S9.com: Operation Thunder Struck (Updated)

Earlier in the S9.com endgame, TRUST had 3 World Wonders in the lead, all about the same level. Inocka, Sakeman1, and Ex-Presidents had all passed level 60 when Chaos Factor struck, doing massive amounts of damage to each one. Thunder struck back on several of Chaos Factor’s World Wonders shortly after that. I’m going to try to collect as many of the battle reports as I can, starting with the assaults on the 3 Thunder World Wonders.

Before the attacks struck, some players were wondering why Thunder was keeping all of their 3 leading World Wonders at the same level. See this forum thread for an example: http://forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=135936

It’s not uncommon in Travian endgames to see an alliance push forward a “fake” World Wonder, to draw enemy attacks on it with the intent of having it be damaged beyond repair, with no intent of it ever having a chance to win the game. Perhaps Thunder was trying to triplicate this strategy, drawing as many endgame armies as they could away from Bratsoni’s World Wonder, which has the 5x building stability artifact to back up its defense. Maybe Thunder was hoping that by forcing its enemies to strike at 3 of their World Wonders, it would increase the difficulty of doing significant damage to Bratsoni’s.

I’m not sure if this was their plan or not, it’s just a guess on my part. But they certainly did get a lot of attacks at those 3 World Wonders. CF called it their attacks “Operation Thunder Struck”, and here are their results.

The attacks hit at the end of April. Look at the population drop for each of the 3 World Wonders on those days (courtesy of the Travian Analyzer):

Sakeman1: Drop from 692 pop to 556 pop, loss of 136.

Ex-Presidents: Drop from 690 pop to 348 pop, loss of 342. World Wonder reduced to Lv.0.

Inocka: Drop from Drop from 646 pop to 326 pop, loss of 320. World Wonder reduced to Lv.0.

Before I show the battle reports, it should be noted that Inocka held the Rival’s Unique Confusion artifact, meaning that the attacks could only hit random targets, except for the World Wonder, which could be hit as normal (She is no longer holding it, a different Thunder player has it now). 

CORRECTION: Inocka held a Great Architects’ Secret Artifact, not the Unique Rival’s confusion. The Architect’s Secret Artifact made Inocka’s buildings 3 times more resilient to catapults and rams, which greatly aided in the defense there, but they did not affect the targetting of the attackers. I apologize for the error. The Unique Rival’s Confusion is held by Rol, another Thunder player. I was helping to defend Inocka’s captial where the 3x artifact was, but I didn’t look at the Treasury and I thought the Uniquie Rival’s Confusion was there. I am surprised CF put so much effort and troops into trying to capture a 3x building stability artifact. This seems like a very odd priority to me.


Inocka is one of the leaders of TRUST, and probably the most publicly visible of all of them, so her World Wonder was no doubt a very important one and considered one of the favourites at the outset of the endgame. She might still have a chance to get back in this, but no doubt these attacks hurt her.

But because of the Unique artifact affecting the attacker’s targeting 3x stabilty artifact dimishing the damage that was done to the World Wonder, it was costly for CF as well.

The main purpose of this first Teuton hammer was to damage the Palisade, so the fact that the catapults only hit clay fields isn’t too big a deal.

But this had to be a real kick to the stomach:

8 million attack point and over 5617 catapults to hit an Iron Mine. Them’s the breaks. I don’t know what went wrong here, but this is a very costly error.

The attacks on the World Wonder still did regular damage because the artifact doesn’t extend its protection to the Wonder. Here’s Bubas from CF-O getting a good hit in:

You can tell that the defense at Inocka’s was starting to get beaten down (I lost a lot of my the defenders that I had there, it was tough to watch)

And even though they could only hit random infrastructure targets, some of them got lucky and managed to hit something valuable: Some of the attackers were severely reduced in effectiveness due to the protection of the artifact, like this one:

Here are some other significant attacks that hit Inocka’s as part of Operation Thunderstruck:

While this was going on, CF also launched attacks on Inocka’s capital city, where the unique artifact was being held. Though they killed off most of the defenders that were there with their several attacks, in the end they failed to capture the artifact. But according to one of their leaders, it wasn’t a total loss:

BurnsCF: The operation against Inocka’s Artifact was unsuccessful, but pulled away 100,000’s of troops from her WW. Which if you haven’t noticed is lv 44 right now and might be zero in an hour or so

At the end of the attacks, Inocka’s capital didn’t have a population loss that day.


Ex-Presidents World Wonder got the worst of the attacks from Operation Thunderstruck.

X.Y.Z.’s attack earned them some praise from some of TRUST’s major players:

Mirari: Bottom line of this op…CF used their usual zerg non organised tactics,while XYZ showed once more that they are probably the most organised group of the server…

Meet The Band: I can absolutely confirm this straight from the ex-presidents WW, which was attacked by XYZ (and a few CF hammers thrown in).

It’s damaged, definitely worse than the other two wonders getting hit.

 Here’s the two biggest armies that hit Ex-Presidents, both with over 8 million attack points and both from the alliance known as T.A.O. :

(Wimmy Wam Wazzle? Where do they come up with these village names?)

 You can see all the attack on Ex-presidents’ World Wonder here: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/1856809d2b2,18568114f25,1856826762e,1856847d66f,18568528a87,18568742b33,1856884d75f,185690d8713,1856927acf8,1856941d546,185695742ff,185697305b7


Sakeman’s World Wonder was left standing, and it didn’t lose nearly as much as the other two did. I didn’t see any battle reports from the attack on it, and it seems to be back in the race now.

After these attacks, the standings looked like this:

Thunder responded shortly after with a series of attacks on CF’s World Wonders, and I’ll be showing them soon in an upcoming post, while at the same time trying to keep up to date on the latest Server 9 events.


5 Responses

  1. As a sitter for Inocka, I can assure you that she never had the Unique Rival’s Confusion.

    She had a x3 Architect’s arte.

    • Man, do I feel silly now… Thanks for the correction.

      I got confused because we were defending her and Rol, the real holder of the Unique Confusion artifact, at around the same time, so I ixed up why we were doing so.

  2. Lol… Hate to make you feel more silly, but I am Rol and the D at my unique arte was minimal during the attacks on Inocka. All of Strike/Storm/God’s D was at her WW and at her Arte.

    Rol probably had 15K D at MOST during this offensive.


    • Ugh, yeah, I got that mixed up too. I was thinking of a different Thunder player with a different artifact that I helped defend. (Randomfish / Slight Trainers Secret). I’ll correct the post again. Sorry for all the errors – everything is really blurring together and I’m really worn out on anything Travian-related right now.

  3. Hey,

    Big fan of your work. I was personally in charge of the Wyldduck hammer and a sitter on the Noah hammer and am glad we did some good work. Personally though, I feel we could have waited but good to know that we stopped ex-prez (who was leading at the time) in his tracks.

    Thunder still hasn’t used its big hammers and I think its very much an open server still, so lets see what happens. But, I think that there is an air of mystery around CF now that they have seemingly used most of their hammers. syed’s hammer proves that they have aces up their sleeves and again, I think there still are surprises left in this server.

    Very interesting server to say the least. Looking forward to your work.


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