The First 72 Hours Guide

This guide is intended to help people through the first 72 hours of the server and some of the tricky decisions to be made during this period. You will note that I have said the first 72 hours of the server and not of your game. That is because this guide is directed at those who start day 1. Although the guide is geared at Teutons players and day 1 starters at that, the principles underlying it are common to all races and some of the build orders are relevant even if you do start later.

There are very good reasons why you may wish to start later than day 1. The common consensus is that those who start on day 1 are the Travian crazies, keen to re-enter the fray and farm like maniacs. Consequently, raiding is likely to be harder with more of your neighbours active. Those who enter the server later will include a higher proportion of new players (farms) and so spawning around these people makes good sense. There is also the advantage that by entering later you will still be in beginners protection (BP) whilst there are targets to hit who don’t have it. If you are particularly lucky and spawn beyond day 4, there is an outside chance you may spawn onto an already deleted village and be surrounded by people who you can start farming immediately, whilst you enjoy your 3 days of BP. I have no doubt that your servers first month of raiding would be better by starting later than day 1.

So given all of this, why would anyone choose to start on day 1? The answer is simple. The race for a second village. There are fewer more important decisions that can influence your server than the location of your capital. Some of you may wish for a “border” cropper, others one deeper within a quad, but in any event there are very few “holy grails,” these being village with 15 crop fields with 150% oasis bonuses. Second villages tend to start becoming settled from day 10+ of the server. You needn’t necessarily be the first to settle the second village to get your prime 150%, but you must certainly be amongst the first to stand a chance. Should you choose to start on day 4, yes your longer term raiding prospects may be better but the downside is you effectively impose a 4 day handicap on the race for second village. A four day handicap, in a race that lasts between 10 and 16 days can be fatal.

So this guide is for those who wish to race for the fastest possible second village. It makes certain assumptions.

  • You are a travian crazy
  • That you are racing to a 150% 15-cropper
  • That you are a gold user
  • That you are active


These assumptions being made, let us examine the decisions to be made in the first 72 hours.

1.         When should I activate my account?

Given it’s a race, the earlier the better subject to three important caveats. Firstly, both you and your neighbours will come out of BP at roughly the same time. It is essential that you are online at this time. You will want to be launching your clubbies as soon as they come out and likewise, be online to dodge and spend in case raided yourself. This means activating your account when you know you will be around 72 hours later to start raiding properly. Secondly and to an extent, a delayed start may still put you some distance away from the true crazies, who activate in minute 1. Thirdly, in my experience a 3 hour delay will spawn you around the 30/30 area. Having an army based around this area is never a bad thing given that’s the approximate spawn location for the unique artifacts.

2.         Tasks or No Tasks?

This is a no-brainer. DON’T DO TASKS. Remember the guiding principal we are working towards is to get to the second village as quickly as possible. To get your second village you need to spend as follows:

On top of those sums may be additional ones, researches for scouts and further clubbies, but for present purposes let us assess the cost of a new village to be 400k.

Certain things become immediately apparent. Although a maxed out village will produce that sum in 3 ½ days, given that to max out your fields to level 10 costs just short of 1 million resources, waiting for the resources to first max your fields and then start the tech and build settlers will involve a huge delay to your quickest time given you would then be looking to obtain 1.4 million resources before your second village. Is it therefore worth upgrading any fields before you get your second village beyond the croplands required?

The return on investment (ROI) of a field can be calculated by a fields total cost, divided by the increased resources you get from the upgrade less any crop consumed by the upgrade.

This shows us that:

These ROI figures must be set off against a single clubbie. A clubbie costs 250 and can bring back 60 in a raid. In just over 4 raids he has paid for itself. Even assuming 10% efficiency in a clubbie’s raiding ie. He brings back only 6 resources and has to travel 30 minutes each way to collect those 6 resources, he still pays for itself in 40 hours. This is considerably better than the best of field incomes.

In addition to ROI, one must also factor in that fields are guaranteed an hourly income, unlike the poor clubbie. Consider that a level 1 cropland produces an extra 3.75 resources/hr. Given that your clubbie can only carry 60, if it takes longer than 16 hours to bring back 60 (an 8 hour each way raid), you would be better off with the cropland than the clubbie. Of course one must also factor in that a clubbie will rarely return full and assuming 20% efficiency, this would suggest that once you are sending your clubbies raiding > 2 hours out, you’d be better off with the level 1 cropland. A final variable is of course losses through attrition which are not easy to quantify.

Putting all these factors into account, in my opinion it seems clear that it’s by early raiding and not “wasting” resources by building fields. There will come a tipping point when fields become more beneficial than building further clubbies. As to when that is, is a matter of judgment in each case and not the scope of this guide.

Most of the above is simply to establish the premise that it’s by quickly building a clubbie army which will allow you to settle fastest. When deciding whether or not you wish to do tasks, the only question which remains therefore is “will I have more, or less clubbies by the time BP expires if I choose to do tasks?”  The answer, I’d suggest is by refusing tasks.

Scenario A: With partial tasks

Assuming you select the economy route and level up some fields to level 1, you can reach and complete task number 21 within 42 hours of starting. Whereas there is some merit in doing these tasks, as you will be needing most of the structures built in any event, there can be no benefit in continuing with tasks beyond task 21. This is because task 22 gives only a gold benefit (all tiles to 2) and the ROI on those tiles shows they don’t pay off till long after you are out of BP, and task 22 serves no purpose and indeed, u make a loss on it – until such time as you join an alliance.

Experience (and testing) has shown that by stopping at task 21, you can have 19 clubbies by the time BP expires.

Scenario B: No tasks – delayed build

When you refuse tasks, you none the less still receive 2 shipments of gold and 5 shipments of resources. Each resource shipment is 217 wood,  247 clay, 177 iron, and   207 crop, and each shipment is available at 10 hour intervals.

The concept behind this build is a recognition that building useless structures early wastes resources. The structures you will need to build come hour 72 is as follows:

These structures consume a total of 13 crop. If you are to build them all at the start of the server (hour 1) you will be earning 936 (13 x 72) resources less than building them at hour 72 – almost 4 clubbies. Equally given you are going to have to build a cropland anyway, the sooner you start it, the sooner you are earning from it. The trick in the delayed build is to start your fields early and only to build the crop consuming structures, and clubbies as late as possible.

In theory you should be able to build 30 clubbies.

In practice 30 clubbies isn’t achievable although 28 and very close to 29 is. To maximize the amount you will have available be sure to start your cropland build early and make sure you only build structures as they are needed and later clubbies. By needed, I mean as that’s the only way to stop overflow. One way to prevent early overflow and so early building is to delay your first resource shipment by 20 hrs before collecting, building first a granary at 4 hrs in, just before your granary would overflow, next build your warehouse (14 hrs in) again to stop overflow. Then monitor your warehouses and granary and make sure you stop overflow by building main building to level 2 and 3 as required. At some point before your first shipment you will need to build a market and NPC resources around to stop overflow. When it next looks like overflowing put 1k crop on the market seeking offers of 2k of another resource. This will remain on offer and give you an extra 1k capacity of storage. Using this method you have a total storage capacity of 5800 resources. Eventually, there will come a point when overflow seems likely and at this point build a rally point, and later to stop overflow, a barracks. Your clubbies take 5 hours to build and so the latest you want to be building them is hour 67. In all likelihood you will need to build a few (3) before this, to stop resource overflow.

I have achieved 28 clubbies using this method, with the 29th soon able to be ready. Bear in mind that with 28 clubbies and a level 1 cropland you will be negative crop -17/hr so you will need to raid and be prepared to use the NPC trader.

An experimental method (tested only on paper, not in practice) would have you delay the overflow problem even better by building 3 early croplands and delaying your first resource shipment. We can see above that the croplands level 1 bring a ROI in 66 hours and so will pay for themselves before BP expires. The croplands need to be limited to 3 however, or you will have insufficient resources to build up to a market before overflow takes place. This should give you a higher earlier income and still leave you sufficient resources to spend towards a market and prevent overflow arising. I wouldn’t be surprised if by using this method one could achieve 30 clubbies.

Scenario C: No Tasks with quick clubbies.

This build takes advantage of the fact that oasis can be raided during BP. A full oasis contains 400/400/400/400 resources and a clay one would regenerate its resources at the rate of 10/40/10/10 per hour. Assuming an oasis can be raided early enough, then through constant raiding its 70/hour could be yours. 50 hours of raiding at 70/hr would give an extra 14 clubbies alone.

The dilemma with this build is therefore wanting to build clubbies early to give yourself maximum oasis raiding time, and sufficiently late to maximize your income by not having wasted clubbies sitting idle during BP. For those seeking to use this method, first check to see if there are any reasonable oases around your spawn area. By reasonable I mean those which you can hit and take less than a 6 clubbie loss (that being the sum you will seize from oasis during initial emptying). gives remarkably accurate sims to see if there are suitable oasis nearby. Clay and iron oasis seem to be defended the easiest at the start, then wood, then crop ones. In balancing the need for early raiding with maximum clubbies I have compromised on being able to raid with 11 clubbies from hour 24. It should be noted that absent raiding of the oasis, this build will only give you a total of 23 clubbies. With raiding of the oasis, it should leave you with 37 clubbies at the end of BP, or if you clear two oasis, 50 clubbies by the end of BP. On the recently started Server 6, using this method we cleared 3 oases and exited BP with 55 clubbies.

Build Order for this method:

Start server – build level 1 cropland, activate all plus% bonuses, collect first shipment

+ 4 hrs 3mins – commence granary build

+ 9hrs 59mins – instant build warehouse

+ 10 hrs – first shipment arrives – collect 2nd shipment

+ 17hr 50mins – commence building MB to level 2 to prevent overflow

+ 19hr 40 mins – commence building MB to level 3 to prevent overflow

+ 19hr 59 mins – instant build MB and speed build market. NPC resources so that you won’t overflow when you collect shipment

+ 20 hrs – second shipment arrives

+ 21hrs 30 mins commence building rally point (normal build not speed)

+ 22 hrs commence building barracks

+ 22hrs 30 mins commence building clubbies. NPC as required. You will have enough resources to build 11 clubbies with the final resources accruing whilst early clubbies are being built.

+ 24.5 hrs your 11th clubbie has just popped out and its time to start oasis raiding

With 11 clubbies start raiding the closest oasis.

Example Battle Reports:

With 4 losses you make a profit of 600 resources on that oasis as well as the increased raid income/hour. Many oasis will be better defended than the above example but when assessing whether its worth taking it on or not, do consider that you can have potentially 45 hours of raiding at 70/hr (3150 resources) in addition to the 1600 the oasis holds. That will pay for more than a few initial losses. If there is a second oasis to clear, continue to build more clubbies and do so. Wash, rinse and repeat. If not, use your remaining clubbies to raid the already cleared oasis and save resources up, to build your final batch of clubbies so that the last one pops out at hour 72.

A couple of things you should take care of when doing this tactic is that it appears that oasis which include crop (crop/wood, crop/clay etc) seem to respawn their creeps the fastest, sometimes within 24 hours,  so do check on whether they have respawned before you send out your raids.


By raiding oasis and refusing tasks, it is possible to have up to 50 clubbies by the time BP expires. By refusing tasks and delaying your build you can have up to 30 clubbies in the same time. By doing tasks up to 21, you can have 19 clubbies (and a pile of unneeded crop heavy structures) by the time BP expires.

Where you go from this point is up to you.


C0unse1 was one of the leaders of South WW, the winning alliance on 09-10. He played as Incognito, who finished as the #1 attacker and #1 raider on that server. He was also the #1 attacker on 08-09. He also wrote the popular strategy guide “Where Should I Build My Hammer Army?” C0unse1 is currently playing


5 Responses

  1. Great summary. Just a couple things I would add. I do the quests. Once given the list of quests, I complete the embassy, level 3 granary, level 5 main building, and market as those pay back more than they cost,

    1) Once you get to level 1 and you have a book of wisdom, set all points to attack. This decreases your hourly income by 96. However, it will let you clear an Oasis at about 17 hours. This not only saves the cost of 6 clubbies (which ammounts to about 15 hours of the resources the hero would have produced) but it lets you start hitting that first oasis quite a bit soone.

    2) Now clean the oasis our and as you do build all troops. Use the ointment that you have a 70% chance of havign by now to buffer up your hero and you can probably clean out another oasis with him alone. Once you clean out a 2nd oasis, keep raidign the 2 untill for a couple hours and buildign troops. Then you may be able to clear a 3rd by sendign your hero with all your clubbies (which should be 30+ at this point). So 30+ clubbies in 24 hours. In practice, I have gotten as good as 33 but think i could do better. But that does depend on the proximity of the eisier oases.

  2. I’m thining the original artical was posted before Heros were around…

  3. Could you please do another one for travian 4.2?

  4. this was crazy confusing dude

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