Tips for Beginner Players – General

  • Okay, let’s start with an overview of what Travian is about. Travian is a strategy game where you rule over a kingdom and you play with thousands of other players from around the world. You start with one small city, few resources, and no army, but as the game goes on you can settle new cities and expand your army and military might.
  • Travian is a Browser Game, meaning that you don’t have to download anything to play it, and you can log onto it from any computer that’s connected to the internet.
  • Travian is a Real-Time game, meaning that the game is still going on even when you’re not logged on. When you’re offline your villages still produce resources, and they can still be attacked. But don’t worry, defending yourself isn’t too hard.
  • Each world of Travian is divided into 640,000 Squares. A single village takes up 1 square, no matter how big the village gets. In some ways this makes Travian like a gigantic board game.
  • All the villages in the game are owned by other players. That means you’re going to be interacting with A LOT of other people. You will be trading, fighting, and forming alliances with them. Everything in this game is player driven.
  • A single game of Travian lasts for about a year. When the game ends, you don’t get to keep any of your cities or your army. You start a new game right back where you started – with one small village.
  • Travian is a Freemium game. It is free to play but you can pay money to buy “Gold” in the game, which you can use for many special features such as getting extra resource production, getting your builders to complete what they’re working on instantly, or buying an upgraded account that has several special features. However you can still build a large kingdom and enjoy the game without paying anything if you choose.
  • There are many servers on which to play Travian. You can play on as many different servers as you like, but you can only have one account on each.
  • Travian has over 5.1 million players and is available in 43 different languages.
  • The International Servers for the game are at If you like, you can play on a country-specific server such as or Playing on a country specific server is a good idea for first time players because the International Servers are very competitive.
  • You can choose to register for a server on the first day it opens, or you can wait until months later if you choose. Many of the experienced players will join a server in the early weeks, so if you start it later you lessen your chance of being located near experienced players. (The later you register the further from the centre of the map you are located). For a beginner, there’s nothing wrong with joining a game after it has been in progress for several months.
  • There are 3 tribes in Travian: Romans, Gauls, and Teutons. It’s recommended that new players select either Romans or Gauls. But if you are good at strategy games and you plan on first time player.
  • When you’re a new player you have Beginner’s Protection and you can’t be attacked. Beginner’s Protection lasts for somewhere between 3 days to 14 days. On a brand new server it’s only 3 days and it the amount of time increases as the game goes on. This gives new players a chance to build before other players can attack them.
  • You can choose to start in any of the four quadrants of the map, or you can have the game place you randomly on the map. The quadrants are Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast. If you are signing up with a friend you should both select the same quadrant, that will increase your chances of being located near each other.
  • Follow the advice of the Questmaster who will guide you through the first part of the game and give you free resources when you complete certain tasks. Try to get as much done as you possibly can before your temporary Plus account runs out.
  • It’s highly recommended that new players read the game’s tutorial and instructions thoroughly. There are also many great strategy guides you can find on the Travian forums, or just by searching the internet (but some of these will be written for advanced players).


  • There are 4 types of resources: Lumber, Clay, Iron, and Crop. Your starting village will have 4 Lumber, Clay, and Iron fields, and 6 crop fields. They start at level 0, and you can upgrade them all the way to level 10.
  • When you buildings and troops, they will consume crop every hour, so your crop production will decrease as your village and army increase. If your total amount of crop falls below zero your troops can starve.
  • In your capital city you can upgrade your resource fields in that city  past level 10. To make a city your capital you have to build a Palace in it.
  • At the start of the game, concentrate on building your resource fields. Don’t worry about building a lot of buildings until your resource fields have been built up to at least lv.3 and you have some troops. Only construct the buildings the Questmaster tells you to.
  • Be sure to SPEND your resources. Resources that are just sitting around aren’t doing you any good. Try to make sure your warehouse and granary never overflow. This is a common beginner mistake.


  • Your main building is located in the centre of your village. The higher its level, the faster other buildings and resources fields in the same village are built.
  • The first building that you’ll build will be the Cranny. Crannies are a great help to beginners as they hide your resources when you are being raided. The higher level your cranny is, the more resources it will hide, up to a maximum of 1000 at Level 10. Note: This means it will hide up to 1000 of each resource. If you’re playing as Gauls, your cranny’s capacity is doubled (maximum=2000) 
  • After you’ve built one cranny to Lv.10, you can build a 2nd or 3rd one if you need to.
  • You need to build a Rally Point in order to control your troops. The Questmaster will show you how. After you’ve built it on the curved piece of land next to the center of your village, you can click on it to see what troops are in your village and where you’re being attacked from.
  • After you’ve built a Rally Point you can build a Barracks, which you use to train infantry troops. The higher you upgrade your Barracks the faster your troops will build.

Building Troops:

Founding Other Villages:


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