note: The AOW player had the artifact which reduced crop usage.

  2. Also note the above player used the unique training artefact for a number of months allowing him to create the clear largest army the server would see.

    • Slight correction: TKL had the unique crop artifact. Kain had the unique trainer for most of the server.

  3. I’ve revised the wording on the last entry on the Notes section to because it was a little misleading.

  4. The architects 5x/3x artefact is effecting all the structures/fields/wall except the World Wonder 🙂

  5. Sorry for double posting but I forgot to add this:
    All the structures/fields, wall and the World Wonder’s building time were reduced to half.

    • HI PLINDE!!! im in eximus as well 🙂
      anyway, im only here to say sorry for my misleading words
      too busy being happy with TAG’s Victory.

  6. Brothers in Arms

    There’s more than one of us.

  7. LEGO was destroyed from SW. AoW did it in a month or two. SG with their friends didn’t manage to do same to 105. 105 finished the server in top 10 in off def and pop.

    • (The above comment by “heh” was edited for clarity and grammar. I suspect that the person who submitted it doesn’t speak English natively.

      There was one part of it I couldn’t make sense of and just deleted, but the rest I tried to put into proper English the best I could.)

  8. of course the fact that LEGO was 12 people and 105 was 2 wings of ~ 50 each skips the mind of some 😛

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