S9.com: The Stare Down

I’m low on time so I’ll have to keep this post short, but there’s a lot to say about the current events in the S9.com endgame.

Thunder pulled the trigger on their expected attacks on The Watcher’s World Wonder (I expected that they would wait a few more days, so this was a small surprise for me that it happened already). The infrastructure was hit hard enough to slow it down, and these are the current standings:

TRUST will now pass CF in the standings, and they might be able to get several World Wonder out ahead.

Before the attacks on The Watcher, he had a population of 809, and he’s now down to 724, for a loss of 85 points. That’s not enough to take him out of the race entirely, but it should be enough to get at least of one of TRUST’s World Wonders into the lead, and maybe as many as four depending on how fast Sakeman, Bratsoni and Cleopatra can build.

Babuk is the clear leader in the World Wonder race now, with a population of 826 and nearing level 80. This means we’re in the situation that some players were speculating about: the leading World Wonder in the hands of a Rangers player, allied with Thunder. As I’ve reported earlier, TRUST and Rangers were allied at the start of the endgame, then Rangers was kicked off the team because Thunder didn’t trust them. But they later patched that back up, but will the one-time fierce rivals be able to stay together now, with the game and the glory on the line?

CF is probably betting that they can’t, and there’s nothing that CF would like more than to see Thunder attack their own side’s leading World Wonder.

(Sakeman is further back than he looks if you’re just going by the levels. His total population is about the same as Bratsoni’s, meaning he has a lot less infrastructure and storage space than Babuk does).

Stop for a second and just think about everything that’s going on behind the scenes now. Who knows what hidden cards CF has up their sleeve, but you can expect them to use every one of them to try to push the always interesting Rangers/Thunder relationship over the edge. I’m sure there’s plenty of discussion going on, even if we’re not seeing very much of it on the Server 9 forums.

CF are probably having their own internal discussions as well. What if their gambit fails and TRUST’s allegiances appear to hold? How long will they wait before attacking Babuk? Will they let it reach level 90? Level 95? Level 98? Or is it possible they will let it actually go all the way and consider that a Pyrrhic victory? The stare down is on, and we’ll see who blinks first!

In other news, TRUST dealt CF another big blow by managing to steal The Watcher’s 3x building stability artifact!

Will CF transfer their one remaining stability artifact to The Watcher, or will they leave it with Big G? It will be interesting to see what they do (or don’t do).

And who will Thunder give the building stability artifact to? Babuk? Or maybe Sakeman? Whoever gets it will be an indication about who TRUST is banking on to be a winner (note that Inocka and Cleopatra already have 3x stability artifacts).

This is another big artifact loss for CF. If they can lose an artifact that valuable at this stage of the game, there’s still a chance they could end up losing one of their two remaining World Wonder building plans.

Speaking of artifacts, TRUST moved the 5x Stability unique artifact from Bratsoni to another player. This was possibly just for safekeeping, and not because they want it transferred to another player, but still it’s worth keeping an eye on.

I’ll post a lot of battlereports later tonight! I’ve got to be heading off now, so sorry it has to wait.

These attacks cost Thunder a lot, but the attacks on Bratsoni’s World Wonder did the same to CF. And because Thudner has more World Wonders in the game, CF needs to be ahead of Thunder on offense from here in order to win.


3 Responses

  1. “In other news, TRUST dealt CF another big blow by managing to steal The Watcher’s 3x building stability artifact!”

    The beautiful thing was the 3x is stolen 30 min before the massive hammers landed on the The Watcher WW.

  2. well.. it would have been silly to steal it after TRUST hammers suicided into Watcher’s WW.

  3. It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I am satisfied that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

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