Speed.co.uk Jun-Nov 2009 (Travian 3.5)

Winning Player: FlacidBell (HoS)

Top Attacker: What&Ever (*FoB*) (2,306,227 kills)

Top Defender: Flacidbell (HoS) (28,092,569 kills)

Largest Empire: What&Ever (*FoB*) (Population: 68,538 Cities: 71)

Winning Alliances


N@P Renegade M A D ZODIACs ™W
~TRC~ ND [F • F] BWWB  

(Abbreviations: HoS = Heroes of Sexytime, N@P = Noobs at Play, TRC = The Royal Court, ND = Northern Devonia, F F = Friends Forever, BWWB = Back Where We Belong)

Final Standings

UK Speed Final Standings Jun-Nov 09

Notes/Endgame Coverage

This was the first UK Speed Server to be played under Travian 3.5 rules.

To view the Hall of Fame entry on the UK Travian forums, click here

Youtube video from the Winning Meta-Alliance

Victory Speech from the player with the winning World Wonder

The forum archive for this server on the UK Travian message boards


One Response

  1. Hey if Sexy worked like a team they would of obviously won.
    Just saying…

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