S9.com: Holding onto the Plans

There are many interesting stories in the Server 9 Endgame, and I’ll try to capture them all. What’s happened over the course of recent days with the World Wonder building plans is perhaps the most interesting and the also the most important to the game’s outcome.

In order for an alliance to win a game of Travian, it needs two sets of World Wonder construction plans. Normally, for an alliance that is a serious competitor, holding onto at least 2 sets of the 13 plans isn’t too difficult of a problem. Trying to stop an opponent from winning by denying them construction plans is a tactic that isn’t seen very often. And when it is employed, it normally is implemented by destroying most of a single player’s support village, so they don’t have anywhere to hold the plans. Outright theft of all of the plans an alliance hold is something I’ve never seen done succesfully before. But Server 9 is, once again, exceptional.

TRUST, after some succesful attacks that likely caught CF off guard, has 11 of the 13 construction plans. Chaos Factor only has two left. This means they can only build up two of their five World Wonders. And currently, one of their plans is being held by X.F.W (presumably for safekeeping) which means they can’t build any levels at all.

CF still holds the leading World Wonder, held by The Watcher, who also has an Architect’s Great Secret Artifact. If CF is concentrating their defenses there (and I expect they are), then Thunder will need to use its gigantic armies in order to bring it down. If there is a series of TRUST attacks at The Watcher’s World Wonder, it may be the biggest of the entire server.

But if Thunder can keep the plans moving, they might get to catch up to CF and overtake them. They have two World Wonders that are only a few days behind, and one of those is Bratsoni, who is ahead of The Watcher in total population with 811. And “Brats” has the Architect’s Unique Secret, making him the hardest person to take down in the game.

Switching the plans over to Hector Barbossa from X.F.W. just happened earlier today. It’s a strange-looking transfer, as they first were taken from Syedfsz by Sith, a player from CF-Ice with only 7 villages, which is an awfully small player to hold the fate of CF’s future in his hands (and he’s only been a CF member since late March to boot!) No offense to CF-Ice, but they seemed like one of the least likely CF alliances to be involved in something of this magnitude – whether this was an intented move or a rogue attack. They aren’t considered one of the “premiere” alliances by any means. But that’s the nature of Travian, anyone can surprise you.  

Six hours later, Hector Barbossa (who has 21 villages, by the way) took them from Sith. We’ll see how long he holds onto them for. Remember, CF cannont build new levels until they have two plans in the same alliance.

Both CF and TRUST have split their leading hopes for winning into their own micro-alliances. Chaos Factor has placed The Watcher’s and two of its other World Wonders (the aformentioned Syedfsz and Big G, originally from X.Y.Z.) in CF-FT, which stands for “Faith”. And Bratsoni is now in a two-person alliance with The Gaul, the server’s #1 attacker. They’ve called this alliance VIP, and between the two of them they have 3 of the construction plans.

Here’s the current standings in the World Wonder race. It looks like CF still has a shot, but they’ll have to have the armies to pull it off, be able to withstand Thunder’s remaing forces, and single mistake could cost them everything now.

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