Chief Baggi Interview

At the end of 08-09, I did an interview with Chief Baggi, the leader of the Role-playing alliance, Shadowclan. They play Travian as a role-playing game, doing everything in-character. On this server they played a Tribe of Barbarians. Here’s an interesting look on a entirely different way to enjoy the game:

Chief Baggi, leader of the the mighty and feared Shadowclan, it is an honour to be in your presence. As our age draws to a close, what final message do you have for the other chiefs of Travian?

Wun pikin uh breedur, mayk shur she gut sum beeg hipz. Dem hipz mayk fur guud breedun. Alsu, mayk shur she gut short legz. Kuz long leg breedurz kan run fazt agh hit wiff broom, dat smartz!

Finuli, alwayz hav lutz uv beer arownd. Beer am wut Baggi kall kuraj! Sumtiymz yooz warriorz am panzeez agh dem nub wunt tu fiyt. Su yu fill dem up wiff beer agh dem charj uff fur glori wifowt finking abowd id!


Your clan inhabited a place known as the promised land, and you killed all outsiders who tried to invade or enter it, especially Romans. What was so special about the Promised Land that made you fight so hard for it?

Nuffin reelee. We juss wantud exckuz fur klompin.


Cannabalism: Your Thoughts?

Slow roastud ovur beeg ghaash, add salt, pud sum lemon jooz on der, agh nub blah tu da boyz wut dem eedun!


Shadowclan fought many wars, against Deathwave, Vamp, Legion, and Tribal. With this age drawing to a close, what are your thoughts on the foes you faced in bloody combat?

Sum wuz tuff, sum wuz panzee. Mozt importunt, all wuz fun! We welkom’d all da klompun!!



Shadowclan claimed that it wanted to stay out of the World Wonder race, but you also love making war. Why didn’t you get pick a side in the World Wonder race, which would have let you be a part of the biggest war of all? I know you’ve refered to this part of the game as “boring”, but what’s boring about two huge armies of players fighting it out?

Bah! Diz wuz bigguzt braynpayn evur. (Holds his head in his hands for a moment)

In da bigginin, yu fiyt fur surbibal. In da middul, yu fiyt fur dominanze ovur yer territoree, bud in da end, wut da skah yu fitin fur? Da world shrinkz agh da fokuz is on ash ting onlee, da wondurz. Nub fownd dat intrestin.


What will you and your clan do now that this age of Travian has reached its end? Will you find a new promised land to rule over?

Nub shur yed. We gunna discuss id heer:…ic.php?t=51384

Iv aneewun wuntz tu joyn in da blah, we weklum yu!!





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