Travian Crewchat Report #3

The crew has a crewchat every few months, giving players a chance to ask them questions about any topic related to Travian, and many topics that aren’t.

This is a collected summary of the Crewchat that was held on April 16th. I read through the entire chat record (all 150+ pages) and picked out the most interesting parts of it and organized questions into the same topic. This was initiually done over the course of 8 different posts, and this summary takes all 8 of those posts and puts them together.


The Crewchat took place last Friday (April 16th). Lots of players showed up to ask the crew members questions on any topic they desired. No question was too silly, or too controversial.

I’ve gone through the Crew Chat logs and picked out the most interesting and informative questions and answers, for those of you who missed on being able to attend. If you want to read the whole thing yourself, you can find the complete logs on this page:

This is the third time I’ve covered a crewchat on this site. You can read my previous reports in the Features section. If you’ve never been to a crewchat before and you’re wondering what they’re all about, here’s your answer:

Question from Hoppa: question Why are you doing this right now and is this the nicest question ever?
Answered by Chrisvc: Because this is a way for players and crew to get to know each other and usually it is quite a lot of fun for everyone involved.

This crew chat covered a whole bunch of different topics, so I’ll start my summary with one of the most controversial topics ever in Travian: The Rally Point Restriction. Since the last crewchat (where many player expressed their displeasure with it), the Rally Point Restriction has been removed from all the latest server on (as well as several regional Travian domains). But people still wanted to know whether or not it’s gone for good, and whether there’s a chance that the two servers did start with the Rally Point Restirction ( and can also be rid of it. Also, I think some people still want to vent about it being introduced in the first place – a lot of people were very upset when it was first announced.

Here’s the questions and answers about the Rally Point Restriction:

Question from Crusier.Rag: Okay I see that com8/com10 has only 8k players left now but com1 has around 12k players even though it started only 5 weeks later than com8. Doesn’t it prove the Rally point restriction are not working for noob protection and have them scrapped altogether from existing servers as well.
Answered by Tschena: Even if it would prove this, you should have recognized that no server after com1 got the rp restriction.

Question from Crusier.Rag: @Tschena I recognize that no furthers severs are getting RP restriction. So can we not scrap them from com8/com10 as well. It’ll really help existing players in endgame stage with Fakes etc.
Answered by Tschena: All players are complaining about changes in the mid game of a server – and now you request one from us? This seems very inconsistent for me 😉

Question from Crusier.Rag: @Tschena I doubt any single player will complain if you scrap them even at the endgame stage. 🙂
Answered by Tschena: But I am quite sure the office will not remove it. Sorry.Question from webchat56812: Will RP restriction be removed in S8?
Answered by buzzball: I don’t have a clue what RP is but I really doubt it… what’s there is there and wont be changed

Question from Crusier.Rag: @Tschena Isn’t there any way to convince the office? How much of a pain could it be?
Answered by Tschena: I already tried it in case of com10 but had no chance.

Cruiser.Rag was just one of several players asking if the Rally Point restriction could be removed from Servers 10 and 8. To her credit,Tschena (the admin) has tried, but the Travian head office said no.

Question from webchat56812: Will RP restriction be removed in S8?
Answered by buzzball: I don’t have a clue what RP is but I really doubt it… what’s there is there and wont be changed

I’m not sure if Buzzball is playing coy with his answer – he tended to be the most sarcastic of the crew. But here’s another example where the crew says that servers that are already running won’t be changed.

I can understand people on wanting the Rally Point restriction removed, but Server 10 was stated at the beginning as being a “test server” for the new features and their effect on gameplay. The test should be completed. I’m looking forward to covering the Server 10 endgame so we can see what the effect on gameplay during endgame is really like.

Question from Daki|Trident_com1: question What is plan about RP restrictions on future servers?
Answered by Sebi: There is no plan , we are still testing some servers with some without RP restriction 😛 so you just have to check the forum often

Like many players, I would like to see the RP restriction officially gone for good, but like I said above, it does make sense to let the server that was specifically designed to test these new features out (Server 10) finish before officially saying that the RP restriction is dead.

Question from webchat7581: question Okay, but seriously, will any new servers have a Rally Point restriction on
Answered by Tschena: It’s up to the country admin to decide this.

So the admin of each country’s can decide whether or not to have a Rally Point restriction is in place on new servers – but once the server starts, then the decision can’t be changed. Many regional servers, including USA, UK, India, and Germany are rejecting the RP restriction, and I believe that will follow suit – the decision will be in Tschena’s hands, so if you’re worried about it you can e-mail her.

One player who’s playing S10 or S8 had a question about how the RP limit works instead of a complaint about it:

Question from maka: With the new rally point limitations, is the maximum 20×5=100 troop movements or is it unlimited at level 20?
Answered by Chrisvc: it is 100 troop movements max per village

I found these responses interesting:

Question from Daki|Trident_com1: And what is impression so far about RP restrictions? 🙂
Answered by Tschena: Totally neutral – new players like it, old players don’t like it.

Question from Tosha: And what do you guys think personally about the RP restriction?
Answered by buzzball: It’s great

I have to question how much new players actually like it – but I guess we’ll see when Server 10 and Server 8 end, and whether the people who are playing those servers are upset about having to play on a server without the RP restriction in place.

Another hot newsworthy topic that came up during the crewchat was about the 10x “superfast” speed server that was recently played on is a german-language server, so many English players who heard about it weren’t able to check it out. Many players were curious if will be getting a 10x speed server too.

Before we get to the questions and responses, I just want to say that personally speaking, I wouldn’t want to play a 10x speed server. Too much would happen if you spent even just an hour or two away from your computer.

But other players sound like they are interested:

Question from Pacdog:  Any more 10x speed servers coming???
Answered by Tschena: I did not hear about plans for this.

Question from Maksat: When will start’s com10x or com5x?
 Answered by shadowspirrit: none

I think Shadowspirit meant to say “never.” Going by these responses, it sounds like there won’t be a 10x speed server starting on anytime soon.

Question from des: Is it going to be a speed 10x available soon?
Answered by Tschena: I don’t think so.

Question from webchat22192: would you make server with x10 speed .. its gonna be so amazing
Answered by shadowspirrit: I doubt it shall come

Question from webchat22192: why not ? it’s really amazing Idea .. The x10 speed server
Answered by shadowspirrit: because it’s an incredible strain on the servers, and practically impossible to manage for our MH`s

Question from webchat22192: why not ? it’s really amazing Idea .. The x10 speed server
Answered by Timmooo: While it may seem like a good idea to you there are other factors such as player demand, upkeep etc which have to be taken into account.

People like the person asking this series of questions do need to realize that the first 10x speed server at was a test to see how it works – and not all tests have succesful results and become actual products.

But then again, I can’t say for sure it would never become real. If there’s enough demand, who knows?

But then there was one person who went WAY too far:

Question from SonGOKU: will Travian 50x be started?
Answered by Chrisvc: Hi, that would be almost impossible to play unless you have at least a dual account. It’s not planned to start a server like that.

Good grief, a 50x Speed Server? Someone’s getting overly excited!

There were several questions about the new bot detection system during the crewchat, but not as many as there were about the Rally Point Restriction and the 10x Speed Server.

Question from petervle: When will the captcha system be implemented?
Answered by Tschena: It was already.

Question from enkh: When will the captcha system begin implemented?
Answered by Chrisvc: It already is implemented. But as a normal player without using externals, you are highly unlikely to ever get to see them.

If you’re wondering what the CAPTCHA system is, I recommend you read this post I did earlier which has Tschena’s announcement of the Bot Detection system and description of how it works. CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.” (Why don’t they just call it “Non-bot test”? Stupid Acronyms.)

So far I haven’t seen any CAPTHCA requests when I’m playing either. But I guess most players who never use bots don’t see it.

According to Buzzball, the system is working:

Question from Daki|Trident_s1: Did CAPTCHA started to be operational, and what are results so far?
Answered by buzzball: I think the results are great 🙂

I’m pretty sure Buzzball is a multihunter, so he should know better than anyone how well it’s working.

There was another question about Temporary bans:

Question from Pacdog: Why is there now temporary bannings when sending catapult waves??
Answered by Tschena: This temp ban was always there – but it seems it’s a bit more sensitive now.

I’ve gotten these brief temporary bans when sending catapult waves myself, and it can be annoying if it causes you to send less waves than you intended to. Fortunately these “bans” only last a second.

Question from Charm0: There is a lot of Racism here “in the game” what you guys do to solve that?
Answered by Sebi: just contact the Multihuter if you see any racism 🙂

Sometimes I see a village with an offensive name or something racist in it, and I’ve even reported a few to the multihunters myself. Those players tend not to last very long, most good players know better than to put anything in their village names or profile that might get them banned. Most people who are racist in this game don’t even care about playing Travian.

One of the coolest things about the crewchat is that it lets players find out a lot about what goes on behind the scenes of the game. While we often get caught up playing the game and strategizing, we often forget that it takes a lot of effort to make the game and to keep it running. So here’s a collection of questions and answers about the company and business behind Travian.

Question from webchat28098: Who does own the company? The owner of the idea, or the game?
Answered by Timmooo: Travian is owned by TravianGames, you can see their site here:

Question from futterwaken: Are you involved in developing the game?
Answered by shadowspirrit: No, we are just the ones who try and keep it fun for all by ridding it of cheaters and the forums clean of spam.

Each Travian domain has its own admins, multihunters, and supporters, and they operate independently of the home office.

Here’s an interesting answer about the Travian developers:

Question from webchat28098: How many developers do work in Travian?
Answered by Tranq: Currently TravianGames has over 160 employees at the office in Munchen. Over 100 GameAdmins around the world. Note that TravianGames has more then just 1 game, so not everyone is working on Travian ;). About your question related to developers: About 40-50 at the moment.

So as you can see, Travian Games is a fairly big company. They’ve made 4 Browser-games of their own and acquired 2 other ones, so they have a lot going on. Travian was their first game and it remains their most succesful.

Question from fence: Is there a server where gold is not used?
Answered by buzzball: Nope not anymore

There used to be a server with no Gold on it on the German domain, but I guess they’ve ended that now.

Question from webchat28098: How many active players do you have worldwide on Travian?
Answered by Timmooo: Currently there are approximately 5.1 million active Travian players worldwide.

Here’s some interesting questions about Travian’s history:

Question from Pacdog: When was the first Travian server brought online?
Answered by buzzball: 15th of september 2004 )

Question from webchat22192: How does Travian started ? Like we see it today ?
Answered by Timmooo: I’m certain it was very very different back when it first started! It’s the nature of a game to develop and improve over time 😀

To give you an idea of what Travian used to look like, this is a shot of the resource fields in a village before they got their own graphics:

The Crewchat gives players a chance to get to know the crew members, and find out what it’s like to be on the crew:

 Question from ocmeR: What do you like the most about being crew?
Answered by firedawg225: being a part of an awesome family and great people  

Question from Hoppa: Do you like this job?
Answered by Chrisvc: Yes, it’s quite a good job. We have lots of nice players 🙂 

Question from ocmeR: What do you like the most about being crew?
Answered by Tranq: I think, in my position, is being the person who knows the game and not only helping users, but also the crew with getting more knowledge. Every position has its own fun stuff. If you’re interested, please feel free to apply 😉  

Question from zwilnik: Is it very time consuming?
Answered by Tranq: Yes, being a crewmember does as much time as you want it to take. It can be between 1 hour and 12 hours 😉  

Question from enkh: Do you play travian in the real .com servers?
Answered by Chrisvc: Most of us do. But we are not allowed to play on servers where we work as Multihunters, for very obvious reasons.   

Question from Avael: I lost my link to the crew info page =(
Answered by BobTim: You mean this one?   

That’s a good link to go to if you want to learn more about what the crewmembers are like.   

A lot of people think the crewmembers are paid to be admins/multihunters/supports, but the truth is they all do it on a volunteer basis:   

Question from Pacdog: Does Travian Games pay well? IE: are you all rich?
Answered by shadowspirrit: we are all volunteers 

Question from Pacdog: Well if you all are volunteers who is raking in all the cash?

Answered by shadowspirrit: Nope, most is going right into the game and development.  

And some players seemed to be interested in becoming a part of the crew:   

Question from ocmeR: How old do you have to be to become crew 😕
Answered by BobTim: You need to be over 18 to be a Multihunter or Admin, but you can be any age to be a Supporter!  

Question from Tosha: Where can I apply for .com crew ? 

Answered by shadowspirrit: in the forum-> announcement section. There you can read it all. 

Question from fence: I’ve got to go now… but how would I go about getting on the team if by some miracle I find I have an hour a day?
Answered by Timmooo: Please try getting to the link through this forum page – 

If you want to be a part of the crew and help out with Travian, you can apply through that link too! Thanks to all the people who volunteer as crew for all the hard work they do!

Like most Massive Multiplayer online games, Travian changes and improves as years go by. At the Travian Crewchat, many players asked about what the future of the game will be like. Here’s a selection of just some of the questions and answers about what Travian will be like in the months and years to come:

Question from Daki|Trident_com1: Are there any new changes planned in future (or better say anytime soon)
Answered by Tschena: For sure there are – but they are secret 😉

 Question from Guest16256: Will be there some new things added in game?
Answered by Tschena: Yes for sure 🙂

Of course, the crw at can’t tell people all the stuff that’s coming up in the future, because either they don’t know or they can’t tell us right now:

Question from Daki: Any new changes in Travian planned any time soon?
Answered by buzzball: a multihunter/admin hears them only 1 or 2 days before the members do so…. no sorry

Question from webchat7581: Any new version of Travian coming out soon, or will it be a long time away until we see an update?
Answered by buzzball: We as crew also know it only a few days before the real happening.. So when there is something new coming you will hear it as soon as we know…

But while they can’t tell us what WILL happen in the future, it seems as though they can tell us a lot about what WON’T happen:

Question from maka: question Will there ever be normal Plus server without Gold and without Artefacts? (It would be so much better…)
Answered by shadowspirrit: No, I doubt that will ever happen

Question from Niall: When are we getting archers?
Answered by shadowspirrit: No we are not getting archers

Question from webchat30739: Will there be a new tribe?
Answered by shadowspirrit: In one word: no

Question from webchat30739: Why will there be no new tribe? o.O
Answered by BobTim: It would be difficult to balance.

Persoanlly I think it would be cool if Travian had more tribes, regardless of whether or not they’re perfectly balanced. I used to play a lot of Civilization 3, and even though the British were one of the weakest civilizations in the game to paly as, playing as them was still fun. As long as each tribe has something distinct about them, players will use them.

Question from enkh: Is there will be any new unit in Travian?
Answered by Chrisvc: At the moment there are no new tribes planned, but who knows what the future will hold…

Question from Ravenslock: Is it possible if you could make this game be played offline where I can play verses the computer?
Answered by rexor: Hard to say… Travian is a real time game and players interact each other almost whole the day… if Travian become an off-line game, it will lost its charm 😉

Question from Coco: Where can I propose new features?
Answered by BobTim: You can go to the forums at and post in the ideas section.

Question from webchat7581: What do you think Travian will be like 3 years from now?
Answered by shadowspirrit: More awesome then you can imagine

Hopefully Shadowspirrit will be right!

The crewchat was also a good opportunity for players to ask questions about how the game works.

Question from webchat48897: If a village is chieffed multiple times, do buildings lose a level every time its chieffed?
Answered by rexor: Yes, it should… 🙂

This happened recently with the Meta-alliance that I’m in. Two players chiefed the same village, so the person who ended up with it got a village that was a lot less developed than he would have gotten if the two players had communicated better before each one tried to take it.

Question from fence: What happens if I go to settle a valley and when I get there it’s already been settled?
Answered by Chrisvc: Your settlers will return home.

This happened to me recently, which was really annoying because those slow Settlers had to walk all the way back to the village I sent them from, and then go out again to take another spot I wanted.

Question from Killer: Do I need to destroy the whole defense and then destroy treasury to capture artifact from someone or I just need to destroy the treasury and my hero can capture the artifect???
Answered by (x.x): The hero has to survive to take it and you have to attack on normal so yes you have to kill all the defense

Question from Corne: Hey, will settlers be killed when someone attacks me and I have no other crew?
Answered by BobTim: Yes, Settlers can be killed when you are attacked.

For some reason, a lot of first-time players think that their settlers aren’t like other units, but they can be killed off just like all the rest. So be sure you don’t leave your settlers vulnerable!

Question from Killer: Question for how many days will artifact villages remain on server if they haven’t been captured????
Answered by Tschena: Until the end of the server

Question from webchat48321: How much resources I can send to a friend? I have heard one hour of resources, does it mean 1hr from the villa that am sending res. or my total res. production from all villas?
Answered by holdwolf: !id411 The new anti-pushing system automatically prevents you from sending more than the allowed amount of resources. When calculating the total amount of res you can send, all of your villages are taken into account.

I love the new automatic anti-pushing system. I’m so glad the days of worrying that I’d get banned if I sent too many resources to my allies are gone.

Here’s a rule that I had no idea existed before this crewchat:

Question: What I should do to change my username in the game to another name. I don’t like what I choose when I registered. Is it possible?
Answered by buzzball: It’s not possible unless you have a population below 100. If that’s the case than contact the multihunter. But above population 100 a multihunter is not able to change your name anymore.

Question from webchat71594: Basically I want to chief a former alliance member who has been kicked due to the fact he is leaving the game, however I’ve been told that Travian rules don’t permit it until 48 hours after he has left the alliance, Can someone verify this?
Answered by buzzball: That’s true you need to wait 48 hours until your able to conquer him

Question from tangent: Is it more advantageous to use the tasksystem that not, that is does it give you more resources using it than not?
Answered by Chrisvc: If you are a new player, the tasksystem helps you to get the basics of the game. For pro’s however, with a detailed plan for the first few days of a server, it can be less useful.

I’m used the tasksystem on all the servers I’ve played on, but I just ignore the step I’m on if it slows down my build. I think the next time I start a new server I’ll try doing it without it.

A lot of players have been wondering what happens when World Wonder cities get deleted. This came up during the Server 2 endgame, where two of the World Wonders were actually removed because the players deleted!

Question from Themenace: What would happen if someone would take all world wonders and deleted with them all?
Answered by Chrisvc: They would manually be respawned

Question from Themenace: @ Chrisvc u sure of that ^^
Answered by Chrisvc: Yes, there will be new WW villages implemented and new construction plans as well. The game won’t just end.

Question from webchat25676: What will happen if players decided to delete WW villages in the current s8? Will you respawn them?
Answered by Chrisvc: Yes, WW villages that were deleted will be manually reintroduced

The key word here is “manually”. The villages don’t just reappear on their own, someone from Travian has to actually enter the command for them to do so. Of course, this is really all just hypothetical, I don’t think we’ll ever see all 13 World Wonder villages get deleted on a real server.

There were several questions about sending catapult waves:

Question from Pacdog: What is the max allowed cat waves allowed in same second?
Answered by Tschena: There is no limit for this, you can send as much as you manage

Question from Maksat: about Pacdog question. After how many waves MH will ban me?)
Answered by Chrisvc: As long as you send them manually, you won’t get banned.

 Question from Crusier.Rag: Why is it the case I could send 20+ waves/sec in one server and not even 10+ in another?
Answered by BobTim: One server could just be slower than the other.

 Question from maka: question : Is it legal to send cat waves using tabs in firefox? (just to prove someone wrong =))
Answered by Chrisvc: That is legal, as long as your browser is not otherwise modified.

There’s a guide in this site’s strategy guides section about how to send multiple-wave catapult attacks, and it describes the Firefox Tabs method as well.

Several players at the crewchat had questions or opinions about the current state of Travian and its servers. Here’s a selection of them that I thought my readers might find interesting:

Question from Daki|Trident_com1: question I guess there was lot of complaining slow working of com1 server, so was wondering is there any new info of when that will be fixed?
Answered by Tschena: until now I didn’t receive any information (mtr reports / tracer routes) which I requested from the players. If I do not get it then we can not check it.

Question from Tymms: Why does the new server on s5 lag 100x more than the old 1
Answered by firedawg225: report problems to

Question from Hookahice: Why is this game designed in a way where getting out of croplock if NOT proportionate in the game! Think about it. If a normal (non-addict) player plays this game not using gold and doesn’t login 40 times a day… it takes ridiculous amount of time to get out of croplock!!!
Answered by buzzball: Not when you have some friends on the server

Question from webchat7581: Do you think Gauls are too weak in Travian 3.6?
Answered by KnightStalker: No I don’t.

That was me asking this question, not because I believe that Gauls are weak myself, but because someone who couldn’t make it to the Crewchat (Coonicon) wanted someone to bring this up. I know that some players feel theat Gauls are too weak, and while I don’t agree I will post some of their arguments about this on the site in the future.

On a similar topic:

Question from webchat48897: Are there any changes planned to improve the early game balance? For example Teutons are too strong early game
Answered by shadowspirrit: actually they aren’t. It’s the way they play that determines whether they are strong or not.

Teutons have been slowed down now that they don’t get as big as a cranny raiding bonus as they did before version 3,5, but I guess some players still think they’re too strong. You definitely have to be careful in the early part of the game if you have Teutons nearby.

Question from Daki|Trident_s1: What is with com7 once again? com2 finished later yet starting sooner
Answered by Tschena: Should be in about 7 weeks

Travian has a policy that the lowest numbered servers should start first when multiple servers are inactive, that’s why started before even though S7 ended earlier.

Question from Ravenslock_: I have seen some players have about 24 villages and lots of medals how do they do it?
Answered by Chrisvc: They probably have a lot of experience in playing Travian and might be dual accounts. Active raiding is the key.

Here’s some questions about the Classic Server:

Question from Peter: Will there be another round of classic after the current one finishes?
Answered by Chrisvc: Yes, we will keep a classic server. There might be light modifications to it, but it will remain ‘classic’

Question from webchat19785: Is there any chance of the Level 12 resource field cap on capital fields being removed in classic next round?

Answered by BobTim: That’s part of what makes it classic, if you want unlimited levels then play a non-classic server 😉

Question from webchat19785: This is my first round of travian, but I heard that 7 croppers were added to classic, but still called classic. So are there any other changes possible? Or did I hear wrong about the addition of 7c’s?
Answered by Tschena: It’s not completely true: Travian version 2.0 already had 7cs. In T3 they were taken out of the game. So basically 7cs were brought back but it is nothing new.

Question from webchat7581: Do you think some of the Artifacts are too strong, like the Rivals Unique Confusion for example?
Answered by shadowspirrit: I don’t think so, all have been carefully thought about

Question from govie: Why aren’t there any 50% iron/clay/wood oasis in the game?
Answered by BobTim: Because that would be too awesome!

I think 50% iron/clay/wood oases would be cool if they were added, but at the same time it’s not something I really care about too much.

Question from Tosha: Why do some troops need clay to build them. I mean: what is the clay for? 0_o
Answered by Tschena: The clay is for their houses 🙂

So that explains it!

And here’s a question that hits close to home:

Question from enkh: Where is Hall of Fame? I haven’t seen any hall of fame of travian.

I guess I need to do more to promote myself! 😉

This is my final post about the Crewchat, I think I’ve covered it pretty well. If I get enough reader requests, I’ll do a post with some of the funniest/crazyiest questions from the chat as well. If not, I’ll just move on to other things.

I’ll just close with one final thought from the crewchat:

[18:36] Question from Avael: Fun fact: The Travian crew rules. Thanks for another sweet IRC meeting, taking your time to answer pointless questions like this one
[18:36] Answered by KnightStalker: You’re Welcome, It was nice time having you on this channel =)


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